Xbox Live Gold subscribers get a birthday gift and MS Points refunds

first_imgMicrosoft has decided to sweeten the deal for anyone who is both an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and holds a Gamerscore of 3,000 points or more. It’s being called the Xbox Live Rewards MyAchievements, and promises both a birthday gift and Microsoft Points refunds depending on how high your Gamerscore is.MyAchievements is split into three tiers of rewards. Tier 1 is for any Gold subscriber with a Gamerscore of at least 3,000 points. You will be entitled to a birthday gift during the month of your birthday worth a grand total of $0.25. Tier 2 eligibility requires a Gamerscore of at least 10,000 points. As well as the birthday gift you will receive a 1% refund on purchases using Microsoft Points. The only purchases that excludes is buying an Xbox Live Gold subscription or actual Microsoft Points.Tier 3 is the top level and requires a Gamerscore of at least 25,000 points. Such dedication will again earn you the birthday gift, but ups your Microsoft Points refund to 2%.The refund is a nice extra for anyone who has a high Gamerscore, but the low percentage means it’s going to take a while to accrue enough free Microsoft Points to buy anything. For example, spending 1,200 points with a Tier 2 Gamerscore will earn you just 12 points, where as a Tier 3 Gamerscore gets you 24 points.Microsoft is clearly introducing MyAchievements in an attempt to get gamers to spend more in return for a (minimal) reward. It’s great to see additional rewards added to Xbox Live Gold, but I’d like to see those percentages be pushed a bit higher (2% and 5% perhaps?).More at Xbox.comlast_img read more