Identity of the two mysterious guys from Street Fighter II intro revealed

first_imgNow, why is Capcom doing this all of a sudden? Considering each of these pictures has the Street Fighter V logo on them, it’s safe to say that Max and Scott will appear in the game. Whether they’ll be fully playable characters or just make an appearance in SFV’s upcoming story mode update is currently unclear. Still, Capcom is definitely planning something with these guys, and I suspect we’ll find out in June when the story mode expansion is released. For over 25 years, fans of Street Fighter II have wondered who the two guys in the game’s original intro were. A lot of theories have been tossed around, but it was all speculation at best. After all of this time, Capcom has at last revealed the identity of the two fighters. To make things even better, it’s all but certain that we’ll see these two included in Street Fighter V.On a post over on the Street Fighter subreddit, Capcom revealed that the two fighters are named Max (shirtless) and Scott (maybe a little cold so he wore a shirt). Those are pretty generic names, but it’s nice to finally know anything about these guys. Below, you can see them in action:Even more interesting, Capcom posted bios for the two characters. The information is all in Japanese, but as you can see, each of the combatants received updates to their designs. Scott is virtually unchanged, but Max has completely shaved his head and is now rocking a pair of spiffy looking sunglasses. He also found a shirt (sort of).last_img

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