10 films to celebrate the beginning of Halloween season

first_imgIt’s officially the start of fall, which means that it’s also officially the start of Hocus Pocus season. Or it’s Halloween season, whichever one you prefer. Either way, that means that a lot of us are going to start getting creepy.The countdown to Halloween is about the wait until we can dress up in costumes and eat candy, but it’s also about enjoying the season that is now upon us. For many, the leaves are changing, the weather is getting slightly cooler, and pumpkins are on our stoops and in our drinks. Things are just a little spooky, but are also pleasant.That’s what we’re going to celebrate. It’s not about scaring yourself with a movie this Halloween. Rather, it’s about watching something that gets you in the mood for autumn and everything that comes with October 31. These movies might give you a scare too, but they’re mostly on our list for reminding us of what is one of the best times of the year. Honorable mentions for when you don’t want to think about Halloween and just about the changing leaves: Dead Poet’s Society, Teen Witch, When Harry Met Sally, Rushmore, and just about every other movie that takes place in autumn. Hocus Pocus1/10I just said it was Hocus Pocus season, so why wouldn’t this film about three witchy sisters that rise from the dead after a virgin lights a cursed candle be on the list? It has a large cult following, so this may have already been on your list, but the campy film has become a Halloween staple for a reason. It encompasses all that is Halloween, from the witches, to the zombies, to the black cats, to how these centuries-old witches don’t understand costumes and candy.But it’s not just the blatant Halloween themes. You need to take into account the New England setting, the colors, the sweaters, and the leaves scattered all over the ground in practically every shot. It’s not just a Halloween film. It’s a nearly perfect representation of autumn.<><>last_img

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