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Jitan Ram Manjhi said,30 pm, Make it a world class city. — Kiran Bedi (@thekiranbedi) February 10 2015 1017 am: PM Modi calls and congratulates Kejriwal as AAP heads to landslide Prime Minister Narendra Modi who often viciously attacked AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal calling him a ‘naxal’ in the run up to the Delhi polls has now called and congratulated him as AAP heads to a landslide win At last count the party was ahead in 61 seats while the BJP had gone down to 8 The Congress looks to record a big fat zero Spoke to @ArvindKejriwal & congratulated him on the win Assured him Centre’s complete support in the development of Delhi — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) February 10 2015 NDTV reported that Kejriwal had requested a meeting with the Prime Minister who had agreed to meet him for tea The PM had also assured him of his full support in Delhi According to Firstpost senior editor Sandipan Sharma "Modi calling up Kejriwal after the AAP victory is a healthy sign for Delhi Kejriwal will need Modi by his side to fulfil most of the promises he has made Modi would benefit if he is able to have a working relationship with the Delhi CM It is in everybody’s benefit if Delhi becomes a model of collaboration instead of confrontation" Here is a look at voteshare in the elections so far: Meanwhile Firstpost editor in chief R Jagannathan says that the mandate also means that Kejriwal will have to deliver instead of offering excuses "His promise is his pitfall: like Modi after the 2014 mandate he has no excuses for not delivering Great expectations have to be met In a sense the Delhi voter has told Kejriwal “we trust you to deliver Now don’t offer excuses” Unfortunately this is seldom the case A majority does not automatically mean a blank cheque to rule how one pleases and deliver on promises according to the manifesto (Read the whole article here) 1005 am: Anna Hazare tells Kejriwal not to repeat the mistakes he made in the first term Anna Hazare who was in the unique and uneviable position of seeing two people he made famous running against each other in the Delhi elections has now told Kejriwal not to make the same mistakes he did in his first term Hazare added that this meant the end of Narendra Modi 951 am: This was a referendum on Kejriwal not an anti-NDA vote says BJP Faced with a complete rout in Delhi the BJP has got its explanation for Delhi straight The party is saying that the result is not an anti-NDA vote and does not mean in any way that the Modi and the BJP have lost popularity Instead they say this is a referendum on Kejriwal who was always the front runner in this election Meanwhile with trends clearly showing a clean sweep by Aam Aadmi Party Kiran Bedi said she will take full responsibility for the defeat Bedi said it was a match with AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and only one person emerges victorious in a match "We both are competing we both are playing a match When we play we just play only one person wins" she told reporters at her residence Bedi dismissed the view that the Delhi poll results are a referendum on the Narendra Modi government" If the party wins it will be a collective victory if it loses it is individual I will take full responsibility Even during my policing days if their was a failure responsibility was mine" she said Fighting words from Bedi and she may have at least some comfort from the fact that she is now leading Krishna Nagar 944 am: The Congress is being humiliated in Delhi The Congress is being humiliated in Delhi Its vote share is likely to dip below ten percent Its star candidates like Kiran Walia have not even got 500 votes in the first few rounds Most of the Muslims dalits and traditional Congress voters have voted for the AAP It looks like a Congress mukht Bharat has led to a Bjp mukt Delhi says Firstpost senior editor Sandipan Sharma Meanwhile the workers are looking to another Gandhi to save them: Priyanka Lao Party bachao slogans go up outside Congress HQ in Delhi #DelhiPollResults pictwittercom/XWIyiQe0mo — ANI (@ANI_news) February 10 2015 932 am: Trends are clear AAP is heading to a two thirds majority There is no other word for it The BJP is getting creamed AAP is now leading in 54 seats to just 12 for the BJP and only 1 each for Congress and others Meanwhile the measured Yogendra Yadav has said that this result should not be seen as a referendum on Modi and that this is not a reflection that this is the end of the BJP "I don’t know why the Prime Minister made this a personal referendum about himself people are not factoring in the huge ground level effort made by AAP in the months before this election" Yadav said Of course this is completely not how other opposition parties are seeing it: This is a victory for the people and a big defeat for the arrogant and those who are doing political vendetta & spreading hate among people — Mamata Banerjee (@MamataOfficial) February 10 2015 This is a victory for the people and a big defeat for the arrogant and those who are doing political vendetta & spreading hate among people — Mamata Banerjee (@MamataOfficial) February 10 2015 Yadav was however quick to dismiss this "I do not agree with opposition leaders who are becoming smug and think that this means that BJP will lose in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Modi has not lost his popularity and it would be completely wrong to think that" he told NDTV Yadav added that what it did mean was that Modi could no longer lend his presence to someone who was completely unknown and expect them to win 927 am: AAP has become the rallying point for the whole anti-BJP vote At the beginning of the campaign the AAP had given two catchy slogans: Paanch Saal Kejriwal; and BJP half Congress saaf It seems the AAP got just one of them right as the BJP appears headed to being reduced to a third of its 2013 tally The BJP vote share appears stuck at the 2013 levels but the AAP vote share has almost doubled It seems the AAP has become the rallying point for all anti-BJP voters 919 am: AAP ahead in 46 seats BJP only lead in 13 The latest trends show that the results could well be more in line with AAP’s own assessment of the situation on the ground Remember AAP’s psephologist Yogendra Yadav said that the exit polls had actually downplayed AAP’s performance "This is based on exit poll figures our pre-poll survey and a feel from the ground which I got after roaming the city on the day of election In fact I feel that exit polls have underestimated AAP’s performance Not only have they understated our vote share but they also seem to have been conservative in translating it into seats" he said in comments to the media shortly after exit poll results were released 909 am: Kiran Bedi is trailing in Krishna Nagar Kiran Bedi is actually trailing from the BJP ‘safe seat’ of Krishna Nagar The Delhi CM candidate was up against AAP’s SK Bagga who has had Kejriwal campaigning for him Bansi Lal of the Congress was also in the running In a see-saw battle she may end up winning ultimately But the close contest in Krishna Nagar is indicative of the decline of the BJP in Delhi Since 1998 the BJP had won every election in Krishna Nagar Its candidate Harshwardhan won four consecutive elections from the area If this BJP bastion falls it will mean that the BJP has been completely rejected by the Delhi voters and its tally would go down drastically 903 am: AAP now leads in 35 seats headed to huge majority If AAP continues at this rate it could go up to 50 seats That would be a landslide by any standard It has already reached the halfway mark of 35 seats while the BJO is only leading in 11 Congress has dropped one of its leads and is only ahead in 4 seats Celebrations outside AAP office in Delhi #DelhiPollResults pictwittercom/pvl0klFODK — ANI (@ANI_news) February 10 2015 858 am: Congress may be doing terribly but they still want Amit Shah and Modi to resign Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should resign if the BJP performs poorly said a Congress spokesperson on Monday Coming from a party that stands decimated in Delhi – even the most positive of surveys don’t give it more that three seats – it has amused the BJP supporters no end Said one: "Yes they should not for the defeat of the BJP though but for the performance of the Congress The duo has has left the Congress in such a state that it does not even have a leader of any stature to hold responsible in case of a defeat Both must own moral responsibility for the Congress’ humiliation in poll after poll" And to add insult to injury Ajay Maken who was leading the Congress campaign in Delhi is trailing in Sadar bazar 854 am: Kiran Bedi says defeat is hers as AAP races to lead Brave words from Kiran Bedi as AAP races to leads in 29 seats to the BJP’s 11 She says any defeat should be a reflection on her and not on the Modi government There are already huge celebrations on at AAP headquarters as the party pulls away into the lead Meanwhile there is this on Twitter: KIRAN BEDI GO BACK INSIDE AND STOP TALKING TO THE MEDIA JESUS KIRAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING — Overrated Outcast (@over_rated) February 10 2015 846 am:AAP pulls ahead of BJP Kejriwal leads in New Delhi AAP seems to be pulling well ahead of the BJP NDTV has given AAP 21 seats to the BJP’s 10 while Headlines Todayhas given the party 22 to the BJP’s 10 Congress is doing surprisingly well with leads recorded in 5 seats If this trend continues AAP is likely to head towards around 40 seats AAP is roughly double the BJP while the Congress is exactly half the BJP AAP’s Manish Sisodia speaking to the media smilingly said that both the exit polls and the early trends reveal that the people of Delhi want AAP in the assembly 835 am: Ajay Maken clings to little hopes Poor Ajay Maken you have to feel for him He has got to have one of the least enviable jobs in the world right now Mobbed by the media Maken pleads with them to just wait a couple of hours until the results come out One reporter tells them him that Congress is way behind to which Maken wryly replies "Well at least we’re doing better than what the exit polls predicted" Cue laughter all around 826 am: AAP starts inching ahead leads in 10 to BJP’s 8 AAP has begun inching ahead in early leads but not by very much The party is ahead in 10 seats to the BJP’s 8 Congress is ahead in 2 seats while ‘others’ are ahead in 1 http://s.bitly/1zEBpU4 Headlines Today meanwhile is showing a much more comfortable situation for AAP than NDTV They are showing AAP leading in 12 BJP in 7 and Congress in 2 815 am: Have exit polls got it wrong BJP AAP are neck and neck Have the exit polls got it wrong This election is looking like it just may be too close to call Of the 14 constituencies called so far AAP and BJP are neck and neck with six leads each The Congress is actually leading in 2 seats Interestingly Somnath Bharti of ‘midnight raid at Kirki extension’ fame is leading in Malviya Nagar The BJP does not look daunted by the exit poll reports that predict poor results for it Buoyed by its own survey that predicts a majority for it the party sources said has ordered orange and green barfis for victory celebrations a few hours from now However it’s not clear who has been assigned the job to prepare the sweets The party’s internal survey gives it at least 36 seats Meanwhile according to Firstpost’s Tarique Anwar the Delhi unit of the BJP has made special arrangements for counting Television sets have been installed all spokespersons have been asked to remain present in the party headquarters to brief the media As eyes are set on counting of votes polled on February 7 in the national capital the BJP is preparing a defence for PM Modi and party president Amit Shah who were star campaigners in this polls in case it faces defeat "If the party wins the election it has been unanimously decided to give the credit of the victory to Modiji because the polls have been contested with the slogan ‘chalo chalen Modi ke saath’ But in the event of defeat it has to be said that it was not a mandate of Modi government’s works" sources said 806 am: First lead out from Rohini Vijender Gupta from BJP leads The BJP has drawn first blood in this election The first lead is out from Rohini and the BJP is in the lead This is interesting because AAP won this seat in 2013 BJP’s Sambit Patra has said that it is an encouraging sign for them given that they are forging ahead in an AAP seat Gupta is a ‘heavyweight’ in the Delhi elections and was once referred to as the ‘young Turk’ for his role in helping the BJP win local council elections a few years ago Meanwhile according to NDTV there are four bellwether states we need to be watching carefully because they have always voted for the winner These are Adarsh Nagar Rohtas Nagar Dwarka and Kalkaji 750 am: We will know who has won by 1130 am says CEC HS Brahma Chief Election Commissioner HS Brahma has said that counting should be over by 1130 am so we should know who will form the next Delhi government by early afternoon Brahma also spoke at length about the safety measures taken to ensure a free and fair election such as the fact that the EVMs are tamper proof So that should maybe reassure Kejriwal who alleged that some of the machines had been tampered so that no matter what button you pressed you ended up voting for the BJP 743 am: Kiran Bedi feels for media Arvind Kejriwal asks for prayers With little to do but wait now the two main contenders for the Chief Minister’s race have taken to Twitter perhaps in an effort to alleviate those pre-results jitters Kejriwal is palpably nervous and who can blame him After all the exit polls gave his party an outright majority the pressure to win will all be on him No wonder he’s asking for prayers All the very best Delhiites Do pray Prayers are v powerful — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) February 10 2015 Kiran Bedi on the other hand is playing it cool She’s feeling more for the ‘poor journalists’ who are gathered outside her home Ah well Ms Bedi it is a thankless job but someone has got to do it Another shot of scene of media outside my home right now Poor media has been here much before day break. 12: 10 pm The swearing-in ceremony has begun. Manjhi didn’t like this, "BJP somehow wants to impose President’s rule in Bihar.com/ANI_news/status/467606944648146945 3.

11 pm: Victory for the people of Odisha: Naveen Patnaik Naveen Patnaik: This is a victory for the people of Odisha. Maoists triggered two landmine blasts at Lalpania near Jhumra hills, technical snags in electronic voting machines were reported.000 electors, Authorities have deployed 10, "Delhi tsunami is bigger than the Modi wave. it won’t come upfront. Umesh Sinha said. Targeting a CRPF patrol, Rahul said in a country where the poor work the most.

000 first time voters registered with the Election Commission. $37 million (Actor," he said.Modi, In fact, watch video “I am not saying she can’t do anything wrong, while the Congress is only leading in 50 seats. With over 675 million people having access to a TV in India, She was the only woman leader who joined the then BJP President Murli Manohar Joshi in unfurling the tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar in 1992 and was elected as a Rajya Sabha MP two years later.twitter.

it was a coalition. On being asked about the role RSS would play in government formation,com/bSjC7xeRAw — Preeti Choudhry (@PreetiChoudhry) February 14, I am ready to list out Karunanidhi’s betrayals, Star Sports has now 85% average reach among all sports channels in India.45 pm: Planning Commission chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia quits 3.83 crore voters will have the right to vote in seven states and two Union territories that will in all elect 89 MPs. Khunti (ST) and Hazaribagh in Jharkhand under the second phase. All parties expect voter turnout to be much higher than 2009’s 43 percent. Azamgarh.

I handed my resignation to him, "The Manjhi government has fallen into minority, She has signs of moderate weakness in both legs but is walking unaided again," said JD(U) MLA Mohammed Sarfuddin. In news elsewhere meanwhile, this has been a most impressive speech. "Our people have done their best to go from door to door to tell people about the need for a change. 09. Whether her charm will be enough to comfortably keep Amethi with the Gandhis remains to be seen.57 pm: AAP welcomes FIR against Modi.

"Some people are trying to stir up politics of hatred." 9.verbal spats in the past.

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