Haiti MP says accuses journalists of being spokespersons for criminals

first_imgHaiti’s newly appointed Justice and Public Security Minister, Jean Roudy Aly, has accused media houses and journalists of being spokespersons for criminals.In a letter sent to the National Association of Haitian Media (ANMH), the Association of Independent Media of Haiti (AMIH) and the Federation of Haitian Press, Aly said he was seeking their assistance in dealing with the situation.Aly said that these criminals appear in the media almost on a daily basis despite being wanted by the police and other law enforcement agencies.Threatens the police in the press“What is worse, these bandits admit their crimes, while terrorizing the population, take the malicious pleasure to make threats in the press to the police. In doing so, consciously or unconsciously, these media professionals are complicit in these faithless and lawless individuals who sow grief among Haitian families,” he added.But ANMH president, Frantz Duval, said he hopes the allegation is only “an excess of language on the part of the Minister” and is waiting to officially receive the letter before making an official statement.However, former minister of communications and President of the Federation of Haitian press, Ady Jean Gardy, denounced the statement by Aly insisting that journalists are doing their work and allowing the population to hear the public confession of the criminals.last_img read more

Lauderdale Lakes Celebrates Marcus Garvey

first_imgMarcus Garvey Garvey Extravaganza. Photo credit: Roy Sweetland LAUDERDALE LAKES, Florida – The public meeting room at the City of Lauderdale Lakes Educational and Cultural Center was crowded beyond capacity on Saturday evening August 17, as over 500 guests celebrated the 132nd anniversary of the birth of Jamaican National Hero Marcus Garvey at the 2019 Marcus Garvey Rootz Extravaganza.The day was dubbed “Marcus Garvey Appreciation Day” in the City of Lauderdale Lakes by the city Mayor Hazelle Rogers.Guests at Saturday’s events were welcomed by Jamaica’s Consul General to the Southern USA, Oliver Mair, who hailed the service of Garvey and the inspiration he has offered to Jamaicans and the black race.Garvey scholar, University of the West Indies lecturer and author Professor Clinton Hutton delivered the keynote address in which he urged the attentive audience to revisit the teachings of Garvey and renew their confidence as black people. “Black people must be proud of their heritage. They should not allow themselves to be like roasted breadfruits—black on the outside and white on the inside.”The evening’s highlight was the presentation of Marcus Garvey Community Service Awards to Lauderhill dentist Dr. Milton Tomlinson and Washington DC-based social activists Karl and Valerie Phillpotts of the Shashamane Community Settlement Development Foundation.The Phillpotts have worked tirelessly for years in Ethiopia in aiding the development of the repatriate Shashamane community, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, and recreation. The Shashamane Foundation in establishing the Rastafari Development Community Kindergarten and Elementary School in Shashamane, which now has some 400 students and 32 staff members.Dr. Tomlinson has served the South Florida community as an outstanding dental practitioner in Lauderhill and has received many accolades for his work. He has also served the community as an ardent soccer coach since 1999 and has quietly sponsored several community projects, particularly those involving the youth.The program included live performances by master drummer Nanyamka Graham, the Drumming Fingers Children’s Dance Troupe, vocalists Shemana and Sister Moy, spoken word artist Sharon the Conscious One, and veteran Studio One keyboardist and one-man-band Pablove Black.A medical marijuana industry status report was provided by cannabis certified neurologist Dr. Anthony Hall and Holistic Naturopath Priest Douggie Smith. The reports expounded on the positives and the growing political and social acceptance of medical marijuana in North America and Jamaica.Co-Emcees for the Extravaganza were Sister Marsha and local radio personality Yvette Marshall.last_img read more

Bermuda Stages First Gay Pride Parade Today

first_imgHAMILTON, Bermuda, CMC – A former cabinet minister whose Progressive Labour Party (PLP) government is preparing to go to the London-based Privy Council in a bid to re-impose a ban on same-sex marriage in the island has flown home from Brussels for Saturday’s first Gay Pride parade in Hamilton.Former tourism minister, Renee Webb, who is now the government’s representative in Europe, said gay Bermudians should live without fear because her own same-sex relationship had never sparked hostility.LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people and same-sex marriage campaigners say the Bermuda Pride event will help to reinforce that gay people are part of island society.Organisers have not given an estimate of how many people they expect will join the parade. Businesses in the capital have offered their support with many flying rainbow-cloloured flags. The Corporation of Hamilton, which runs affairs in the city, has painted two crosswalks — including one on Queen Street — in rainbow colours.Church leaders have said the celebration should be held in a culture of respect, despite individual religious beliefs.More than 50 police officers will be deployed to tackle any trouble, but Acting Superintendent Hashim Estwick said he expected Saturday’s celebration to be “very safe”.“What the Bermuda Police (Service) really want people to do is to celebrate in a safe environment and have some fun.“We have in excess of 50 officers that will be available and there is a squad of marshals that will also be there to ensure that everybody’s safe. The persons involved in the parade are important and the protesters are important as well,“ Estwick said, adding “the message is, come out, be peaceful, kind and considerate to each other.”Estwick said three areas will be designated for protesters, but it was up to individuals if they wished to use them.David Northcott, one of the parade organisers, said it was an opportunity to “remember those who have gone before us”.The date was chosen to mark the 25th anniversary of the so-called Stubbs Bill, which in September 1994 was passed by parliament and decriminalised sex between consenting adult men. Webb, then an opposition MP, was among the key lobbyists who helped the legislation to pass.A singer scheduled to perform at the celebration said she had been bombarded with criticism after she agreed to appear at the event.Joy Barnum said she was determined to perform at the event, despite hostility from people she knew, who told her they were “disappointed” by her decision.“The comments were coming from all areas, church members, friends, family, saying they don’t want it forced down their throat.”Webb’s attempt to add sexual orientation to the list of protected grounds in the Human Rights Act failed in 2006, when MPs rejected it, although only one MP, the late Nelson Bascome, spoke on the bill.Bascome denounced homophobia, but added that the House of Assembly could not “legislate morality”. But Webb said the public mindset had changed.“I’ve definitely seen a difference. For example, people were much more homophobic. I don’t find government members homophobic at all. They know I have a same-sex partner, they know my partner, and I haven’t had any form of discrimination at all on the island, none — never, from anybody.”Webb, however, admitted she had heard “some very homophobic utterances” from MPs during debates.“Some were outright shocking in how they referred to their fellow LGBT+ Bermudians and LGBT residents.”The government confirmed earlier this year it had been given permission to take its legal bid against same-sex weddings to the Privy Council in London, the island’s highest court of appeal.Webb, who was appointed as the government’s representative in Brussels last January, said that she respected religious viewpoints, but that she also respected the right of all individuals to equal treatment.“Bermuda having its first Pride parade, for me, I think it’s excellent because it is time that we recognise the fact that everybody here belongs to Bermuda, whether they be gay, straight, indifferent, foreign, white, black.“Bermuda is a society of diverse people and we should recognise all people as being equal before the law It has been a long journey from the Stubbs Bill to same-sex marriage.“I’ve always been a human-rights activist, so for me, it’s just a given. I can’t cherry-pick what human rights I think should be implemented. I am looking forward to being a part of history by participating in Bermuda’s first Pride parade.“From where I sit, Bermuda has evolved exponentially as a consequence of people being exposed, going abroad to school, working abroad, seeing that there’s no bogeyman and your LGBT+ brothers and sisters are just like you — except they’ve made a different choice in terms of who their partner is, the person they want to share their life with.”Webb said It’s simply different from a heterosexual choice.“For me, communities, laws, governments have to respect their citizens and ensure that they have equal rights before the law.”The Governor and the government issued messages in the run-up to the parade.Governor John Rankin said “Bermuda’s first-ever Pride event is in line with the rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression guaranteed under the Bermuda Constitution and international human rights conventions.“I hope that this will be an enjoyable event for all involved and, like many other events on the island, demonstrate both the inclusivity and diversity of the community in Bermuda.”Acting Premier Walter Roban said Bermuda was a country with “diverse opinions, ideologies and a history of strong spiritual convictions”.“We encourage everyone to be mindful of the diverse perspectives on our island and to seek peaceful, respectful and law-abiding means of expressing points of view.”Winston Godwin, a Bermudian who challenged Bermuda’s same-sex marriage ban with his Canadian partner, Greg DeRoche, said a march in Bermuda was “a huge step in the right direction”.“In Bermuda, we are so quick to sweep things under the rug if they challenge the status quo.”Mark Anderson, a Bermudian entertainer, who is gay, said he was “ecstatic” that a parade would be held in Bermuda.: “I think this is the right timing for it. Now Bermuda is going to be put on the map with all the other jurisdictions around the world — it will be recognised that Bermuda is joining the world in taking a stance with gay pride.”The government’s legal bid at the Privy Council to ban same-sex weddings is likely to cost taxpayers as much as three million US dollars, marriage equality campaigners have suggested.Bermuda’s Supreme Court ruled in May 2017 that gay couples could marry but six months later the government passed the Domestic Partnership Act, outlawing same-sex weddings.A challenge was brought against the act by Bermudian Rod Ferguson, with others joining the legal action.Former Chief Justice Ian Kawaley ruled on their case in June last year, finding that the parts of the legislation that restricted marriage to opposite-sex couples were unconstitutional.He agreed to a request from the government for his decision to be “stayed” pending an appeal, meaning gay couples could no longer wed.The Court of Appeal upheld Justice Kawaley’s ruling in November and allowed same-sex marriages to take place again.Bermuda had earlier become the only country in the world to allow same-sex marriage and then ban it.Between May 2017 and June 2018, 20 same-sex couples tied the knot — 14 on the island and 6 at sea. There have been two more same-sex marriages since the Court of Appeal’s judgment.Three couples have entered into domestic partnerships since June 1 last year, with one more union pending.Although Godwin and DeRoche became the first couple to be able to marry they chose to tie the knot in Canada instead.A non-binding referendum in 2016 recorded a majority vote against the introduction of both same-sex marriage and civil unions.However, the vote had a turnout of less than 47 per cent, with 14,192 against same-sex marriage and 6,514 in favour.last_img read more

The Gentleman’s Heavyweight (Tribute To Wladimir Klitschko)

first_imgApril, 2017: “I don’t know if Wladimir will still fight at 50, but one thing is for sure, he’s not looking at this fight as his last fight.”August, 2017: “I think it’s really the motivation, the fire that wasn’t there anymore.”The former uttered just before the fight in Wembley, the latter after his client confirmed it was time to hang his gloves. Quotes credited to Bernd Boente, Wladimir’s manager.“Time is what no being has control over – change is what man must adapt to when it happens.” – Emmanuel EtimA professional journey which began with a knockout against Fabian Meza, on November 16, 1996, was retired after a technical knockout to Anthony Joshua on 28 April, 2017.Wladimir Klitschko, a two-time world heavyweight champion astonished many on Thursday, August 3, as he announced his retirement from the sport rather than consent to an eagerly anticipated rematch against British heavyweight champion Joshua.As with most fighters, he started out as an amateur, had the privilege of representing Ukraine at the 1996 Olympics winning a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division – same year he turned pro. It took him almost half a decade to become a heavyweight champion, a feat achieved in 2000 after he defeated Chris Byrd to win the WBO heavyweight title.Klitschko’s first reign as champion ended in an upset knockout loss to Corrie Sanders in 2003, which was followed by another defeat to Lamon Brewster in 2004. In 2008, he trampled on Sultan Ibragimov, added Ruslan Chagaev to his list of ‘victims’ in 2009 and David Haye in 2011, before suffering a unanimous points loss to Tyson Fury in 2015.In 2017, the 41-year-old delivered his final blow in the 11th round of a classic with Anthony Joshua whose powerful left-handed uppercut condemned the Ukrainian to what has officially become his last professional boxing defeat. Wladimir’s reaction after the bout endeared him to millions as he exhibited great sportsmanship, and was extremely graceful in defeat.Little wonder these reactions from fans trailed his retirement:“Nothing but respect and admiration to you the fight with A.J will be remembered as an all time classic.”“Happy retirement Wlad. True champ carried yourself with class always.”“Hall of Fame legend. Not just in boxing but life. From a poor background to a rich life & an even richer respect from millions of fans.”It is on record that Wladimir has fought in 29 heavyweight title fights, more than any heavyweight champion in the sport’s history. He is ranked amongst the hardest punching knockout artists in the history of the division. His height, straight right hand, strong jab, and left hook considered his most formidable weapons.Outside the ring, Wladimir is perfectly normal. He is a passionate golfer, a man who speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. His older brother, Vitali Klitschko, is also a former heavyweight champion. From 2006 until 2015, Wladimir and Vitali dominated heavyweight boxing, a period typically known as the “Klitschko Era” of the division.As the full stop dots, the legend speaks.“Together we are the driving force.” – Wladimir Klitschko Relatedlast_img read more

Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele Misses Training, Close To Barcelona Move

first_imgBorussia Dortmund’s forward, Ousmane Dembélé have gone awol as the Frenchman misses training on Thursday and have not been picking his calls.According to reports from Franch new outlet, L’Equipe, 20-year-old Dembele is close to signing for Barcelona and is expected to arrive Catalonia today to finalise the deal.“There was no sign yesterday that Ousmane Dembele would not be here today.“We hope nothing terrible has happened.” Dortmund Coach, Peter Bosz told reporters. More to follow shortly… RelatedDortmund Suspends Barcelona Target Ousmane Dembele For Missing Training Without PermissionAugust 10, 2017In “Europe”Breaking: Dortmund Suspends Ousmane Dembele Indefinitely, Barcelona Move ImminentAugust 13, 2017In “Europe”Video – Watch Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele Do A Neymar, Fights In TrainingAugust 1, 2017In “Europe”last_img read more

Liverpool Sign Naby Keita

first_imgLiverpool have completed the signing of Naby Keita from German side RB Leipzig for a club record fee, but the player will only officially join the club in July 2018.According to the BBC, Liverpool have paid a £48m release clause that comes into effect in July 2018.Keita has been one of the Reds major target all summer long, but their bids – including one close to £70m – have been rejected by Leipzig, who stood their ground in saying he’s not for sale.The Guinean international’s £48m fee will surpass the £35 million Liverpool paid Newcastle for Andy Carroll in 2011.Relatedlast_img

Thanks to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for successful U-17 World Cup –…

first_imgFIFA President Gianni Infantino has taken his time to thank the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for successfully organising the matches at various stages and the final of the Under-17 World Cup last month.Mamata is a poet, painter, miscellanist and an Indian politician who has been the 8th Chief Minister of West Bengal since 2011. She is the first woman to hold the office.In a letter from FIFA headquarters in Zurich, he also praised Banerjee for the way the tournament was hosted at the Salt Lake Stadium including the final.“I would like to congratulate your government on its role in your country’s successful hosting of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup. I would also like to thank you on behalf of the entire FIFA delegation for affording us such a cordial welcome and warm hospitality,” – Says  InfantinoRelatedFIFA Finally Confirm Hosts for FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup As Nigeria Misses OutDecember 21, 2019In “FIFA”European Clubs Vow To Boycott New FIFA Club World Cup FormatMarch 16, 2019In “FIFA”Sports Minister Sunday Dare To Lobby FIFA For Nigeria’s World Cup Bid, Visits National Stadium Weekend (AUDIO)September 4, 2019In “FIFA”last_img read more

Ganapati sponsors seventh London Baby party during ICE 2017

first_img SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital 2020 announces free ticket initiative July 21, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Share Betfred boosts US racing coverage with XB Net deal renewal August 10, 2020 GentingBet secures North American racing boost with XB Net July 22, 2020 Submit Related Articles SBC and iGaming Business have joined forces once more for the seventh annual edition of London Baby, the best free networking event during ICE Totally Gaming.The opening party for the three-day expo returns to the Café de Paris nightclub in Leicester Square on Tuesday 7 February. Online casino provider Ganapati has been confirmed as the platinum sponsor for London Baby 2017, alongside other confirmed sponsors OPTIMA, XB Net and Secure Trading.Richard Hogg of Ganaptai, which is developing a unique range of slot games using Japanese intelligence, commented: “I’ve always been a big fan of London Baby and the networking opportunities that it brings on a key night of show week. “So when we decided we were going to make a big impression on ICE 2017, I made sure we could get involved with London Baby as well to raise our profile at an optimum time.”More than 900 delegates are expected to attend the event, which takes pride in its reputation for providing free drinks and unlimited networking opportunities with like-minded iGaming and sports betting professionals.iGaming Business head of operations Shona ODonnell said: “We’re back at the Cafe de Paris again this year, which is such a great and historic venue and perfectly suited for London Baby on the first night of ICE.”London Baby was created in 2011 by SBC founder Rasmus Sojmark and iGaming Business managing director Alex Pratt to provide a chance for attendees at the ICE conference to get together and network in a relaxed atmosphere on the first night of the show. It quickly became an institution of its own and is the automatic choice for the Tuesday evening for many wanting to socialise with their industry peers.Sojmark commented: “We’ve got another great event this year thanks once again to the support we get from our sponsors. Ganapati has come on board for the first time this year as Platinum Sponsors and we have returning supporters in the shape of OPTIMA, XB Net and Secure Trading. Any company wishing to get involved in a fun evening while simultaneously raising their brand awareness during ICE in a cost effective manner should get in touch.”To register for tickets, visit http://sbcevents.co.uk/london-baby-2017. As usual, those who register can then pick up tickets on the day (7 February) from SBC’s Stand SD2- C/D or iGaming Business’ Stand ND7 – A&B, whilst sponsorship packages are still available from just £3,000 + VAT. Email [email protected] for more information.last_img read more

UKGC urges betting leadership to set the right tone on fair practices

first_img Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Related Articles UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Share UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has published its ‘Enforcement Report – a new guidance to help operators make gambling fairer, safer and crime free’.The UKGC urges betting leadership to pay close attention to the document which outlines the enforcement actions taken against UK licensed operators in the past year.Presenting the Enforcement Report, Neil McArthur new Chief Executive of the UKGC outlines that the commission seeks to develop a business culture where betting operators act to:Minimise risks of licensing objectives and reduce gambling harmPlace the interests of consumers first through fair treatmentCreate an open dialogue and co-operative working framework with the UKGC as gambling regulator.“We want operators to pay attention to the lessons set out in this report. We want them to focus on ways to make gambling fairer and safer for consumers in Great Britain.” Neil McArthur states“We also want gambling businesses to collaborate and to invest the same amount of resources into data, technology and research into building better protections for consumers, as they do to creating new products, or advertising and marketing campaigns.“This is a call to action to the leaders of operators to set the tone from the top, to lead a culture of compliance that puts doing the right thing for your customers first, and to strive to continuously raise standards for consumers.”The Enforcement Report breaks down operator gambling penalties into the following six criteria:Anti-Money LaunderingCustomer interactionUnfair Terms & PracticesSelf-ExclusionMarketing & AdvertisingIllegal GamblingThe UKGC outlines its casework on each penalty criteria, detailing why UK licensed operators had failed to meet standards, procedures or controls enforced under the 2015 Gambling Act.Assisting UK licensed operators, the report further outlines best operational practices that can be undertaken by licensees when tackling the complexities of the above criteria.The UKGC warns betting leadership that ‘operators are on notice that a failure to adhere to the guidance in both this document and within our public decision notices may see us bringing enforcement action more swiftly and with a greater penalty, if we are of the view lessons are not being learned’.Nevertheless, the UKGC reiterates that as a regulator it is open to listening to operator concerns on penalties and that UK licensees ‘can expect lesser penalties if they report the matter to us promptly, cooperate during our investigation and proactively look to rectify matters’. Submit StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

Betway looks for future racing prospects sponsoring Wollacott Devon stable

first_img Real Betis selects Betway as its official shirt sponsor August 10, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon Share Alan Alger – BetwayBetway marketing continues to expand its presence in UK horseracing, confirming that it will sponsor the Devon stable of Kayley Wollacott.Wollacott took control of the stable earlier this year, after husband and champion trainer Richard Wollacott passed away.Despite the tragic loss of Richard Wollacott, the Devon Stable continues to develop top studs, as Lalor won the ‘Grade 1 Betway Top Novices’ Hurdle at Aintree in April, and will now embark on a novice chasing career this upcoming season, with his first start pencilled in for Tuesday 23rd October at Exeter.Betway’s Alan Alger said: “This partnership really goes back to Aintree in April when Lalor was a hugely emotional winner of the Betway Top Novices’ Hurdle.“We could all see in the paddock how much that win meant to everyone involved and racing as a whole. Kayley has had an incredibly difficult time over the past nine months and we were all in awe of her strength when being interviewed in the winners’ enclosure.In its update, Betway marketing details that it will sponsor tee Wollacott stable, which will include branding around the yard, on the horsebox and clothing worn by Kayley and her staff.Furthermore, Kayley Woollacott will provide a personal blog and video content for Betway, tracking the progress of Lalor and other Devon stable prospects.Kayley Woollacott added: “We’re really grateful to Betway for sponsoring our yard. There’s a strong connection thereafter Lalor’s win at Aintree, which was obviously a very emotional day for all of us because Lalor always meant so much to Richard.“We can’t wait for the season to really get started. Lalor is pencilled in for his first start over fences in the Best Mate Beginners’ Chase at Exeter on Tuesday 23rd October and we’ll then take it from there.“He won a Grade 1 over hurdles and we’ve always thought that he would be a better chaser, so let’s hope we end up back at the big spring festivals. I’m looking forward to updating everyone on his progress, as well as our other horses, via the Betway Insider blog.” Related Articles Share ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Betway and Dafabet grow La Liga sponsorship portfolios August 14, 2020last_img read more