11 CEOs Want More from Global Community

first_imgThe chief executive officers (CEOs) of 11 companies operating in the Ebola-affected countries within the West African sub-region have observed that a larger coordinated global effort is required to tackle the Ebola virus outbreak in the region. African Mining Services ArcelorMittal, Aureus Mining Inc., Dawnus Group, Golden Veroleum Liberia, Hummingbird Resources Plc, IAMGOLD Corporation, London Mining Plc, MonuRent, Newmont Mining Corporation and Randgold CEOs observed on September 8, 2014 the global community has a strong track record in responding to natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. “We need a similar strength of resolve to tackle an epidemic that has the potential to cause great harm to this region.” They urged the international community to pool its resources and lend support to help reverse the virus and enable post-conflict Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to recover as swiftly as possible from dealing with the epidemic. The CEOs observed that there is a risk the measures being taken to restrict travel to countries most impacted by the virus will aggravate the growing humanitarian crisis.“Ebola is without doubt a horrific virus. But it is a virus that with the right understanding, precautions and processes in place should be avoidable and containable. That’s why we are calling for the immediate opening of humanitarian and economic corridors to the affected countries and urge the international community to respect the ECOWAS and the African Union’s call to lift any travel bans in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation,” the CEOs added. They warned of catastrophic consequences for the affected economies if the international community fails to land the needed support to fight and defeat the Ebola virus. The CEOs expressed concern about the impact of the Ebola virus on affected countries’ economies and the well-being of their people, which, they observed, is being compounded by subsequent decisions and actions that affect travel to and trade with the region.The CEOs noted that their companies have made long term commitments to these countries and their people and “we intend to honor that commitment.” “We have strong ties to hundreds of local communities that depend on our operations. “Despite the challenging environment, we are continuing where possible with normal operations, with the health and safety of our employees being the absolute priority at all times. We have enormous respect for the organizations and selfless individuals working to contain this outbreak and are committed to support them and the governments concerned to bring the epidemic to an end,” the CEOs sated. CEOs that signed the statement are: Mr. John Kavanagh of African Mining Services, Lakshmi Mitta of ArcelorMittal, David Reading of Aureus Mining Inc., Bob Jones of Dawnus Group and David Rothschild of Golden Veroleum Liberia signed the statement. Others are Dan Betts of Hummingbird Resources Plc, Stephen J. J. Letwin of IAMGOLD Corporation, Graeme Hossie of London Mining Plc, Tony Carr of MonuRent , Gary Goldberg of Newmont Mining Corporation and Mark Bristow of Randgold.Our business desk has meanwhile observed that expatriates contractors for most of these companies have declared force majeure and left the sub-region due to the virus outbreak.The Ebola virus has killed over 2,200 people in four countries in West Africa name: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria and infected over 4,000 people in the four countries, said WHO.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Judge Orders Dunbar Law Firm’s Recusal

first_imgThe statue of the “Justitia”, the Blind Goddess of Justice, at the entrance of the compound of the Temple of Justice, Capitol Hill, MonroviaDrama unfolded last Wednesday at Criminal Court ‘C’ which led to the dismissal of a separate trial request of former Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), Managing Director Nelson Williams, one of several public officials accused of misapplying over US$5 million of the sale of the Japanese oil grant.Williams, along with other former government officials, including former Minister of Commence Madam Miatta Beysolow, were charged with economic sabotage, misapplication of entrusted property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation and violation of the required Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) procedure and processes.Cllr. Stephen B. Dunbar, Williams’ lawyer, filed a motion to have a separate trial, a request prosecutors strongly resisted.During the hearing of their request it was discovered that the Dunbar Law Firm is also the legal counsel of the LPRC, which Judge Emery Paye described as “conflict of interest.”Before Judge Paye’s decision, Cllr. Dunbar admitted that his law firm was legally representing the LPRC, “but the government has not shown any interest in prosecuting this case.”Further Cllr. Dunbar argued that the former LPRC Managing Director, being an individual, has obtained representation in his personal capacity, thereby asking the court to allow him to do his (Dunbar’s) legal work for the defendant, and to deny prosecutors resistance against his representation.In his ruling, Judge Paye stated that he holds a strong opinion that Dunbar and Dunbar Law Firm should have defended LPRC in the ongoing case.Justifying his statement, he said, “It is because defendant Williams had worked in the employ of government as managing director for the LPRC. We feel that the Dunbar and Dunbar Law Firm, is under obligation to defend LPRC against those alleged to have carried out criminal acts against LPRC.”The judge added, “As such, it would not augur well for Dunbar and Dunbar Law Firm to represent any individual or individuals against the interest of LPRC.”According to Judge Paye, “if the government does not have interest in prosecuting this case, it should not amount to say that Dunbar and Dunbar should represent anybody against LPRC.”Judge Paye thereafter denied the Dunbar and Dunbar Law Firm the right to represent Mr. Williams.“The defendant has the option to hire another counsel in instead of Dunbar and Dunbar to represent his interest. That goes to say the denial of Dunbar and Dunbar Law Firm is without any prejudice to the defendant,” he stated.Meanwhile, the court yesterday heard final legal arguments about a request from co-defendant Miatta Beysolow’s legal team, asking Judge Paye to dismiss the indictment against her.Her lawyers argued that the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission’s (LACC) investigation recommended for administrative action against their client but to their disbelief, the LACC contradicted its own recommendation and surrendered her for criminal trial.Besides, Beysolow’s lawyers contended that because of the LACC’s contradiction the court should dismiss the complaint against her.In counter argument, the LACC insisted that she actually participated in the alleged ploy that duped the government of the Japanese oil grant.Ruling into the merit and demerit of the request was reserved by Judge Paye.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more