GameFly launches Steam competitor with free games for members

first_imgGames-by-mail rental service GameFly has launched an open beta of its own digital distribution service for PC games that features a roster of free downloads for members of the service.The service is at its core a game download store where players can digitally acquire new releases. GameFly acquired digital distributor Direct2Drive in 2011, and this is effectively the relaunch of that service. Top releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim can each be had for $59.99, while GameFly members get a 10% discount.Unlimited PC Play is a feature exclusive to GameFly customers with subscription plans and for now offers free downloads of some 200 titles from PC gaming’s backbench including older Ubisoft releases, unknown children’s titles, and short-lived episodic games. Right now, the library generally reflects that of the defunct subscription service GameTap circa 2007 or 2008, but is expected to grow as more publishers sign on.Mac games are a planned feature, but for now the open beta only covers PC games. Access to the retail purchases via a Steam-like client download are free, while Unlimited PC Play begins at $15.95 per month with a standard GameFly subscription.GameFly has gradually expanded upon its core rental business since 2008 when it entered the Web business by acquiring game news blog Shacknews. When considering that GameFly loses money on postal shipping, the digital distribution business may be seen as a gradual, Netflix-esque move away from rentals by mail and toward a cloud-based business. At one point, it even tried a Redbox-like physical kiosk, but that appears to not have panned out. Meanwhile, Redbox has moved into the gaming space to great success.Download the client at Gameflylast_img

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