Mine planners Coming soon in DeswikSuite 20161

first_imgThe next release of Deswik.Suite will be out early 2016 and is the first version to use a new naming system for Deswik.Suite versions. From next year, versions will be named using the year the product was released and the iteration number. The first will be 2016.1, second will be 2016.2, etc.Deswik.Suite 2016.1 will contain some powerful new tools and features, including, in Deswick.CAD: Graphics improvementsAntialiasing optionsMultiple viewportsOrder surfaces to backgroundImproved point cloud solid generationSmooth elevation coloringSolid slice selectionVastly improved snappingBlock model manipulationBlock model polygon generatorNew commands: Join, Delete, Coalesce, Fields CopyDesign and planningInteractive block generatorSignal tower coverage modelingIntegrationVentSimCometIn Deswick.CAD surveying tools:Integration with Leica instrumentsImport jobs directly from DBX job filesUpload reference dataUpload stations databaseDisplay styles convert observation points into polylines, inserts, etcSurvey Stations databaseNetwork file and MDM optionsUser definable attributesPolyline vertex AttributesLoad and graphically search survey stationsPart of core CAD licenseIn Deswick.LHSRules-based slot connectorsDeswik Sched dump sequencingIS style dependenciesField parsing for schedule updatesDynamic surfacesOpen Pit Metals improvementsIn Deswick.SCHEDMaterials added as a concept to simplify production field handlingSimple resource path generationAbility to store graphicsAutomatic dependency rulesMini-LevelerSupports less advanced functionsMassive speed increaseResource leveling speed improvements (2-5 times faster)Database reportingActivity Cycles for Short TermMerging settings between projectsNew tools include:DO (open pit dig block optimiser); generates ore dig blocks from a block modelUNO (underground optimisation); decline optimisation tool and underground level development network optimisation toolCaving: integrated into scheduler, supports SLC, block and panel caving methodsSOT2 (Schedule Optimization Tool 2); offers improved schedule control, more detailed operating cost calculation and bar chart comparison of scenarios.last_img

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