Florida bans all online devices because writing laws is hard

first_imgFlorida may be a great place to live or vacation thanks to the gorgeous views like the one above, but that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have a reputation with the internet for being ridiculous. The country is no stranger to Florida faltering at important moments — such as presidential elections — so it may not come as a surprise that the state might have accidentally banned all smartphones and computers thanks to a new bill.Florida lawmakers recently voted on and passed a bill that banned internet cafes that allowed customers to gamble online through slot machine-style games. A bunch of internet cafes got shut down thanks to the bill, but one of the owners who looked into the bill — Consuelo Zapata — in an attempt to fight it, found that the wording wasn’t exactly airtight. It can easily be construed as a ban on all smartphones and computers.Essentially, the ban is on illegal gambling devices, phrased as a system or network of devices that can be used for gambling. Obviously, this can be just about anything that can connect to the internet and display web pages or run apps. Now, Florida officials aren’t going to start enforcing the poorly worded bill to the fullest extent — you’re likely safe to continue connecting to the internet through your phone, tablet, computer, PS Vita, or whatever.Zapata’s legal team that noticed the peculiar wording is now suing the state — not to get them to enforce the law to the fullest extent to show just how ludicrous it is, but to use the seemingly hastily phrased wording to show that the lawmakers didn’t really think the law through in the first place, and thus prove it as unconstitutional.last_img read more