Hurricane Sandy Rewrites The Script On Google’s Nexus News

first_imgTags:#Android#Google A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… The launch event for Google’s new Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet was supposed to be in New York. That was canceled at the last minute, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. So instead, Google announced the devices in a blog post Monday morning. Isn’t it a pain when real life messes up your carefully scripted tech news?After the Google blog post revealed the new gadgets, journalists got hurried group walkthroughs and some hands-on time at Google’s San Francisco headquarters. Some reporters expressed frustration to me that this launch was “botched,” unwilling to let it slide for, you know, an act of God.This is a pretty exciting launch from Google, and I don’t want to act like it doesn’t deserve some attention. The Nexus 10 is the first 10-inch Android tablet worth a damn, and the Nexus 4 is a blazingly fast phone with a great screen, camera, and overall feel. Android 4.2 has some enticing new features.Android is a real tablet OS now. It has multi-user support, which I sure wish Apple’s OS had. “Tablets with a large display are devices meant to be shared,” said Hugo Barra, Google’s director of product management for Android. And it’s true.The Nexus 4 boasts this awesome new Photo Sphere mode, which lets you create full 360-degree views of the space all around you, just like in Google Street View. You can even submit your Photo Spheres to Google Maps for actual inclusion in Street View. That’s such a cool idea, and it’s a win-win for Google and for users.But the whole thing felt perfunctory and uncomfortable, given what was happening on the East Coast. “Glad we’re not in New York,” joked a prominent tech reporter as we all headed into the room. Everybody laughed, and I couldn’t tell how much journo cynicism was infused in it. The PR people were haggard. They had been in NYC preparing for the event, and the game plan was changed on them due to the weather. What a bummer.But the PR machinery of the tech news world keeps cranking. We’re still not allowed to post full reviews until the embargo is lifted Friday morning. Monday was a day full of real news, the kind where people get hurt, cities get flooded, and history gets made. This kind of natural disaster news will only get more intense. But some people were still preoccupied, thinking about new tablets and phones.center_img Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting jon mitchelllast_img read more

Female SF Writers Look Back To The Future For Women’s History Month

first_imgbrian s hall As part of Women’s History Month, Open Road Integrated Media has put together a video featuringseveral prominent female science fiction and fantasy authors talk about the genre, being a woman in the mostly male-dominated science fiction realm, and the women who inspired them. Open Road publishes and markets e-books across several genres.The video features writers Elizabeth Hand, Ellen Datlow, Patricia C. Wrede, and N. K. Jemisin. Check it out: A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Wrede writes fantasy and shared-world fiction. Datlow was the fiction editor for Omni Magazine and other publications. Hand is an author of numerous horror and fantasy works and has written for film and television. Jemisin writes speculative fiction that has been nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula awards. These authors specifically single out Octavia Butler for her influence and inspiration. Butler, the writer of such works as the Nebula award-winning novel Parable of the Talents, died in 2006. In 1995, Butler became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March “Women’s History Month.”  Lede image of author Patricia Wrede as a child screencapped from the Open Road Integrated Media video Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#science last_img read more

Creative Pros: Love What You Do And Do What You Love

first_imgHow do you keep your creative passion alive when getting paid to do it can seem like a chore?Image credit: FlickrWorking in a creative career, the danger can be that your passionate hobby turns into a career that loses its vitality and causes you to question whether you even want to do what you used to love. I found this post on Reddit/Editors a little while ago, from an editor called TiredoftheTimeline, who wrote a few short paragraphs but powerfully summed up the problem:I take no joy in something I used to pour hundreds of hours of my own time into doing and that is the saddest thing of all. I managed to turn what was a highly enjoyable hobby into a career and now it’s the thing I detest…My biggest fear is that I’ll look back in twenty years and have nothing of real substance to show for it, nothing that contributes to the advancement of us as a species…I’ve always been the rock, providing the foundation for the structure that is my family… yet I feel like I’m being crushed and I don’t know how to stop it. I can’t fail them.If you find yourself in a similar situation or you’re about to embark on a career change that could take your beloved passion/hobby and turn it into your livelihood, here are a few thoughts I hope will be of help.A 50lb Rock on a 5lb ShelfI think that one of the most important things to get to grips with in any career, especially a creative one, is that you are not your work. You are not your previous award winning project. You are not your increasing salary. You are not your big name clients. Your career can’t be what you’re living for because it wasn’t made to sustain that pressure.It’s like putting a 50lb rock on a shelf that can only hold 5lb. At first it might hold up, but soon it won’t take the weight and it will splinter and crash. Freeing yourself from the shackles of making work your master will help you to get the perspective to simply enjoy it for what it is.Writer David Foster Wallace famously wrote:“If you worship money and things — if they are where you tap real meaning in life — then you will never have enough. Never feel you have enough. It’s the truth. Worship your own body and beauty and sexual allure and you will always feel ugly, and when time and age start showing, you will die a million deaths before they finally plant you. On one level, we all know this stuff already — it’s been codified as myths, proverbs, clichés, bromides, epigrams, parables: the skeleton of every great story. The trick is keeping the truth up-front in daily consciousness. Worship power — you will feel weak and afraid, and you will need ever more power over others to keep the fear at bay. Worship your intellect, being seen as smart — you will end up feeling stupid, a fraud, always on the verge of being found out. And so on.”The Art vs Money Debate“The fact of the matter is I want everything we do, that I do personally, that our office does to be beautiful. I don’t give a damn whether the client understands that its worth anything, or whether the client think its worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It’s worth it to me. It’s the way I want to live my life. I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” -Saul Bass, DesignerThey say if you can get paid to do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I know many artists who feel that way and make amazing things…but when I suggest to some of them that they sell their art for good money they sometimes say “No, no, that would ruin it and then I’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons.” But conversely, if they sold their art, they’d have the resources to keep doing what they want.In this quote from a Kindle serial about creative and business mastermind Jim Henson, author Elizabeth Hyde Stevens makes an astute point:The dance involves art and money, but not at the same time. In the first stage, it is paramount that the artist “reserves a protected gift-sphere in which the art is created.” He keeps money out of it. But in the next two phases, they can dance. The way I see it, (Lewis) Hyde’s dance steps go a little something like this:Make art.Make art make money.Make money make art.It is the last step that turns this dance into a waltz — something cyclical so that the money is not the real end. Truly, for Jim Henson, money was a fuel that fed art.If you’re going into your creative career with the desire to create world-changing art, then feeling like you’re just doing it for the money will of course ruin it. However, making money from your creative passion won’t necessarily negate why you do what you do.Motive changes everything. Now its very possible that if you’re hating what you do, you should quit. Life is too short. But if other more valuable things are made possible by your work (like supporting a family) then see your work as a means to a valuable end. Hopefully you can have both value and meaning. Try to see your work in the context of your whole life; what really matters most to you?At The Cross RoadsImage Credit: FlickrSo what can you do when you get to a place like Tiredofthetimeline, stuck in a creative profession that feels uninspired and at a crossroads of what to do next? Here are a few practical suggestions…1. RestGet away from your life for a day or a week if you can. Get into a different environment that opens up your mind to life outside yourself. If you can borrow a cabin in the woods or a beach side retreat do it…but maybe it doesn’t even have to be that extreme. Just get out of your normal environment and into a place where you feel relaxed and open to possibilities. Leave behind all digital distractions, but take a pen and paper to scribble down your thoughts.2. RedefineThink long and hard about your life. How you came to be where you are and if its what you feel you were made for. Are you where you are because of happy accidents or poor choices?The good is the enemy of the best. There are plenty of things you ‘could’ do but they might get in the way of the one thing you really want to do. I’m not talking about change for the sake of change – giving in and giving up when it gets tough or takes longer than we thought. I’m talking about reflecting: What did I used to love about this work? What things make it most painful now? Is this what I want to do with my life? If not, then it’s time to change.3. ResolveResolve to do something practical about it. Where do you want to get to? Work backwards from what steps it might take to get there? What is one simple step that you could take to thrust your life into a new direction? Like selling your TV and studying a night course? Exploring some new areas of focus by volunteering your time? Talk it over with a significant other or friend and get their perspective.How do you stay enthusiastic and fresh in your creative career?Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below!last_img read more

Kalmadi’s personal assistant arrested in Pune

first_imgThe CBI tightened its net around former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, with the arrest of his personal assistant from Pune on Friday.A CBI team from Delhi arrested Shekhar Deorukhkar from his residence in Pune in the nearly Rs 600 crore overlays scam.He has been charged with cheating and hatching a criminal conspiracy – under Sections 420 and 120( b) of the Indian Penal Code ( IPC) – to siphon off taxpayers’ money. Deorukhkar has been Kalmadi’s PA for over 15 years.He was produced before Pune district judge S. Sardesai who handed him over to the investigating agency on a threeday transit remand so that he could be taken to Delhi. The iudge directed the CBI to produce him in a Delhi court by February 14, Deorukhkar’s counsel Pratap Pardeshi said.A CBI spokesperson said the Congress MP’s personal assistant was arrested after the investigating agency had registered a fresh case to probe award of contracts for overlays at different venues for the Games at exorbitant rates.Deorukhkar is the fifth person to be arrested in the CWG scam. The others who were rounded up and later granted bail are three senior CWG officials T. S. Darbari, Sanjay Mohindroo and M. Jayachandran.Binu Nanu, head of the event management company Meroform, was the other person arrested.Overlays included supply of tents, marquees, pre- fabricated units, portable toilets, containers, security fences, furniture, public display LED boards, floor finishes, material handling equipment, gensets, cabling, UPS, air- conditioners, lighting, civil construction, athletic exercise equipment and grandstands at different sporting venues.This was the fourth FIR the CBI had registered to probe the CWG scam. Former OC director general V. K. Verma and Nanu were booked in the case.According to the CBI, Verma and others allegedly ” entered into a criminal conspiracy with managing directors/ directors of private companies in the award of overlays contracts for different venues at exorbitant rates. The accused public servants abused their official position, thereby causing loss to the government and corresponding gain to the private companies and themselves.” Four consortiums, including their investors, were searched by the CBI last month.The premises of companies that were searched included Nussli India- Comfort Net and Pico- Deepali consortiums.The income tax department had earlier searched premises of private companies in connection with the award of contract for overlays.The I-T department is looking into transfer of money through tax haven in certain contracts.The Enforcement Directorate has also registered a case under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act and questioned Verma and other officials.advertisementlast_img read more

Ganguly’s formula for Lords: Spinners need to pick wickets

first_imgRavindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin. Photo: PTIFormer Indian captain Sourav Ganguly spoke to Boria Majumdar on India’s performance in the drawn Trentbridge Test and the chances of an Indian win in the next game against England at Lords from July 17-21.Q Are you happy with India’s performance at the Trentbridge Test?A Yes, they have done reasonably well. They were in a position where they could actually force a win in this Test match, but Anderson and Joe Root took the game away from them. That’s probably one area where India did not react properly. Otherwise, I thought that they had a decent Test match.Q You have made this point so many times about Ravindra Jadeja. As a spinner he was not able to beat Jimmy Anderson on the fourth day?A I’ve said that before. Whether it is Ravindra Jadeja or Ravichandran Ashwin, the debate is who should be playing the next Test match. Either of them has to bowl a lot better. We saw Ashwin in South Africa, that’s when we saw Dhoni pick Jadeja. And now we are seeing Jadeja. Maybe he is doing a role by keeping it tight. But at some stage, he’s got to be a wicket-taking bowler. It’s an issue which Dhoni has to assess. Unless and until the spinners take wickets, India cannot win. This [Trentbridge] was a pretty dry surface, similar to what you see in India. It’s slow, you can get beaten in the flight and play on backfoot, but you still need a bit of variation, a bit of flight and turn. I could not imagine our spinners on this surface not turning the ball.advertisementQ In the post match conference, Dhoni said he was satisfied with Jadeja. If you were in Dhoni’s position, would you pick Ashwin at Lords?A We have to see what the pitch is like. If the surface is as dry as this [Trentbridge], I might pick two spinners, but we have to wait and see the pitch. If Dhoni wants to pick Jadeja, he can do that. But at the end of the day whoever he picks needs to pick up wickets. If he thinks Jadeja can do a containment role, that’s fine on Day One of the Test match. But other than that on Days 3,4 and 5, the spinner’s got to come into the game. I think it’s not the batting at that number, but it’s bowler who can pick wickets, whether it is Ashwin or Jadeja or Ojha, xyz, any spinner, he is got to pick wickets.Q Coming to the captain’s batting. On the last day at Trentbridge match, it was his opportunity. If he stayed there and saved the match, it would have been a huge statement. Once again that was a problem, wasn’t it?A Yes, but he played well in the first innings. Though he came at an important situation, yes, they dropped him in first innings but he will have to fight hard to keep getting runs. There is a technical weakness. They exploited it last time when we came to England. He kept nicking it to the slips. Probably, on a pitch with a bit more bounce, pace and movement, which we will see as the series goes on. I don’t think they are going to have flat wickets any more in this Test series. He is batting at 6, which is a good thing. But he has done well in this Test match. He fought hard. It was a different Dhoni innings, just got out in the second innings. We’ll have to wait and see what he does in the future Test matches.last_img read more