Županja: 13th in a row manifestation “At the horse fires”

first_imgLast Sunday, as part of the County Summer, the traditional event “Kod konjarskih vatri” was held.Horse fires are lit for the 13th time in a row in the park of the Stjepan Gruber Homeland Museum and attract many lovers of tradition and local history. The event was launched in 2004 on the initiative of the Stjepan Gruber Homeland Museum in Županja, and is realized through the cooperation of the Museum and the horse breeding association “Stari graničari” from Županja. Since its founding in 2006, the Military History Unit “Serežani” has been participating in Konjarski vatra. Through dedicated and persistent work, this event revives the border customs from the time of the Military Border every year in a rather special way.The atmosphere that exudes the spirit of history with its melancholy resistance to the ravages of time is complemented by the location where the event takes place. Namely, it is one of the remaining several border balconies built for the needs of the Military Border. The old loggia is also a key part of the presentation of this Museum to the public.This year’s ceremony began with the opening of the exhibition of the Museum of Cvelferija from Drenovac and the County Museum entitled “We guarded the border on the Sava”. At the exhibition, the works were exhibited by the director of the Cvelferija Museum, Martina Kelava and Marta Stjepanović.The people of Županja traditionally open the ceremony “At the Horse Fires” with a parade of horsemen and visiting historical units. This year, Županja was visited by units from Bakar, Pregrada, Osijek, Požega and Vinkovci. The line-up is followed by a cultural and entertainment program in which, in addition to numerous guest appearances, many folklore groups and male and female singing groups also participate. The entertainer and singer Šima Jovanovac and TS “Žeteoci” held their concert in Županja, as well as the Best Croatian Tamburitza Players, Dike, Bosutski bećari and others.Numerous theatrical and costumed performances are held as part of the event. This year, members of KUD Tomislav, in cooperation with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, interpreted parts of the historical novel “Dragon of Bosnia” to the audience. The cultural and entertainment program was rounded off by the performances of KUD “Josip Kozarac” from Posavske Podgajec by showing the customs dodole and the first male singing cavalry Sinđir from Županja.”This event awakens memories of former times, preserves heritage and presents the culture of Šokac, Slavonia and Županja in a modern way. I am really happy with the fact that these are the 13th Horse Fires in a row, and they could not be realized without the excellent cooperation of several factors: Horse Breeding Association “Stari graničari”, the City of Županja, the Tourist Board of Županja, and the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County , producers of traditional food and beverages and dance and music associations from this area”, Said the director of the County Museum, Janja Juzbasic.The goals of this valuable historical event are the presentation of the heritage of Slavonia, as well as the connection of traditional gastronomy, music and dance into an interesting tourist destination. The Stjepan Gruber Županja Museum pointed out that the event seeks to encourage cooperation between institutions and civil society organizations, local government and, finally, citizens because they want to put heritage in the function of preserving cultural heritage and contribute to the development of continental tourism.At the center of this attractive attraction are the serezans, a former specialized border police unit. The historical unit Serežani, in cooperation with historical units from all over Croatia, presents to visitors every year a staging of an alert during the Military Border, the so-called lighting horse fires.Photo: Kod konjarskih vatri, Županja 2018 / Šokački portallast_img

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