Star Warsstyle 3D Holograms in the Works

first_imgIt looks like we might finally be catching up with a long,long time ago in a galaxy far, far away–in a couple of years, at least Researchers at the Universityof Arizona have reportedly designedan almost 360 degree hologram that updates at a rate of two seconds–not quiteanimation-level, but a step in the right direction, perhaps.Said researcher Nasser Peyghambarian, “We foresee manyapplications, including for example, car or airplane manufacturing. They canlook at the hologram and design the system they have in real-time and look atthe model and make changes on it as they go.”He didn’t mention anything about messages from the RebelAlliance, but we all know he was thinking it.The group has been working on the technology for some time.Back in 2008, they created a black and white 3D projection that updated everyfour minutes. The new technology updates more than 100 times faster than that.Just don’t expect the thing to land in your living room anytime soon. Says Peyghambarian, “I don’t think you can see these in ourhouses in less than seven to 10 years.”last_img read more