Press release: Trade Minister: there must be no end to our global trade ambitions

first_img YesHealth Group has proven that vertical farming is a profitable business that can create new jobs in a farming industry that is finding it increasingly challenging to attract young workers. The vertical farming industry in the United Kingdom is still developing; and this, together with attractive market conditions, makes the United Kingdom an obvious choice for YesHealth Group. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the British government for their support towards making this a reality. nearly 15,000 UK VAT-registered businesses now export goods to Australia, with UK goods exports at £8.6 billion in 2016 – up 3% on the previous year the UK is also one of Australia’s largest foreign investors, with the stock of UK FDI in Australia at £41 bilion, 45.3% higher than in 2015 In Taiwan, the minister will meet the President of YesHealth, which will over the next 2 years will see the company establish their first European base at York’s UK’s National Agri-Food Innovation Campus.Winston Tsai, President of YesHealth iFarm said: As UK athletes go for gold at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, our exporters are already on the medal table after landing contracts to get the games up and running. Global Britain has seen great success as our exports rise to £625 billion and our foreign direct investment is higher than ever before but there’s more that can be done to further strengthen our ties with both Australia and Taiwan. As an international economic department, we are supporting these efforts through tailored trade support in our Exporting and Invest in GREAT Britain campaigns. International Trade Minister Graham Stuart is encouraging British business to expand their reach as he attends the Commonwealth Games in Australia this week.The minister will meet with several UK companies that have already been using their cutting-edge capabilities to get the Games up and running, flying the flag for quality home grown products and challenge the idea that UK companies only benefit from trade with countries close to them in Europe.Companies which have won contracts to supply the games include Foamhand, an innovative crowd management company that uses giant foam hands to guide visitors in the right direction at major destinations, as well as Aggreko, a major Glaswegian power generation company providing electrical power at all 18 competition venues.The Commonwealth Games, (4 to 15 April) are set to be attended by more than 6,000 athletes representing 71 nations and territories in Gold Coast, and broadcast to a global audience of 1.5 billion people.The visit comes as more than 15,000 VAT-registered businesses now export goods to Australia, with UK-Australia trade at £13.1 billion in 2016 – a rise of more than 20% over the last 10 years, with the UK operating a trade surplus with the country.The minister will continue his trade tour in Taiwan where he will announce an £18 million Taiwanese investment into the UK from agritech company YesHealth Biotechnology. The business will set up its European base in York, providing local consumers with fresh and pesticide-free products.Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart said: total trade in goods and services (i.e. exports plus imports) between the UK and Germany was £124.2 billion in 2016, a 6.6% increase from 2015center_img Taiwan: the UK’s trading relationship with Taiwan also continues to flourish, now worth £5.4 billion – up 0.9% from 2015. The stock of UK FDI was at £3 billion in 2016, up 23.2% on 2015 A further £3.5 million investment will also be announced from Han Dian Foods to expand its UK manufacturing operation in London and meet increased demand. This will also see Han Dian launch a chain of takeaway restaurants across the UK.Mr Stuart’s visit comes ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in the UK later this month. This will be the largest ever leaders’ summit in the UK, with 52 heads of state and thousands of businesses in attendance.The UK is committed to working with its allies at CHOGM, including Australia, to promote global free trade.Its trading relationship with both the Commonwealth and Australia continues to blossom – UK trade with the Commonwealth already stood at £94 billion in 2016.The minister will continue to Hamburg where he will meet UK businesses attending the Aircraft Interiors Expo.Further information:Australia: Germany:last_img read more

News story: Improving productivity for businesses: apply for funding

first_imgThe Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has up to £2 million to invest in trials of innovative ways to improve productivity for micro, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).The funding is part of the government’s Business Basics Programme, announced as part of the modern Industrial Strategy.The aim of the programme is to identify and test ideas that encourage SMEs to adopt existing technology and management practices that would improve their productivity. Find out more about the Industrial Strategy. Find out more about the competition for proof of concept projects and apply. the competition is open, and the deadline for applications is at midday on 4 September 2018 projects can be led by a business, public sector, academic, charity or trade organisation working alone or with partners we expect projects for full trails to have costs of up to £400,000 and to last between 3 and 12 months we expect proof of concept projects and feasibility studies to have costs of up to £60,000 and to last between 3 and 6 months businesses could attract up to 70% of their project costs a briefing event will be held on 12 July 2018 adopting existing technology, such as accountancy, CRM or HR software, cloud computing or payment systems adopting modern business practices, such as leadership and management capabilities or developing an innovation culture a combination of the 2 approaches above Find out more about the competition for full-scale trials and apply. Ideas could include increasing awareness about the benefits of technology, how to create interest in adopting new technology and business practices, making the benefits of new technology clearer and providing advice and support.Competition information Projects should show how to improve SME productivityThe competition will fund 2 types of project, proof of concept or feasibility studies and full-scale trials. If a proof of concept is successful, there is potential to access further funding to move the project into a full-scale trial in the future.Projects should look at how to increase the adoption of technology and business practices to improve the productivity of SMEs. This could include: Read the government announcement unveiling the Business Basics Fund.last_img read more

Press release: New cyber unit to tackle child sex abuse in Kenya

first_imgNew UK-Kenya security compact builds on our cooperation to tackle shared threats Money lost to corruption and hidden in Britain will be returned to the people of Kenya British paedophiles who target and abuse vulnerable children in Kenya will be brought to justice thanks to a new cyber centre being built by Britain in Nairobi, the Prime Minister will announce today.Online child sex abuse is a global problem with images created and shared across the world, including in Kenya. This new centre will help the Kenyan police stop these images being distributed online to help protect children from being abused.The centre will also tackle a major barrier that prevents these predators being caught and prosecuted.Currently, Kenyan authorities do not receive reporting of material of child sexual abuse from US-based global tech companies because the specific, secure channels needed to do so do not exist in the country.With the support of British funding, the new specialist cyber centre will, for the first time, enable Kenyan authorities to access data on abuse, provided the by tech firms, ensuring perpetrators can be brought to justice.Britain’s funding of the cyber centre will mean the Kenyan police can now identify potential victims, investigate abuse and prosecute abusers. This builds on existing work by the UK’s National Crime Agency to set up Kenya’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHTCPU) and train and mentor its staff.The new cyber centre being announced today – the first of its kind in Africa – will be based within this existing unit, which is seeing an increase in cases of child abuse. The AHTCPU has over 100 live investigations underway and since March 2016 has protected around 400 children and supported the arrest of around 40 suspects.The child protection unit has already helped secure convictions in the UK of British paedophiles who’ve sexually abused children in Kenya. This includes: Simon Harris from Shropshire who was sentenced to 14 years in prison at Birmingham Crown Court in 2015 for sexually abusing Kenyan street children Keith Morris from Hull who was sentenced to 18 and a half years in prison at Leeds Crown Court in 2018 for sexually abusing Kenyan children in a village near Mombasa Prime Minister Theresa May said: a new programme to counter illicit financial flows across southern and eastern Africa to help regional law enforcement recover illegal funds and disrupt serious organised crime networks new practical guidance to help British companies overcome barriers to doing business in Kenya and other emerging markets, including advice on dealing with requests for bribes and human rights issues in supply chains – with tailored support to be offered to SMEs This builds on our ongoing cooperation through the first UK-Kenya Security Compact, agreed in 2015, and sets out a new programme of work for the years ahead.The 2015 pact has led to two terrorism convictions in the UK, the establishment of a counter-IED training centre in Nairobi for regional security forces fighting Al-Shabaab, the extradition of wanted criminals from the UK to Kenya, and better aviation security – among other results.And in a further example of UK and Kenyan domestic law enforcement working together to tackle shared threats, Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin will sign an agreement in Nairobi today, witnessed by the Prime Minister, to return to the Kenyan people money that’s been lost to crime and corruption in Kenya and concealed in banks and assets in the UK.Stolen funds found in Britain can now be used to fund development projects in sectors such as health and education. This includes over £3.6 million in proceeds of crime seized by courts in Jersey.Other initiatives to be announced today to tackle corruption, increase investor confidence, encourage UK trade and investment and support economic growth in Africa include: offer training in community security to help strengthen the police’s engagement with marginalised communities, to help Kenya tackle violence against girls and women and to prevent extremism by dealing with the threat at source share expertise with Kenya’s criminal justice system to strengthen the procedures for processing complex legal cases including terrorism and organised crime – improving the use of terrorism legislation and strengthening interagency working to help bring offenders to justice in the UK and Kenya provide new support for aviation security including machines to detect explosives to keep the 100,000 Brits who visit Kenya every year safe by preventing attacks in the country and on direct flights to the UK Online child exploitation is an abhorrent crime and we are determined to ensure there is no place to hide for predators who use the internet to share images of abuse across borders, too often with impunity. This builds on our ongoing work with Kenya on security and criminal justice – a partnership which has already helped to convict and imprison terrorists in the UK. The cyber wing forms part of a new UK-Kenya security compact, signed today by Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, and Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Monica Juma, and witnessed by Prime Minister May and President Kenyatta.Through the new security pact, the UK has also committed to:last_img read more

News story: Defence Secretary announces new Defence Arctic Strategy

first_imgThe strategy will enhance the Ministry of Defence’s focus on the Arctic, underlined by our current commitments in the region and future deployments.Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: The change in the natural environment in the Arctic and High North is driving a change in the security environment and, as the region becomes more accessible, there has been an increase in military activity. The new Defence Arctic Strategy will put the Arctic and the High North central to the security of the United Kingdom.Currently, the Royal Marines conduct cold weather training in Norway on an annual basis, with around 800 due to deploy in 2019. As part of the new Arctic strategy, the Marines training will become joint with Norway on a long-term basis and integrated into Norway’s defence plan, providing UK troops a unique opportunity to train alongside a key ally.The strategy will also complement our NATO commitments and in 2019, four RAF Typhoons will for the first time patrol Icelandic skies. This will allow the UK to work closely with allies to deter aerial threats to Euro Atlantic security. The mission will also provide the RAF with unique opportunities to test its skills in different environments.In 2020 we will also increase our operational commitments in the area with the introduction of new P-8 Poseidon aircraft. Based out of RAF Lossiemouth, the sub-hunters will help combat a range of intensifying threats, not least increasing submarine activity in the Arctic.This increased submarine activity poses a new threat and is something the Royal Navy is ready to combat. In 2018, a Royal Navy submarine took part in ICEX with the US Navy for the first time in ten years and as part of the new Defence Arctic Strategy, the Navy will mount regular under-ice deployments in the years to come. As the ice melts and new shipping routes emerge, the significance of the High North and Arctic region increases. Russia, with more submarines operating under the ice and ambitions to build over 100 facilities in the Arctic, are staking a claim and militarising the region. We must be ready to deal with all threats as they emerge.last_img read more

Press release: Porsche is the number one prestige car brand clamped last year by DVLA

first_img White 16,663 Maserati 23 See the full list of clamped and impounded vehicles for 2017 to 2018: Vehicles clamped by make and model 2017 to 2018 (PDF, 602KB, 42 pages) You can check the tax and MOT status of a vehicle anytime via our online vehicle enquiry service. You can tax a vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blue 25,026 Make Total clamped and impounded McLaren 1 Tesla 10 Press office Aston Martin 8 DVLA Press Office Longview Road Morriston Swansea SA6 7JL Rolls-Royce 8 Lincoln 1 Email [email protected] Lotus 4 Yellow 842 Triumph 10 Bentley 20 Black 25,329 Silver 32,558center_img Grey 12,303 Porsche 199 Cadillac 19 Colour Total clamped and impounded Hummer 1 Ferrari 7 Abarth 28 Red 11,126 Gold 690 Beige 813 Green 5,489 Notes to editors: In the last financial year, there were 133,000 vehicles clamped for being untaxed. These included almost 350 prestige cars including 199 Porches, 28 of the Italian supercar, Abarth, 23 Maseratis, 20 Bentleys and even a Hummer.Taking the top spots overall were the UK’s most popular make and models with 6,000 each of the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra. And 73 London Taxis, 5 Harley-Davidsons, 4 motorhomes and an Iris Bus were also clamped for being untaxed.Still making the top ten most popular colour of vehicles to be clamped was silver with more than 32,000 clamped during the year, 2,000 more than the previous year. Black vehicles just pipped blue vehicles into second place and 690 gold vehicles were also clamped. TVR 3 DVLA’s Senior Enforcement Leader Bethan Beasley said: These figures show that it does not matter what type of vehicle you own, whether it’s a sports car, motorhome or even a bus – if you do not tax it, we’ll clamp it. It’s never been easier to tax your car – it’s just a few clicks to do it online and you can do it 24 hours a day. Do not take the risk – it just is not worth it. Only for use by journalists and the media: 0300 123 2407last_img read more

Press release: Prime Minister appoints new Independent Members to the House of Lords Appointments Commission

first_img Lord Chartres, Mrs Jay-O’Boyle and Mr Moore have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that the House of Lords reflects the people it represents, and to acting in accordance with the seven principles of public life. I am also grateful to Lord Low of Dalston, Professor Gillian Peele and Sir Malcolm Ross for their service to the Commission. HOLAC has two main functions: Independent Members are appointed for five year non-renewable terms. More information about HOLAC can be found on their website. to recommend individuals for appointment as non-party political life peers; andto vet nominations for life peers, including those nominated by the UK political parties, to ensure the highest standards of propriety. The Prime Minister has confirmed the appointments of Lord Chartres (Richard), Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle and Charles Moore as Independent Members of the House of Lords Appointments Commission (HOLAC) from 1 June 2019.The appointments follow an open recruitment exercise.The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Lord Chartres KCVOLord Chartres is a Crossbench Peer and Dean of Her Majesty’s Chapels Royal. He is the former Bishop of London and held a number of wider roles during that time, including as Chair of the Board of Governors of the Church Commissioners.The Lord-Lieutenant of Belfast, Mrs Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle CBE DLMrs Jay-O’Boyle is the current Lord Lieutenant of the County Borough of Belfast, a member of the Advisory Board to Hillsborough Castle, and the Vice-Chair of Northern Ireland Opera. She has been involved in public and voluntary service for many years.Charles MooreMr Moore is the Group Consulting Editor for the Telegraph Group, and a weekly columnist for The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator. He was previously editor of the Spectator, the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph; and is the authorised biographer of Margaret Thatcher.The Minister for the Constitution, Kevin Foster, welcomed the new Members’ appointments, and thanked their predecessors:last_img read more

Brew Café to open three outlets by March 2014

first_imgBrew Café is looking to expand with three new UK sites by March next year.With outlets in Battersea and Wimbledon, both in London, the brand is looking at units in Balham and Primrose Hill, as well as The Pantry unit on Old York Road, Wandsworth.Chris James, office and accounts manager, said: “After our very popular and successful Northcote Road café, we opened in Wimbledon last year, and with continued popularity, we feel we have a great brand and offer and that this is the perfect time to expand in new areas.”Currently employing 45 staff, the expansion is thought to generate 30 jobs.According to James, the new outlets will be styled in a similar fashion to current Brew Café sites, but that the brand adds a “twist to each”.Brew Café also trades from its New York outlet on 154 Grand Street. According to the brand’s website, other sites are planned for San Francisco and Los Angeles.Bakery breakfast items in the café’s UK stores include sourdough toast, croissants, bagels and banana bread.last_img read more

Callebaut opens new flagship Chocolate Academy centre in Belgium

first_imgCallebaut’s new Chocolate Academy centre opened in Belgium yesterday, which will now enable state-of-the-art training to up to 1,000 professionals a year.The flagship centre, located next to the 103-year-old Callebaut factory, in Wieze, Belgium, will offer people the chance to work with their finest Belgian chocolate.Freek van der Knaap, vice-president of gourmet Western Europe, said: “The Chocolate Academy centres are unique when it comes to sharing best practice and increasing chocolate mastery. Currently, in our 16 training centres around the world, we partner with craftsmen such as chocolatiers, bakers, pastry and kitchen chefs. In the Chocolate Academy centre, chocolate professionals will come to train themselves, follow courses and receive demonstrations – from professionals for professionals.”The new centre builds on the existing network of 16 chocolate academy sites worldwide, with four training rooms and a greenhouse where cocoa is grown.Trainings are conducted by Callebaut chefs and complemented by ‘Chocolate Ambassadors’, a global network of renowned chefs who share their chocolate expertise with other members of their profession.Chef Alexandre Bourdeaux, head of the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Wieze, said: “This new Academy is an incredible asset to chefs. Where else can one find a mini-production line to illustrate how Callebaut chocolate is made, or even make chocolate themselves?”The new academy will offer a chocolate tasting ritual room, a chocolate bar and a plantation experience in a small-scale reproduction of a tropical rainforest with cocoa trees.Callebaut has been crafting chocolate in Belgium since 1911.last_img read more

Asda to make more than 1,000 redundant

first_imgAsda’s latest shake-up is likely to result in 1,360 redundancies. The supermarket chain initially forecast up to 2,600 redundancies, but it has since halved that number after a 45-day consultation with staff.The Walmart-owned retailer, which has 578 stores across the country, also confirmed it would be creating 5,760 new roles, but the majority of these will be on a lower pay grade.The plans affect about 4,100 managers.Asda chief executive Andy Clarke said: “As much as it is my job, and privilege, to be CEO of this business and to do what is right for Asda as a whole, this is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make.”While I genuinely believe that it is the right decision for the future of Asda, knowing that it will result in valued colleagues leaving us is not easy.”Managers affected by the plans will either start training for their new jobs or take a redundancy package over the next few weeks.last_img read more

Warburtons launches Thin Bagels

first_imgWarburtons has invested £7m in its new range of Thin Bagels.The baking giant will launch the sandwich alternatives into Asda this week (23 April) before stocking them into Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative and Iceland.A £7m investment in a new manufacturing line has been made, in order to appeal to the ‘lighter sandwich alternative’ trend.Darren Littler, innovation director, Warburtons, said: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Warburtons and our new Thins Bagels range is a great reflection of this.“There is a strong appetite for sandwich alternatives as we’ve seen from our number one selling Sandwich Thins range. Our new Thin Bagels offer consumers greater variety and we are excited to attract new consumers into the popular bagel sector.”The new range of pre-sliced Thin Bagels will be available in packs of six priced at £1.40, and will be available in plain, cinnamon and raisin and sesame – all under 150 calories per bagel.Warburtons will also support the Thin Bagels launch with an integrated communications campaign, including PR and social media.The Bolton-based company launched its regular Sandwich Thins in 2011, and has since won planning permission for a £20m plant in Lancashire to increase its own capacity for wraps and thins.Kingsmill launched a similar thins product late last year.last_img read more