In peace bid Somalis attend camp with football powerhouse Real Madrid UN

The youngsters, aged 15 to 17, were selected following a month of tournaments involving 384 members of 24 football teams in different parts of Somalia.According to the UN country team for Somalia, the Real Madrid scholarships are an important part of the ‘Sports for Peace’ pillar of the ‘Somalis for Peace’ campaign that calls on each of the country’s citizens to work for peace and to demand the same from those who are in a position to deliver it.The campaign comes at a crucial time in the ongoing peace process at Mbagathi, Kenya, and is being steered by the Somali Aid Coordination Body with the participation of the UN, the European Commission and international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to encourage a ‘bottom-up’ approach to peace building.”This is a wonderful opportunity for the four boys,” said Jesper Morch, acting Resident Coordinator for the UN Somalia Country Team. “We need to harness youthful energy and provide a positive alternative for the youth in Somalia. Upon their return they will share their skills and experience with their peers and become sport ambassadors and messengers of peace for their country.”The camp began yesterday and runs through 31 July.

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