Jose Morinho Says He Will Not Leave Chelsea

Rabat – FC Chelsea manager, Jose Morinho, denied reports that his days at Stamford Bridge are numbered, saying he has no intention to quit the club under ‘any circumstance’ despite what he describes as the worst start a team of his has ever had to a season.Despite his club’s stuttering beginning of the Premier League – one win in four matches -, Morniho is adamnt he is in for long haul at Stamford Bridge, according to the Daily Star.“I don’t want to leave the club, in any circumstances. And the club doesn’t want me to leave, ” Morinho said. “The club is not going to sack me. Full stop.”Multiple British media reports claimed that Morinho’s relationship with Chelsea’s hierarchy has deteriorated after the coach’s row with medical staff and his dissatisfaction with Chelsea board’s efforts during the summer transfer window.British media even speculated that the Blues boss could repeat his 2007 departure from Chelsea after a disagreement with the Stamford Bridge hierarchy.Meanwhile, Morniho put an end to these speculations, emphasizing that this time around things are different than in 2007.“Why is it different from 2007? Do people think, if myself and Mr. Abramovich collided, I would be back three years later?,” Morinho said.“Just because I left it does not mean we collided. Right now we have one problem. We are not getting the results we expect to get.”“I have never had a start like this – four matches and just four points. I’m not happy – and I’m happy that I’m not happy,” Morinho concluded.

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