Lightsabers vs Laser Pointers Which is Cooler

first_imgStay on target Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… Since it’s now official that Star Wars is never going away, we’ll be seeing lightsabers, those elegant weapons for Force users, even more frequently. And you know what? That’s okay. Overexposure may have made lightsabers slightly less cool than they used to be, but the dream of whipping out a little laser sword and going to town is still extremely awesome. What could be cooler than that?How about shooting your own personal laser beam? Most folks only use laser pointers to point at images in corporate slideshows, but there’s so much more to the technology. You just have to be willing to fall down the fascinating rabbit hole that is the online laser pointer community, which I did back during college.Lightsabers. Laser pointers. Technology that’s very different but at the same time pretty similar. However, there can only one winner. So which is cooler? Let’s put them to the test.ColorWe all know the different colors lightsabers come in. Green and blue for good guys, red for bad guys, and purple for Sam Jackson. But aside from reflecting the wielder’s allegiance, a lightsaber’s color doesn’t really matter all that much. It’s just aesthetics. Yeah, there was the recent revelation that a red lightsaber is caused by the crystal “bleeding” due to Dark Side corruption, but that’s lame.A laser pointer’s color is much more significant. Laser pointers come in all colors of the spectrum, and the color reflects how powerful a laser pointer can be. Basic laser pointers come in red. Green lasers are stronger and are a good choice for folks looking to get more serious about lasers. That’s what I have. Finally, the most powerful lasers are fluorescent blue-violet. This is also how Blu-ray discs pack more visual information than DVDs. They are meant for blue lasers, not red ones.Winner: laser pointersPowerDepending on the color of your laser pointer, and the strength of the battery, you can do some real damage with a laser pointer. You can pop balloons, set wood on fire, and even blind pilots (which is extremely illegal). The strongest laser pointers really are like pseudo-lightsabers. That makes this match-up closer than you’d expect.Still, lightsabers can hack off limbs and instantly cauterize the wounds, deflect laser bolts and lightning blasts, and do all kinds of other space fantasy nonsense.Winner: lightsabersCommunityLightsabers are either used by chaste, uppity space monks who accidentally let the galaxy fall into fascism under their watch or the goth maniacs who spread that fascism in the first place. Jedi. Sith. They both leave a lot to be desired.The laser pointer community is a thriving group of DIY go-getters sharing knowledge about how to make frickin’ laser beams out of devices no bigger than pens. When I first started getting into laser pointers, I knew literally nothing. But educating yourself is so easy and thanks to these people I was popping balloons in no time.Winner: laser pointersName“Laser pointer” is a perfectly descriptive name. It’s a laser you use for pointing at things. Plus, the word “laser” is pretty nifty in and of itself.However, “lightsaber” is a way better name. I think we’ve forgotten because of how ubiquitous the word has become, but it’s a saber made of light. That’s an incredibly cool sci-fi term, almost as incredible as George Lucas continuing to call them “laser swords” in interviews.Winner: lightsabersActual ExistenceLaser pointers are real, and working lightsabers are not.Winner: laser pointersWinnerWe had two worthy contestants, and it was a close match. But with a final score of 3-2, we can now announce that laser pointers are objectively cooler than lightsabers.Buy some today!last_img

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