ANOTHER VOICE – Branko Tamse RK Celje PL I am 100 for

Despite International Handball Federation still don’t want to give official response to voices of many TOP coaches who demands shot-clock as the way of attack regulation in handball, topic isn’t closed. The last coach with huge knowledge and visible results on international level, RK Celje Pivovarna Laskoa leader Branko Tamse also support idea of “shot-clock” in handball as the way to make our sport “cleaner” and clearer to the potential markets:I am 100% for shot-clock. Of course, has to be defined, whether it will be 35 or 40 seconds, what is going to happen after saves or blocks when you get another possesion of the ball. Basketball gives another attack with shorter period of time. That is a good example. That could change a lot of things in handball. Game would become faster and more interesting for all. A human factor and influence would become much smaller. Now, someone raise hand for passive attack, someone not. There is a lot of space for improvements in rules. That can change future of our sports in some countries which don’t play handball, but love sport. People in USA don’t know the rules and they aren’t interest. That is a huge problem of handball. I am the first one for these kind of changes – said Branko Tamse in interview for RK Celje PL ← Previous Story RN Lowen beat Wisla Plock in front of only 1.152 fans! Next Story → Sead Hasanefendic to lead Algeria!

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