Award leaves Distell in high spirits

first_img12 November 2007South African spirits company Distell won the prestigious V&S Distiller of the Year trophy at this year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) held in the UK, beating illustrious international rivals such as Diageo, Beam Global and William Grant & Sons.According to a statement issued by the IWSC organisers last week, the award is based on the company’s achievements in the competition, as well as on the range of high-quality spirits in their portfolio.Organisers said the specialist panel of judges believed Distell demonstrated “a dedicated, resolute approach to the highest standards of distilling, blending and bottling”.Distell faced stiff competition, with entries in the spirits categories increasing by 16% in 2007, making the IWSC the largest spirits competition in the UK with close on 1 300 products from 70 different producing countries.“With over 340 whiskies entered from Scotland alone, the shortlist for this trophy ran to 26 companies, and it wasn’t only the large producers who where being considered,” competition director Frances Horder said.Cape Business News reported that Distell’s strong showing was due to the outstanding results achieved by its portfolio, made up of Mainstay, Amarula Cream and brandies from the Klipdrift, Van Ryn, Oude Meester, Richelieu and Nederburg distilleries.Distell’s brandy portfolio won two gold and eight silver medals, as well as four best-of-class ratings, while Amarula Cream was voted best liqueur. The distiller’s Mainstay brand was also voted as best vodka ahead of its Russian, Polish and Finnish competitors, causing some debate, as this is a sugar cane based vodka and base ingredients for vodka are currently the subject of much dispute.“The IWSC is one of the most important industry platforms in the world. To be accorded such an honour is no mean feat,” Distell director of primary production Hennie Heyl told Cape Business News.“It is a reflection of the stringent quality standards we set ourselves and demonstrates the exceptional talent in our midst. While South Africa has to date been internationally better known for its wines, the country is starting to build an impressive reputation for other alcoholic beverages too.”The Stellenbosch-based Distell Group states that it is South Africa’s leading producer and marketer of fine wines, spirits, ciders and ready-to-drinks. The company is listed on the JSE, employs over 4 000 people and has an annual turnover in excess of R6.7-billion.SAinfo reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Jon Miller, Nov. 17

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I am still spreading lime for some of the neighbors. We got most of the dry fertilizer spread on our ground and we have been doing some tillage. Some fields we are chiseling, some we are running a no-till ripper and other fields we are running vertical tillage on corn stalks.  We just finished spraying yesterday on just about all of our acres. We have had good weather to get it done.We spread rye on with the spreader and worked it in after wheat for a cover crop. We’d like to get some straw off of it next year. Time will tell how that will work but we got a good start with it this fall.Marketing will be an issue with these prices, but luckily we at least have a good crop to market.  In 2017 we’ll probably just stick with our normal rotation. I can’t see where one crop would outweigh the other. There is a lot of demand for both crops out there, but we have big crops of both so any way we can get trade working for us it would really help. The Trans Pacific Partnership doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. Maybe we can come up with better trade deal down the road.We are hoping to finish tillage this weekend and maybe start on drainage tile after that. I have a week or so of lime left to spread, but the supply around here is running out.last_img read more

Your New iWallet: Apple Reportedly to Add NFC to the Next iPhone and iPad

first_imgaudrey watters The next generation iPhone and iPad will contain Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology enabling the devices to become your wallet, according to a report today in Bloomberg. NFC is a short-range, high-frequency wireless technology which lets devices – primarily mobile phones – communicate with other NFC devices. This can be utilized in a number of applications including mobile ticketing, mobile money, and smart billboards.The Bloomberg story cites Richard Doherty, director of the consulting firm Envisionering Group, who says that Apple has been working to embed the technology in the “next iteration of the iPhone for AT&T Inc and the iPad 2,” both of which are expected to be launched this year.It’s not an unexpected move. As we have reported previously, Apple has made some strategic hires of NFC experts, and the Android already offers this functionality.NFC Plus iTunesWhat makes the Bloomberg news interesting, if true – other than the fact that the report only mentions this NFC technology in the AT&T iPhone, not a Verizon iPhone – is the way in which NFC, matched with the iTunes checkout system, could truly become a de facto payment method for many of us. Users are already incredibly familiar and comfortable with purchasing things via iTunes, and as we look to alternatives to cash, checks, and even credits cards – particularly when it comes to making payments on the go – it makes sense that Apple provides that service.It makes sense for users and for Apple. As the Bloomberg story notes, it could help Apple cut costs associated with credit card processing fees. But it could also greatly expand the reach of the iTunes service. And according to Doherty, this is in the works for mid-2011, with plans to “revamp iTunes, a service that lets consumers buy digital movies and music, so it would hold not only users’ credit-card account information but also loyalty credits and points.”So get ready to pay with your phone. Get ready to receive targeted ads and coupons with your phone. The industry has been saying that for a while. But while NFC has been touted as the future of mobile money and mobile shopping, one of the major pieces missing from implementation is the infrastructure necessary to facilitate it. And it sounds like Apple, if the Bloomberg report is true, may be working on just that very thing. Tags:#Apple#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

What I Learned At CES

first_imgRelated Posts It was fashionable this year to dismiss CES as irrelevant and a waste of time. Some tech sites didn’t even send reporters. Others that did send staff mostly did so to promote their own brands, with big booths covered in their names and logos.To be sure, there’s some truth to all the sneering. The show is too big, too crowded, too bloated, too filled with doofy booth shows like the one in the photo above, where Nikon had ballroom dancers performing ostensibly to demonstrate the stop-action performance of some new cameras.Nevertheless, after four days in Las Vegas I came away feeling optimistic. I wasn’t struck by any one particular product, but by a sense of what all of them, together, represent.Which is this: The Web, now about age 20, is hitting an inflection point. A new Internet is emerging. In fact it is already upon us. I don’t mean just the “Internet of Things.” That’s part of it, but the whole picture is bigger.Think of it this way. The first Internet was a place you went to. You dialed up or logged in. It was over there, and you were here. The new Internet is just here. It’s all around us. It’s constant, ubiquitous and pervasive. We interact with it so naturally that there seems to be no user interface at all. The new Internet is in our phones and in our homes. It’s in our refrigerators and thermostats and cars. It’s on our bodies. We ourselves are actually part of the Internet. We’re woven into the very fabric of it.Thus, in mobile, we see the drive toward devices that cost nothing, or at least so close to it that someday soon practically everyone on the planet will have one. I gave a few presentations last week and at each one I handed around two tablets from Datawind, the company that’s making the Aakash tablet to be sold in India this year at a price of $20. People were stunned. The Aakash isn’t cutting edge, but it has a decent processor and runs a recent version of Android, with all the usual Google apps. You hold one in your hand and it’s easy to imagine the next billion people coming online.The Plus And Minus Of MobileSo there’s mobile everywhere, which means computing everywhere, which means information everywhere, which means huge changes for every aspect of life on our planet. Politics, news, entertainment – everything.Marketers should love this, but right now they hate it. They are incredibly frustrated by mobile. I heard this over and over in meetings I attended. They simply can’t figure out how to do anything compelling with tiny screens.I get the frustration. These are people who make their living by pushing messages onto screens. Their industry has been doing this for half a century, first on televisions, where it was very effective, then on computers, where it was less so. Now the screens are tiny, the ads are ineffective and the dilemma facing marketers is huge.But maybe they are looking at mobile the wrong way. Maybe the best use of smartphones will be not as vehicles for pushing ads but rather as devices with which to gather data. Marketers are hampered by an understandable bias. It’s natural for them to see every new screen as yet another miniature television.Advertisers and marketers are also very good at talking, less good at listening. They’ve spent a half century running a one-way communications operation. But mobile maybe will force them to become better listeners. Maybe mobile devices will end up being more valuable to marketers by means of their ability to track and transmit behavioral data than because of any revolutionary new miniature advertisement that, by some magic, people won’t hate.Cloud And Big DataWhich leads to cloud and big data, the tools by which all that random data will be aggregated and made sense of. Which leads in turn to Google, the company best positioned to gather massive amounts of mobile data (its Android operating system has 75% market share in smartphones, and now maybe you can see why Google is willing to “give Android away” and isn’t overly concerned when critics carp that Google “doesn’t make any money on Android”).Not only is Google in position to gather data, but it is probably better equipped to do something useful with that data. After all, Google has spent more than a decade refining the art of data-driven advertising, while at the same time pushing ever closer to realizing the dream of true artificial intelligence.Which leads to a (perhaps depressing) realization: When true AI finally does emerge, its first application will be to sell laundry detergent. I made this point in a presentation to a group of people who make their living selling, among other things, laundry detergent. They found it not depressing at all. Point taken.New InterfacesWhat else? New interfaces. This wasn’t front and center at CES, but if you looked and listened carefully you found it. Intel was talking about interfaces. Leap Motion and its revolutionary controller were at the show with Asus. Nuance is pushing voice into everything. Samsung was showing off new ways to control your TV.There’s plenty to carp about. Nothing works as well as vendors say it will. Every vendor has its own solution and they don’t interoperate. But that’s always been the case, and we’ve always found our way forward. The same will happen here. Remember where we were ten years ago. Now picture ten years in the future.We’ll get there, if only because we have to, because the way we deal with the Internet today – tapping away on keyboards or poking at virtual keyboards on tiny mobile touchscreens – is clumsy and primitive and stupid.Wearables, Homes, CarsWhich leads to wearables. The show was full of them, and while some seem a bit nutty, this is where we’re headed. We already carry our smartphones with us 24–7, but now we’re about to clad ourselves in arrays of sensors. Here, as in mobile, marketers are already trying to dream up ways to jam advertising messages into these devices, and already anticipating frustration. As with mobile I think they are looking at this the wrong way. The game may be less about “What can I sell with these things?” and more about “What can I learn from these things?”Same goes for home automation devices. Nest wasn’t at at the show with its incredible learning thermostat, but that product is probably the best example of what can be done in this space. Are marketers out there trying to dream up ways to push ads onto the Nest device? I cringe to think so, but I wouldn’t doubt it. But the real value of Nest and other devices is the data they will generate. At the most crass level, if I were a marketer trying to sell luxe or near-luxe products I would view the Nest an amazing proxy device. Think about it. Who buys a Nest thermostat? Someone who is tech-loving, app-savvy, and has enough disposable income to drop $249 on a thermostat. Who wouldn’t want to target that customer?Finally, cars. I’ve never seen so many outside of a car show. I was eager to see what companies like Ford are getting up to with screens and computers and apps. I left a meeting with Paul Mascarenas, the CTO for Ford Research and Innovation, feeling blown away by what they’re doing. More on that in a future article.A few years ago I stopped going to CES. I thought it was a waste of time, and more annoying than productive. I still find the show itself almost completely unbearable, while the stuff being shown there continues to amaze and inspire. It’s easy to laugh at the goofy products. But the relentless push forward, the urge to innovate and compete, to make the world a smarter, better, more exciting place – that is still there, as strong as ever, and I came away feeling that the world we inhabit a decade from now is going to be truly amazing. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Big Data#CES#cloud#Home Automation#marketing#mobile#wearable center_img dan lyons Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

10 months agoMan City whiz Sane: Sterling in career best form

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man City whiz Sane: Sterling in career best formby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City whiz Leroy Sane says Raheem Sterling must be close to career best form.Sterling already has nine Premier League goals and six assists to his name this season and signed a new deal in November to keep him at the club until 2023.Sane said, “Of course, it’s always important if you have good people around you – good friends. You can trust them also and obviously, it’s very important for our team.“He’s scored a lot of goals and helps us a lot in every way and he’s just a really good guy – a humble guy.”He is also really hungry and motivated to improve in his own game – to achieve something: his own targets.“This is what it’s like to push him to get better and if it goes like this every year, I think soon he can also be one of the best players.” last_img read more

Ohio House Of Representatives Member Bill Patmon Wrote Cardale Jones A Personal Letter, Called Him “12 Gauge”

first_imgOhio representative Bill Patmon's letter to Cardale Jones.Ohio State’s Cardale Jones accomplished a great deal in 2014-2015, ascending from a third-string signal-caller to the starting quarterback for a team that won the Big Ten title, the Sugar Bowl and the College Football National Championship Game behind his leadership. It looks like he can add one more accolade to his repertoire too – an official congratulatory letter from Ohio House of Representatives member Bill Patmon.Patmon wrote to Jones, and used the QB’s nickname “12 Gauge” in the header, to congratulate him on his accomplishments. Jones posted a photo of the letter on Twitter.Cardale “12Gauge” Jones— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_) February 23, 2015Ironically, it’s not even a sure bet that Jones will be starting for the Buckeyes in 2015. There’s no word on whether Patmon also wrote to J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller.last_img read more

Venugopal Rao announces retirement from all form of cricket

first_imgMumbai: Former India batsman and Andhra Pradesh skipper Venugopal Rao on Tuesday announced retirement from all forms of the game. “Y. Venugopala Rao, former captain of Andhra Ranji team and India international, who has represented India in 16 ODIs, and 65 IPL matches announced his retirement from all the forms of cricket,” the Andhra Cricket Association said in a statement. The 37-year-old from Visakhapatnam could amass only 218 runs with a lone fifty to his name in the 11 innings he played for India after making his debut against Sri Lanka at Dambulla on July 30, 2005. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhHe played his last ODI against West Indies at Basseterre on May 23, 2006. Rao played 121 first-class matches scoring 7,081 runs with 17 hundreds and 30 fifties to his credit. From 2008-2014 he played for Deccan Chargers and Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. The ACA office-bearers recollected his valuable contribution to the game. “The President, Hon. Gen. Secretary and the members of the Andhra Cricket Association wish him all the best of luck for his future career and recollect his valuable contribution made by him for Andhra Cricket Association,” it added.last_img read more

Kevin Hart Maria Menounos And Rally Health Surprised Chicagoans At The Gym

first_imgActor and comedian Kevin Hart and TV/radio personality Maria Menounos – Health Ambassadors for Rally Health – surprised hundreds of gym goers yesterday at Midtown Athletic Club when they showed up to participate in fitness classes and stage a mini health festival.Rally Health Ambassadors Kevin Hart and Maria Menounos are all smiles in Chicago after joining gymgoers in their morning workoutTheir original plan to host thousands of Chicagoans at the Rally HealthFest in Maggie Daley Park was changed due to inclement weather.“The rain couldn’t dampen the vibe of positivity that our outdoor Rally HealthFest set out to deliver to the people of Chicago. It just got redirected indoors to the awesome people spending their Saturday at the club. We thank everyone for letting us crash their workout!” said Kevin Hart, Rally Health Ambassador.“This is a classic ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ scenario. While we were disappointed that we had to cancel our Rally HealthFest in the park, we were thrilled that we were still able to meet up with a great group of people to celebrate healthy living. Our thanks to Midtown Athletic Club for hosting us with just a day’s notice!” said David Ko, president and COO, Rally Health.As they do at the usual Rally HealthFests, Kevin, Maria and Kevin’s personal trainer Boss participated in several fitness classes including high-intensity sprints, boxing and a spin class, and chatted it up with club members about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Rally set up a photo booth and a place where people could write letters to their future selves.“We were delighted to host Kevin, Maria and Boss at yesterday’s Rally Health event. It was a wonderful surprise for our members and an opportunity to showcase everything Midtown has to offer,” said Michael Mahoney, general manager of Midtown Athletic Club.Rally HealthFests are free, public events sponsored by digital health company Rally Health. The events, which can draw up to 12,000 people, are designed to promote healthy living through fun activities that demonstrate four key pillars of health: MOVE, EAT, CARE, FEEL. People of all ages come out to participate in family-friendly activities focused on healthy living, for example, participating in group exercise classes and cooking demonstrations, riding stationary bikes, playing memory and brain games, learning practical health tips, and running potato-sack races in the Kids’ Zone.last_img read more

Lawyer for Arlen Dumas confirms phone being examined

first_img[email protected]@katmarte AMC Grand Chief Arlen Dumas was back on the job this week after a brief leave of absence. (AMC)Kathleen MartensAPTN NewsThe lawyer representing Manitoba’s top Indigenous leader over allegations of inappropriate texting says an investigation is under way.Jamie Kagan confirmed a phone used by Arlen Dumas, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), is being examined by a third party. It’s a development in a month-long texting scandal first reported by the Winnipeg Free Press.“We are not discussing steps in the process or identifying the various service providers we are using to complete the inquiry,” Kagan, a partner at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman in Winnipeg, said in an email.Kagan declined to be interviewed by phone and didn’t respond when APTN News asked who was checking the phone’s history and when the results would be made public. He confirmed he was hired by AMC.Dumas denied he messaged Bethany Maytwayashing, 22, asking her to “meet up,” when the story first broke at the beginning of July – and suggested unnamed political adversaries were impersonating him online in a fake Facebook account and hacked his phone.The two met at a downtown Winnipeg restaurant where she worked and connected afterwards on Facebook. Then Maytwayashing alleged recent messages she received were inappropriate and made her feel uncomfortable.AMC did confirm the phone number that texted Maytwayashing belonged to Dumas in a press statement.Read the statement here:Press Statement from Grand Chief Arlen Dumas and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs But AMC and Dumas claimed the texts were “spoofs.”They alleged someone other than Dumas sent the texts without him knowing by using a software to make it appear the texts came from his phone.The press release did not comment on how the texter knew details about where Dumas met Maytwayashing, or that she was a student and took a selfie with him at that meeting.These signs were on the door at AMC ‘s annual general meeting this week. (APTN file)Since his denial three more women have come forward to APTN saying they received texts similar to those sent to Maytwayashing, either on Facebook accounts or phones belonging to the AMC grand chief.Dumas has not responded to multiple requests for comment about Maytwayashing and other claims made in the last weeks through AMC or another lawyer, David Walker of Winnipeg. He has not commented except through press statements.AMC said Dumas would take a brief leave of absence “to heal with his family” until he surfaced in photos this week at its annual general meeting.AMC did not respond when asked if Dumas was back at work. It posted a sign on the meeting room door preventing media from entering what has been a public meeting in the past.An AMC spokesman also denied entry to an APTN reporter on Wednesday.Meanwhile, a grassroots women’s group is calling for an “independent investigation” into the texting allegations.Sandra DeLaronde, of Manitoba Moon Voices, said an arm’s-length third-party should separately interview Dumas and the women involved.She said it’s important to “keep social media a safe space for women – and Indigenous women, in particular” because they are a vulnerable population when it comes to exploitation and violence.The final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls makes several recommendations around inappropriate behaviour and harassment. It also underscores the need for protecting and supporting victims who come forward.The final report of the MMIWG inquiry was released on June 3. (APTN file)DeLaronde noted it is not only politicians being accused of communicating with women this way, but also bosses, co-workers and friends of friends online.“I’ve had women tell me they feel ‘creeped out’ by excessive ‘liking’ of their posts. Sure, they can block someone, which are the rules for this online culture. But why is it up to them to police the boundaries?”DeLaronde said her group feels there is more AMC can and should be doing to be accountable for the behaviour and protection of its members.“Does it have a mechanism to deal with harassment of its members or people they serve?” she said.“Young women and two-spirited people need to know where they can go and feel safe, and know that something will be done.”APTN has twice asked AMC whether it has a sexual harassment policy and to provide a copy, but has not received a  response.Maytwayashing said she attended the AMC meeting venue this week without being invited. She said she went to remind members who represent 62 First Nations in Manitoba this issue isn’t going away.“I will not be silenced,” she said.Read More: Indigenous woman asks AMC to investigate grand chief’s behavior; chief denies claimWomen’s Council investigating texting allegations against grand chief last_img read more

Tough Decision Dwight Howard Meets With Lakers While Houston

Dwight Howard has met with the Houston Rockets in the first formal meeting in Los Angeles on Sunday night, but Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak made two unexpected pleas to the all-star player leading up to his second engagement with the Rockets.The first meeting came on Saturday, where Kupchak and Howard discussed the future in Los Angeles and why he belongs in the star-studded town.Kupchak made another visit on Sunday night, when he gave Howard a brief well-wishing just minutes before the Laker headed out for dinner with the Rockets’ representation.According to sources, the Rockets also plan to get general manager Daryl Morey, coach Kevin McHale, owner Les Alexander, Hakeem Olajuwon and  James Harden to help in the process of recruiting Dwight Howard.