Microsoft Surface listed for 1000 by Swedish etailer

first_imgMicrosoft is hoping to lead the Windows RT charge itself with the Surface and Surface Pro tablets. Specific pricing has yet to be revealed, but the company promised that they would be competitive with other tablets and Ultrabooks on the market. Over in Sweden, one web retailer has already started taking pre-orders — at prices that convert to $1,000 to $2,100.Obviously, those prices aren’t anywhere near what most consumers would consider competitive. That said, figuring out what’s going on here isn’t as easy as running a Krona to dollar conversion on a currency exchange website.First off, electronics tend to cost more in Sweden than in the U.S., due in part to the addition of 25% VAT. The new iPad (Wi-Fi only, 16GB) sells for around $629 in Sweden, compared to just $519 in the U.S. That could put the converted entry-level 32GB Surface price closer to $800.That’s much more reasonable, but it’s still not within striking distance of the iPad. Is Microsoft really planning on selling the cheapest Surface for $800 when the iPad is almost $300 cheaper? No.The Surface and Surface Pro won’t go on sale until October, and Microsoft hasn’t given any official pricing direction yet. Webhallen is probably hoping to secure a few pre-orders from enthusiasts way ahead of the tablets’ release. It’s become a common occurrence for web retailers in recent years with smartphones, tablets, and laptops — and especially when it comes to buzzworthy devices like the Surface.It’s very likely that the 32GB Surface will be priced in line with the 32Gb Wi-Fi only iPad, while the Surface Pro will sit alongside the first round of Windows 8 Ultrabooks. The spread is pretty wide right now, so that could be anywhere from $800 to $1,100.More at Netbooknews and Webhallenlast_img read more