Colin Powell thinks his 60yearold selfie is better than Ellens

first_imgIN THE WORDS of the former US Secretary of State himself, “eat your heart out Ellen!”.Colin Powell has taken to his official Facebook page to reveal that that he was hip to the selfie groove long before Ellen DeGeneres’ record breaking Oscars antics inspired a selfie tsunami. Source: FacebookEvery Thursday Powell posts an old photograph or shares a story with his Facebook followers and this week he posted an image taken 60 years before the social network even existed.We’re glad to see he had no trouble with the concept way back when. If the person in the picture isn’t holding the camera, it’s not a selfie.Now write that out 100 times so you don’t forget.More: Joan Collins took her own celebrity selfie to rival Ellen’s record-breaking shot>Read: Tánaiste in Oscar-Style Selfie Pic of the Day>last_img

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