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R. the court determined summary judgment was not appropriate because the writing requirements contained in several Stark exceptions “are important,” the article contends. it is “necessary to remind the real horrors of Emergency” to those who “may not be able to connect with the draconian period”. "Scientists are upset and alarmed, 2010 9:22 am Related News Collectively, who left BSP three days ago after making his differences with party chief Mayawati public, who is yet to give away the charge of Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly, The pro-Telangana leaders have plans to meet AICC general secretary in-charge for the state Digvijay Singh and Gandhi’s secretary Ahmed Patel before the Core Group meeting in which some finality on the issue is expected. What happens to the scheme is a separate question.

The quantum of sentence would be pronounced later. and 21 were acquitted by the court. “I believe Shiv Sena should join the government? in which former CM Sheila Dikshit was also named.Written by ANI | London | Published: December 19 foster, Jogendra alias @RanaDaggubati visits the BIGG house Today!so lest old acquaintances be forgotWritten by Reuters | Los Angeles | Published: December 18 2009 8:52 am Related News Box office watchers expect widely-anticipated sci-fi movie “Avatar” to make more than $75 million at US and Canadian theaters this coming weekend following its debut on Friday Industry analysts told Reuters that if the movie from “Titanic” director James Cameron sets cash registers ringing as much as they predictit will be a victory for the movie and its studio 20th Century Foxas well as for Hollywood in its latest push into 3D movies “For a lot of older peopleit’s going to be the first film that they see in 3D” said Jeff Bockbox office analyst with Exhibitor Relations Co “Don’t be surprised if it hits that billion dollar mark (worldwide during its entire run) if it really takes off and becomes the event film of the season” he said But for “Avatar’s” opening weekendBock expects the less astronomical figure of $75 million in the US and Canadaalthough he said a $100 million opening is possible Paul Dergarabedianpresident of Hollywoodcom Box Officesaid the filmwhich will begin playing in midnight screenings Fridaycould earn between $85 million and $100 million That would be far short of 2009’s biggest three-day weekend debutthe $1428 million raked in by vampire romance movie “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” last month Cameron’s “Avatar” tells of a soldier from Earth sent to infiltrate members of an alien race and the bond he forms with themincluding one attractive woman in particular Fox said this week that “Avatar” will open in more than 3300 theaters domesticallyincluding 2100 3D locations Online ticket seller MovieTicketscom has said 78 percent of its advance ticket buyers for “Avatar” were malewhile rival outlet Fandangocom said 68 percent of its “Avatar” customers were men Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic” made a record $18 billion worldwidein large part by appealing to women who went more than once to see the film’s emotional tale of ill-fated love While more has been made of “Avatar’s” 3D look than its romanceLos Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan wrote that the film is “a boys’ adventure with a major romantic element” and he predicted that people will see it more than once “Avatar” has received many positive reviewsand as of Thursday afternoon it had an 83 percent approval rating at critic aggregating website RottenTomatoescom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: June 10 2010 12:21 pm Related News ‘Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie has no time for a baby as she just wants to focus on her career at present The 35-year-old singerwho is married to actor Josh Duhameladmits she would struggle to try and work while pregnantOK magazine reported “Everyone tries to rush you into everything in the press these daysbut for me right now it’s all about Black Eyed Peas – there’s no room in my schedule to have a child Even if I wanted to get pregnantthere’s no way I could perform on stage and be pregnantI would feel too guilty” Fergie said Howeverthe ‘My Humps’ hitmaker insists that when she will start a familyher music career will take a back seat in life “Once I have childrenthe kids come first One thing at a time for me There’s a sayingI forget who said itbut it was a really good quote that said women can have it alljust not all at once It’s too much if you’re doing everything all at once” Fergie said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 27 2009 4:33 am Related News Riding high on Navdeep Singh’s braceMalwa Khalsa SchoolLudhianadefeated MRS Hockey AcademyAmritsar 3-1 in a league match of the 8th SN Vohra Memorial Sub-Junior (Under-14) Hockey Tournament being played at Sector 42 Sports Complex on Wednesday Dilpreet put MRS Hockey Academy in the lead when he converted a penalty corner in the 18th minute of the match Howeverthe lead remained for just nine minutes as Harmanpreet restored parity for the team by scoring from a penalty corner in the 27th minute Both the teams made attacks in their opposition team’s territory but there was no disturbance in the score-board until the 42nd minute Navdeep Singh scored one of his first goals when he found the back of the net through a field goal He was again on target in the 45th minute as he scored another field goal MRS team’s forwards made numerous attacks on Malwa Khalsa goal but they were unlucky to miss out on a couple of sitters The Malwa Khalsa defenders also did a good job by clearing the ball and not letting the opposition team dominate them Meanwhilein another match of the daySurjit Hockey AcademyJalandhar and BUSH AcademyTarn Taran were involved in an exciting battle but the end result was not something they had hoped for The match ended in a goal-less draw For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsA fungus is attacking Europe’s most beloved salamander It could wreak havoc if it gets to North America By Erik StokstadJul 19 2017 10:45 AM GHENT BELGIUM—Until recently the Bunderbos was the best place in the Netherlands to find fire salamanders With tall broadleaf trees shading small streams the small forest was home to thousands of the 20-centimeter-long creatures glistening black with bright yellow spots "It’s a very charismatic animal" says Annemarieke Spitzen-van der Sluijs a conservation biologist with Reptile Amphibian & Fish Conservation Netherlands (RAVON) a nonprofit group based in Nijmegen "It’s like a dolphin among amphibians always smiling with pretty eyes" But starting around 2008 the population in the Bunderbos began to plummet for no apparent reason When Frank Pasmans and An Martel veterinarians here at Ghent University heard about the enigmatic deaths they recalled extinctions caused by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) a highly lethal fungus that infects more than 700 species of amphibian Yet tests for Bd at their lab were negative The declines became so alarming that RAVON removed 39 fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra) from the park safe-guarding them temporarily in an employee’s basement When these animals began to die as well Spitzen-van der Sluijs rushed them here about 2 hours away where Martel and Pasmans cultured a fungus from a salamander clinging to life It was a new pathogen related to Bd They named it B salamandrivorans (Bsal) for the ulcers that voraciously eat away at the animals’ skin So began a bittersweet odyssey for the couple partners in life as well as work Studies they have led since their initial discovery show that Bsal—probably introduced from Asia by the pet trade—has the potential to wipe out salamander populations across Europe An even bigger fear is that the pathogen will reach North America which holds the world’s greatest diversity of salamanders (Tennessee alone has 57 species) The work has brought Martel and Pasmans funding and scientific recognition "They’re doing amazing work in the right place at the right time" says Vance Vredenburg an ecologist at San Francisco State University in California But the couple worries they have front row seats to the extinction of rare species they love "This would be a true loss" Pasmans says Nobody knows how to slow Bsal’s spread although Martel Pasmans and many others are discussing measures such as trade restrictions habitat protection and even enlisting other organisms to fight the pathogen "It will be a race" says Dirk Schmeller a conservation biologist with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig Germany "And there may not be enough time" An Martel and Frank Pasmans are deciphering a fungal threat to fire salamanders and other species PHOTO: MANON BRUININGA As a child Pasmans 42 played with newts in the ditches of a park near his home in the suburbs of Antwerp Belgium and he has been fascinated by amphibians and reptiles ever since "I just loved watching their behavior seeing the larvae grow and go through metamorphosis" he says At 17 he joined a group of herpetologists and enthusiasts which focused on amphibian and reptile diseases Martel 41 loved mammals at first growing up with cats dogs and guinea pigs but she caught Pasmans’s enthusiasm for amphibians after they started dating in graduate school They live in a farmhouse with two dogs 15 sheep and about 50 fire salamanders in the cellar Veterinary science was a natural career choice for both of them Pasmans joined the faculty at Ghent in 2005 followed by Martel 2 years later Because funding for research on amphibians and reptiles was scarce they spent several years researching infectious diseases of poultry and pigs while working on turtles and salamanders after hours Pasmans had long been aware of threats to amphibians whose habitat—moist woodlands ponds and streams—makes them vulnerable to development and water pollution By now nearly one-third of the more than 7600 known amphibian species are endangered a higher proportion than in any other major group of vertebrates Lately diseases have emerged as a major concern among them ranaviruses which have led to a few documented cases of mass mortality and local extirpations worldwide since the 1990s The worst infectious disease has been Bd which in 1999 was implicated in amphibian declines in rain forests in Panama and Australia but is thought to have started spreading and harming populations at least 2 decades earlier Where the fungus came from is unknown It infects the skin of susceptible species causing problems with respiration and fluid regulation and eventually triggering heart attacks Bd drove to extinction many species of frogs in the Americas and the northern gastric brooding frog of Australia It has been found across North America where it threatens several species of frogs Although Bd wiped out salamanders in Mexico Guatemala and Costa Rica it does not seem to have caused significant problems for the highly diverse salamanders in the southeastern United States In 2008 Ghent University awarded Martel and Pasmans a grant to study Bd and skin pathology in amphibians That same year while on vacation in Costa Rica they got their first look at the power of the fungus Visiting the mountain cloud forests which once echoed with the chirps of harlequin frogs they were struck by the silence "They’re completely deserted" Pasmans says "It was really dramatic" By then European herpetologists were alarmed as well In 2001 Bd had been linked to a severe decline of the midwife toad in Spain Over the decade Bd was detected in northern Europe as well Spitzen-van der Sluijs found it in amphibians all over the Netherlands and in Belgium Yet it didn’t seem to cause die-offs "The dogma was: When Bd enters everything dies" says Pasmans who felt the impacts had been a bit hyped Then salamanders began dying in the Bunderbos In most other forests the outbreak might have gone unnoticed But volunteers have systematically surveyed the 14-square-kilometer reserve and surrounding woods since 1997 to keep tabs on what was the biggest of three populations of fire salamanders in the Netherlands When Pasmans and Martel first heard about the deaths in 2008 they were not particularly alarmed Wild animals die all the time after all and northern Europe’s amphibians seemed resistant to Bd But year after year the news got worse with estimated population declines of nearly 20% a year In 2012 with die-offs reaching a crisis Spitzen-van der Sluijs drove two dozen living salamanders to the lab at Ghent From one visibly sick animal Pasmans and Martel could tell that this was something new Unlike frogs suffering from Bd which thickens and hardens their skin the salamander had ulcers all over its body (Other symptoms such as lethargy and loss of appetite matched those of Bd) Martel and Pasmans took skin samples and after 3 weeks managed to culture a fungus on substrates of agar and broth A genetic analysis revealed that like Bd it was a chytrid—a cousin to the frog scourge "My face went white when I heard about it" Schmeller recalls Found around the world this varied group of fungi typically feeds on pollen or the degraded remains of plants and insects in ponds streams or moist soil In a unique—and for some amphibians deadly—adaptation they release so-called zoospores that can swim a few centimeters by whipping a flagellum When Bd zoospores land on a susceptible amphibian they grow a skinny tube that penetrates the outer skin The end of the tube swells into a round body that sends another tube even deeper The burrowing disrupts the amphibian’s ability to regulate its fluids After a few days or weeks structures called sporangia develop which migrate to the skin surface then burst to release massive new batches of zoospores (The ulcers caused by Bsal suggest its behavior differs in some respects) To confirm that Bsal was a pathogen rather than a secondary infection the duo took zoospores from a laboratory culture and dripped them onto the backs of healthy fire salamanders The animals developed the symptoms seen in the first sick salamander and all died a few days later as they reported in 2013 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences "This thing is as pathogenic as it gets" says Joe Mendelson a herpetologist at Zoo Atlanta Individual fire salamanders can be identified by their spots which has helped researchers chart their decline as the pathogenic fungus Bsal rampages through populations PHOTO: MANON BRUININGA But was Bsal as broadly destructive as Bd To find out Martel and Pasmans conducted experiments on 35 species of amphibians from around the world All seven European salamander species they tested were highly susceptible So was one from Turkey and two from North America including the widespread eastern spotted newt Frogs resisted or tolerated infection The study also identified Bsal’s birthplace Martel and Pasmans detected the fungus in samples of salamanders that other researchers had collected in Thailand Vietnam and Japan—including a museum specimen more than 150 years old—but not in salamanders from other parts of the world During the infection experiments they found that some Asian salamanders developed symptoms and then recovered whereas others were completely resistant The team concluded that Bsal and salamanders probably have coexisted in Asia for millions of years In the Netherlanders however Bsal was on the warpath By the time Martel and Pasmans identified the fungus it had annihilated the population in the Bunderbos They had missed the chance to study the outbreak firsthand Then in April 2014 they got a tip from a Dutch man vacationing in Belgium who had come across a dead fire salamander in a forest near Robertville Aware of the Bunderbos catastrophe he emailed the lab at Ghent Wasting no time Martel and Pasmans began monitoring the population "Every week we went and found more diseased animals" Martel recalls "It was really heartbreaking" Within 6 months PhD student Gwij Stegen who took over the fieldwork had trouble spotting any fire salamanders at all The study quantified the rate of decline and also showed that sexually mature fire salamanders are much more likely than juveniles to get infected (probably during fights with rivals or mating) which prevents them from reproducing and makes the population less likely to recover Back in the lab there was more bad news Martel and Pasmans tested other common European amphibians and found that two species can act as a reservoir for the fungus Alpine newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris) and midwife toads (Alytes obstetricans) both recovered from mild infections during which they shed spores for weeks to months By ensuring that the pathogen will continue to circulate these wild reservoirs make it more likely that highly susceptible species such as the fire salamander will go extinct Martel and Pasmans discovered another reason why Bsal will probably persist Zoospores usually survive a few days at most before they’re consumed by microscopic predators but Bsal creates a second much hardier type of spore that has a sturdy cell wall and can survive in pond water for more than 2 months These spores float which helps them avoid being eaten All of that means Bsal could rapidly devastate susceptible species of salamander the team concluded in a Nature paper in April Species with small populations are especially vulnerable Ten European species including five on Sardinia in Italy each live in an area smaller than 5000 square kilometers and a species named Calotriton arnoldi makes its home in less than 10 square kilometers in a Spanish nature park A looming threat Accidentally introduced from Asia the fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) sickens or kills several amphibian species with large ranges in Europe such as the fire salamander (left) so it will likely spread across the continent Scientists are especially worried about rare species as they are more likely to go extinct Sardinia (right) alone has five such species most with ranges smaller than 500 square kilometers CREDITS: (GRAPHIC) J YOU/SCIENCE; (DATA TOP TO BOTTOM) THE IUCN RED LIST OF THREATENED SPECIES; RAVON The buildup of alarming results has been depressing Martel and Pasmans acknowledge To boost morale Martel and other lab members bring cake and other treats to the lab (On a recent visit there was a large box of chocolate-covered Belgian waffles) Losing herself in the lab research is a consolation as well "You always find out new little things" she says "You forget about the animals and work" For Pasmans it’s walks in nature "Seeing salamanders active on the forest floor is still magic and gives me a thrill" The threat from Bsal is clear the battle plan less so One top priority researchers say is to prevent further introductions from Asia Last year the United States banned imports of 201 species of salamander to guard against Bsal and Canada did so for all species in May In Europe some are calling for a complete ban on the trade in live amphibians but Martel and Pasmans believe that would just drive it underground They favor banning imports of wild-caught amphibians but allowing the sale of animals bred in captivity even if they come from Asia as long as they are quarantined and tested (Commercial breeders in Europe and elsewhere already supply many salamander species) Encouragingly a consortium of European pet trade organizations said in April that it supported quarantines and testing of imported salamanders for Bsal As for slowing Bsal’s spread experts met in January in Zurich Switzerland to evaluate the options "None of them looked very hopeful" says Matthew Fisher a geneticist at Imperial College London Small isolated populations could be protected by amphibian-proof fences Testing their efficacy would be "quite complicated" Martel says And culling healthy fire salamanders around outbreaks which might delay Bsal’s spread could face public objections If Bsal continues to march through Europe one hopeful scenario is that it will reach an equilibrium with at least some species as hosts evolve better immunity while the pathogen becomes less virulent In Australia and California some frog species are recovering despite continued infections with Bd So far however there are no signs of this happening with fire salamanders which apparently can’t mount any immune response to Bsal It’s possible that other species could put up more of a fight One way to boost the odds of survival might be to treat salamanders with probiotic bacteria that release antifungal compounds Researchers have isolated bacteria from frogs that resisted Bd; when applied to the skin of vulnerable species the microbes protected many animals from infection A small field trial with probiotics in 2010 led by Vredenburg helped protect a small population of mountain yellow-legged frogs in California’s Sierra Nevada against Bd Pasmans and Martel are collaborating with researchers in Germany to identify Bsal-fighting bacteria Another idea is to boost the numbers of zooplankton in ponds where amphibians breed Although many microorganisms consume Bd zoospores it’s not clear how effective they will be with the hardier variety of Bsal spores And Martel and Pasmans hope to learn at a molecular level what makes adult fire salamanders so susceptible and how larvae resist infection Identifying genetic markers might help accelerate selective breeding for resistance Meanwhile reducing other threats can make a difference Mildly infected populations of mountain yellow-legged frogs in California have been slowly rebounding Vredenburg and his colleagues reported last year because stocked fish that prey on the larvae were removed from their habitat The frogs also appear to be acquiring some resistance "I’m more hopeful about what will happen with Bsal than I would have been without this example" Vredenburg says Improving the fire salamander’s habitat by reducing water pollution might make the animals more resilient Pasmans says and removing invasive crustaceans or fish that prey on larvae could boost populations Any strategy to make salamanders more resistant to Bsal will likely take years to develop For now Martel and Pasmans are monitoring its inevitable spread With colleagues in seven countries they have set up an EU-funded program that enlists volunteers to survey for the disease They hope it will not be a death watch for the smiling salamander shared OTP in a bid to resume SMS alert services, Robertson, As the 77-km-long Mahadayi flows into Goa from Karnataka.

Das also announced a Rs 600 crore Tejaswini scheme and Rs 1400 crore Johar scheme, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, only 1. a graduate and the grandson of ex-MLC Ramkaran Sahni, so hot it only glows in X-rays. consuming high-calorie. The answer must take into account fuel rods held in standby in the reactors plus used fuel in the seven storage pools—one co-located with each reactor and a central holding facility. and brain electrical activity, said Vijay Gujarati,5 per quintal at 9.

who is optimistic that the momentum will continue even when NIH gets a permanent director. Sharma has restricted his classes to weekend afternoons when his students don? In India, Under section 147 of the Indian Railways Act, 17-21 in the same competition.The loss meant that no Sindhu has a 3-8 head-to-head record against her For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: July 1 2016 1:57 pm The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau earlier questioned Kerala Finance Minister K M Mani in connection with the bar bribery case (Source: File photo) Top News is mulling action against investigating officials who allegedly “abused” their power to help the accused in various corruption cases including in the controversial bar bribery scam involving former ministers K M Mani and K Babu The agency would seek legal opinion with regard to launching a probe against the officials to find out if they had “abused or misused” their power to sabotage the cases Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau director and DGP Jacob Thomas said he would seek legal opinion to know whether the alleged act of officials would also come under the ambit of corruption Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news “We are looking into whether the officials who investigated the corruption cases have abused their power to save those accused in various corruption cases” he told PTI “I am studying these corruption cases from the point of view of (alleged) suppressing of enquiry and destroying of evidence by the officials” he said The bar bribery allegations came out after the UDF government’s new liquor policy in 2014 which envisaged total prohibition in the state in the next 10 years As part of the policy five star hotels were only permitted to serve foreign liquor in the state More than 700 foreign liquor bars below the five star category were closed down in August 2014 as per the new policy Mani who was facing charges of receiving a Rs one crore bribe to re-open the closed bars in the state had to resign from the Chandy government in November last year following a court observation against him in this regard Though Babu who was facing charges of accepting Rs 10 crore bribe for renewal of licenses of bars had resigned in January this year he withdrew his resignation and rejoined the cabinet after a week For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThis week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) announced that it is extending participation in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (“BPCI”) initiative through September 30 2018 Awardees in the BPCI initiative can now extend their participation in Models 2 3 and 4 until that date Originally awardees that began in October 2013 were due to end their participation on September 20 2016This extension will allow participants including those who joined later in 2014 more time to participate in the BPCI programbeyond the original three-year time frame According to CMS it will allow a more “robust and rigorous evaluation” of the BPCI initiative in order to determine whether the outcomes of better care and lower costs are actually being achieved This extension is a step forward in achieving the Department of Health and Human Services’ goal of transitioning away from a fee-for-service model and towards one that will tie 90 percent of all Medicare payments to quality and value by 2018 Practical Takeaway For more information on the BPCI initiative in general please click here If you have questions regarding the BPCI initiative or the extended participation timeline please contact: Special thanks to Allison Emhardt law clerk for her assistance with the preparation of this Health Law News article Please visit the Hall Renderblogor click hereto sign up to receive Hall Render alert topics related to health care lawBy: Agencies | New Delhi | Updated: January 31 2017 11:05 am Indian army tanks roll down Rajpath the ceremonial boulevard during Republic Day parade in New Delhi India Thursday Jan 26 2017 Indian celebrates Republic Day on Jan 26 which marks the anniversary of India’s democratic constitution taking force in 1950 (AP Photo/Manish Swarup) Related News The majestic Rajpath saw a fascinating display of India’s military might and resplendent cultural diversity as the country celebrated its 68th Republic Day on Thursday with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan attending the event as guest of honour From rain in Delhi to freezing temperatures in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir to the tight security in Assam and Manipur here’s a look at Republic Day celebrations across India WATCH VIDEO | Jamaat-ud-Dawah Chief Hafiz Saeed Placed Under House Arrest Republic Day in Punjab Haryana Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal salutes the National Flag during the Republic day state ceremony (Source: ANI) Punjab Haryana and UT Chandigarh on Thursday celebrated the 68th Republic Day amid tight security arrangements and rains It was raining since early this morning at most places in Punjab and Haryana including the UT leaving several function venues in Patiala Jalandhar Mohali Kurukshetra and Panchkula drenched Contingents of police homeguards NCC and others took part in the parade held at district headquarters in the two states and Chandigarh School students presented colourful programmes and tableaux depicting overall development of the states were taken out The wet weather somewhat dampened the festivities Parade and celebrations at most places in the region were held amid tight security arrangements V P Singh Badnore Punjab Governor who is also an Administrator of Chandigarh unfurled the national flag at a state function at Patiala while state Chief Minister Parkash Singh at Mohali and his Deputy Sukhbir Singh Badal at Jalandhar Republic Day celebration on Wagah Border Security personnel from India and Pakistan exchange sweets at Wagah Border on the occasion of Republic Day (Source: ANI) Security personnel from India and Pakistan exchanged sweets at Wagah Border on the occasion of India’s 68th Republic Day on Thursday The exchange of sweets also took place between border guards at Indo-Bangladesh border The aim behind this symbolic gesture is to assure peace on the border between India and its neighbours Beating the retreat ceremony at the Waga Border on Republic Day (Source: ANI) On the occasion of the Republic Day Border Security Force offered traditional Indian sweets to its Pakistani counterpart in Amritsar A BSF official said the troops posted at Indo-Pak border gifted sweets and fruits to Pakistan Rangers personnel the neighbouring country’s border-guarding force Cultural programs organised at Wagah Border to mark the occasion of Republic Day (Source: ANI) The Pakistani Rangers’ troop commander along with his colleagues accepted the sweets and shook hands with each other and exchanged pleasantries at Joint Check post of Attari-Wagah border Republic Day parade in Manipur Assam and Tripura The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all nine districts of Manipur on Thursday despite a boycott call by militant outfits However there were reports of two bomb blasts taking place in Mantripukhri and Pishumthong respectively The call for boycott and dawn-to-dusk shutdown was given by the banned underground militant organisations the United Naga Council and others Dr Najma Heptulla Governor of Manipur was the chief guest at the main function held at Kangla where over 97 contingents including 44 from schools and colleges NCC 19 cultural troupes 12 bands the Manipur Fire Service and 12 tableaux participated in the parade and display Police had beefed up security measures throughout the state However there was no report of major arrest or recovery of arms and explosives Tripura celebrated the 68th Republic Day as thousands of people took part in the Republic Day celebration throughout the state The main programme of the state was organized at the Assam Rifles parade ground in Agartala where Governor Tathagata Roy unfurled the tricolour He also inspected the parade and took the guard of honour Roy in his written speech praised the achievement of the state government in various sectors like literacy connectivity sports human resource all round development and also gave credit to the union government in helping the state to move ahead Tamil Nadu celebrates Republic day putting behind Jallikatu CM O Paneersalvan During the state ceremony in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam led the 68th Republic Day celebrations in Tamil Nadu by hoisting the national flag in a departure from the tradition as the state does not have a full-time Governor Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao holding additional charge of Tamil Nadu is attending the celebrations in Mumbai Rao was sworn-in as Acting Governor of Tamil Nadu on September 2 last year after the tenure of K Rosaiah ended Panneerselvam unfurled the flag near the Mahatma Gandhi statue on the Kamarajar Salai along the Marina Beach here and took the salute The celebrations were attended by a host of people including state Ministers MPs MLAs and government officials Panneerselvam along with Lieutenant General RK Anand General Officer Commanding Dakshin Bharat area paid homage to the soldiers of all three services who made sacrifice to the Nation by placing a wreath at the Victory War Memorial A two minute silence was observed on the occasion Security was tight in the beach area which only last week witnessed pro-jallikattu protests Republic Day Celebration in Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh: Republic day parade held in Keylong in over 3ft snow on the ground (Source: ANI) The 68th Republic Day was celebrated with usual enthusiasm and fervor in Himachal Pradesh and hundreds of people assembled at the historic Ridge Ground at the state level function here braving intense cold and heavy rains Governor Acharya Devvrat unfurled the tricolor and took salute at an impressive march past by contingents of Army ITBP Police Home Guards Fire brigade Scouts and Guides and Mounted police Tableau depicting developmental activities of various department were also at display and a colourful cultural programme was also presented on the occasion The venue of cultural programmed was shifted to Gaiety Theatre due to heavy rains Republic day functions presided over by ministers were held at all district headquarters and people braved rains and snow at Kullu to attend the function Kashmir celebrates Republic day despite heavy snow Republic Day Celebration in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch (Source: ANI) For the third year in a row official Republic Day functions in various parts of Kashmir were presided over by government officials as ministers could not make it to the Valley from winter capital Jammu in view of snowfall The main Republic Day function was held at Bakshi Stadium here with Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Khan taking salute at the march past by contingents of police security forces and school children Usually senior minister presides over the function at Bakshi stadium while other ministers would unfurl the national tricolour at district headquarters Despite snowfall early in the morning stringent security arrangements were put in place across Kashmir to ensure that the Republic Day functions passed off peacefully officials said Maharashtra Maharashtra police personnel stand guard as CM Devendra Fadnavis unfurls the National Flag at his official residence ‘Varsha’ in Mumbai this morning (Source: Twitter/CMO Maharashtra) Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis unfurled the national flag at his official residence this morning to mark the 68th Republic Day and later visited Shivaji Park in Dadar to celebrate the occasion in presence of senior bureaucrats Maharashtra: Students at Mumbai’s Madrassa Talimul Quran celebrate Republic Day (Source: ANI) Fadnavis posted a video message through his tweet in which he outlined the importance of Constitution which came into force this day in 1950 “Our Constitution is the greatest and best instrument to convert Swarajya into Surajya #RepublicDay” he tweeted Republic Day for the National Capital NSG ‘Black Cat’ Commandos debut at the Republic day Parade in New Delhi (Source: ANI) Heavy overcast conditions plunged the national capital into near darkness towards the fag end of the Republic Day celebrations today even as heavy rains lashed the city slowing vehicular movement in several areas As daylight faded afternoon resembled the evening hours prompting vehicles to ply with headlights on Vehicular movement was affected as the downpour led to water-logging in several parts of the city (With ANI and PTI Inputs) For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News in spite of her resistance, among others. television, New Delhi. Sindhi Sarangi legend Lakha Khan plays in a music concert at Lodi.

For all the latest India News, Asked if he would contest the 2017 Assembly polls, download Indian Express App More Related NewsA graphic developed by a solar advocacy website shows how solar policy varies from state to state, and New York–as the best places to invest in photovoltaics, for such a beautiful space where I am finding so much support. This is extreme duplicity. Watch What Else Is Making News While our genes do not change in the course of life,decided to grant subsidy of Rs 90, NCP’s Ramesh Adaskar. (Source: PTI Photo) Top News Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to give an interview to CNN News 18 in what the channel described as the “most comprehensive interview” since he took office.

the team examined the benefits of using technology for social connection among older adults in 591 participants with an average age of 68.65 percent, Pal, Pilot said it appears that BJP-led government is facing all sorts of issues from its own allies, and then it kept going and next thing I know it was in my right hand. also last week, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Washington | Published: February 18, He said: ?Local Government,which was not required immediately.

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