Notch indefintely shelves Mojangs space game 0x10c

first_imgAfter releasing over four years ago in 2009,  Minecraft continues to be an enormous success. The popularity of the game propelled its creator, Markus Persson, into the gaming limelight. The profit generated from the game allowed Persson, perhaps more famously known as Notch, to bolster his game development studio, Mojang, into more than a one-person job. Now, the studio has another successful game in open beta, Scrolls, a digital TCG played on a grid. Notch, though, didn’t work much on Scrolls, as he was focused more on a game titled 0x10c, a space game that may have MMO elements. We haven’t gotten to see much of the game, and now it looks like we may never see anything else, as Notch has shelved the game indefinitely.Redditor Nouht was speaking to Notch in a Team Fortress 2 livestream, when the Minecraft creator said that he has no future aspirations for 0x10c, and that he will instead continue working on smaller games for the rest of his life. He did say that if someone else at the Mojang office wanted to pick up where he left off, that would be fine.Back in April, Notch did say that the game was “on ice” until he could bypass some creative blocks. He cited the main problem as it not being very fun to play — certainly an important aspect of a game. With Notch’s comments in the livestream, though, it would seem the development on the game has moved from “on ice” to “canceled.”The game might live life in the hands of the community, though, as 0x10c subreddit users have banded together in order to keep development trucking along. They’d be building the engine from scratch, and Notch didn’t really shed too many details about the game, so the subreddit subscribers would more or less be developing their own space game. Notch’s vision of 0x10c will likely never come to pass.last_img read more