Dell Technologies UK – Embracing Diversity in IT

first_imgTo learn more about your opportunities at Dell Technologies, visit follow us at Careers at Dell to learn what conferences we will be at next! Dell Technologies UK is committed to diversity and inclusion not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because its core to our business imperative. We embrace differences that drive innovative solutions for our customers and team members, making us a market leader.Focusing on our futureTo support our future innovators, we have an established partnership with the Prince’s Trust Foundation to empower disadvantaged young people across UK to get jobs. The Prince’s Trust Foundation has positively impacted over 870,000 disadvantaged youth to date.Embracing everyone’s individual talentsRealising that everyone has unique strengths and skills to contribute, we partnered with the UK government to obtain second level Disability Confident Employer status. As a Disability Confident Employer, we are better prepared to recruit, retain and develop team members who are differently abled. And we are making a difference in the disability employment gap!Engaging with the industryThis past year Dell Technologies attended a number of diversity events with the biggest event being the Women of Silicon Roundabout (WOSR), a two day conference at ExCel London. WOSR is the largest Women in Tech event in Europe. The sold out event saw over 4,000 tech leaders and professionals in attendance and consisted of inspirational keynote speakers, panel discussions, technical classes, careers development workshops and much more.During the two day event, three of our leaders; Dayne Turbitt (UK Enterprise Leader), Alejandra D’Ippolito (Systems Engineering Senior Director) and Margarete McGrath (Chief Digital Officer at Dell EMC) took to the stage and led a fantastic panel discussion around key issues such as women in technology, diversity and what Dell Technologies UK is trying to accomplish in the age of IT transformation.Are you considering a career in technology? Read these 5 words of advice our team members shared while attending the conference.Follow your passion, but be clear in where you want to go.Margarete McGrath, Chief Digital Officer at Dell EMCDon’t be scared to try something different and put yourself out there.Simon Kouttis, Secureworks Recruiter Go to an organization that you can identify with.Margarete McGrath, Chief Digital Officer at Dell EMC4.    The technology industry is vibrant and fantastic, so be bold and be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different from the norm.Michelle Nunkoo, Portfolio Manager You can do it whether it be programming, software development and/or sales. Technology is for you!Elizabeth Green, Data Protection Solutions Regional Sales ManagerApproximately 350 conference attendees signed up to hear more about Dell Technologies careers. And guess what? We will be attending the event next year! Will we see you there?last_img read more

University to allow students to retrieve belongings in late May, at earliest

first_imgAs Notre Dame extended the suspension of in-person classes until the end of the semester, the University has prepared options for the spring move out process and room picks for fall 2020, vice president for student affairs Erin Hoffmann Harding said in an email to students Tuesday.While Indiana enacted a stay-at-home order until April 7, students will be offered the opportunity to sign up for move out appointments in advance through the Home Under the Dome system. The number of appointments per day will be limited in order to follow public health guidelines, and the earliest appointments are likely to take place in late May, Hoffmann Harding said.Student Affairs, Building Services and Maintenance staff will be unplugging refrigerators, closing windows and generally making sure that students’ belongings stay safe until move out, Hoffmann Harding said in the email.For students who are unable to return to campus to retrieve their belongings, families may select an approved packing service, which would occur after the move out appointments. Students who may face a financial burden in returning to campus can find assistance at the Office of Student Enrichment, Hoffmann Harding said.Room picks for fall 2020 will occur online in the Home Under the Dome system beginning in late April. The Office of Residential Life will communicate more information regarding move out procedures and room picks in the coming weeks, Hoffmann Harding said.Tags: coronavirus, COVID-19, Erin Hoffmann Harding, Home under the dome, move-out, room pickslast_img read more

Wegmans To Limit Purchase Of Products Due To Virus Outbreak

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Image by Justin Gould / WNYNewsNow.JAMESTOWN – Wegmans is limiting the purchase of certain high demand products to help ensure their availability to customers.The grocery store chain says items like rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes, prep pads and hydrogen peroxide now have a limit of three each per order.All Wegmans disinfecting wipes, 75 count, all Clorox disinfecting wipes, all Lysol disinfecting wipes, Wegmans towelettes, 40 count and Wegmans water, 35 and 24 packs, are limited to two each per order.The family pack of Wegmans bath tissue and the family pack of Wegmans soft bath tissue are both limited to one each per order. Wegmans says shopping trends are currently mimicking that of leading up to a weather event.The company is additionally seeing an increase in its e-commerce business and expects that demand will continue to grow.last_img read more

Creative Water Sources.

first_imgSometimes having water for an emergency, whether it’s the weather or Y2K, means knowing where to look.”The tank of your hot water heater or water pressure tankcan supply many gallons of emergency water,” said Judy Harrison,a University of Georgia Extension food safety specialist.Check Pipes, Ice Trays and Toilet Tank”You could also use water in your plumbing and in icecubes,” Harrison said. “As a last resort, you can usewater in the reservoir tank of your toilet (not the bowl) — butpurify it first.”During a natural disaster, consider water from wells, cisternsand other disaster-area delivery systems unsafe until tested.To use the water in your hot water tank:* Turn off the electric or gas supply to the water heater.* Open the drain at the bottom of the tank to retrieve thewater.* Start the water flowing by turning off the water intake valveand turning on a hot-water faucet. Don’t turn on the gas or electricitywhen the tank is empty.* When power is restored and the tank refills with water, turnon the gas or electric to heat the water.To use the water in your pipes:* Turn on the faucet at the highest point in your house tolet air into the plumbing system.* Drain the water from the pipes through the lowest faucetin the house. If the main water valve is closed, be sure thatgas to heat the water is turned off to prevent overheating.Water Beds Can Be Life Savers”Water beds can be emergency water sources, too,”Harrison said. “Beds hold up to 400 gallons, but some waterbeds contain toxic chemicals that aren’t fully removed by manypurifiers.”If you designate a water bed in your home as an emergency resource,drain it yearly and refill it with fresh water containing twoounces of bleach per 120 gallons.Emergency water sources can be found outside your home, too.Rainwater, streams, rivers and other moving bodies of water, pondsand lakes and natural springs are all good sources of water. Butremember to purify the water before drinking it.”You should purify all uncertain water before using itfor drinking, food preparation or personal hygiene,” Harrisonsaid.Purify, Purify, PurifyThere are several ways to purify water.”None is perfect,” Harrison said. “The bestsolution is a combination of methods.”Here are two common, easy purification methods:Boiling is the safest method. Put water ina clean saucepan or other cooking container. Bring the water toa rolling boil and continue boiling for 10 minutes, keeping inmind that some water will evaporate. Let the water cool beforedrinking, keeping it covered during cooling.Boiled water may taste “flat” when opened. Improvethe flavor by incorporating air into the water by shaking or pouringit back and forth between two clean containers.Chlorination uses liquid household chlorinebleach to kill microorganisms. Add 2 drops of bleach per quartof water (4 drops if the water is cloudy). Mix it thoroughly andlet it stand for 30 minutes.If the water doesn’t slightly taste and smell of chlorine atthat point, add another dose and let it stand another 15 minutes.Test it again.”Distillation and purification tablets are also usefulways to make water safe,” Harrison said.(Photo by Faith Peppers, University of Georgia College ofAgricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Attorney General candidates address the YLD

first_imgMark D. Killian Managing Editor Three of the six candidates for attorney general stumped before the Young Lawyers Division and shared their views about the role of the office, threats to the independence of the judiciary, and life in a post-September 11 world.Meeting with the YLD Board of Governors in St. Augustine, Education Commissioner Charlie Crist, Deputy Attorney General George Sheldon, and Solicitor General Tom Warner all participated in the division’s annual legislative symposium. The special legislative session, however, prevented candidates Sen. Buddy Dyer, D-Orlando, and Sen. Locke Burt, R-Ormond Beach, from attending, and Tallahassee’s Democratic Mayor Scott Maddox had to cancel after the death of a colleague.Crist, a Republican, said he is running for attorney general because he enjoys serving the public and has a desire to improve the quality of life for all Floridians. Crist’s current position of commissioner of education is being eliminated with the reorganization of Florida’s cabinet.“I think there are some issues that are very important not only to the young people of our state but to all of our citizens that relate to safety, that relate to security,” said Crist, a former state senator from the Tampa area who focused extensively on the criminal justice issues while in the legislature. “I also think we need to talk about consumer affairs.”Crist said as attorney general he would work to represent Florida’s consumers “to further advance their causes and fight for their rights.” Crist said he also is running because of cabinet issues. After reorganization there will be only three seats on Florida’s powerful cabinet — aside from the governor — one for the AG, the agriculture commissioner, and the chief financial officer.Sheldon, a Democrat, said the state’s attorney general is “the one person whose primary responsibility is to defend the constitution, and you want someone as attorney general who believes in the constitution and believes, even in a time of national crisis, we need to sculpture statutes in such as way that we protect future generations and protect the constitutional rights of everyone.”Sheldon, who also has served in the Florida House, said there is a “substantial amount of power” in the AG’s office and “in the hands of the right individual” it can be used for positive good.“The race is about having an attorney general who has the guts to stand up to big tobacco and say, ‘We will no longer allow you to market cigarettes to our children,’” Sheldon said. “It’s about things like taking on baseball and saying, ‘Yes, you are a business and the antitrust laws ought to affect you.”Warner, a Republican from Stuart, said most importantly the attorney general is the “champion of the public interest — the one statewide public official whose job it is to represent, protect, and fight for the public interest.”“It’s a big job; it’s a job for a lawyer,” said Warner, who touted his 25 years as a practicing attorney. “And I think that is what that job is about, whether it is defending legislation in court,. . . whether it is advising the governor and the cabinet, whether it is representing the Department of Revenue or Children and Family Services or the [Department of Transportation] in court, or whether it is — in or out of court — representing the public interest.”From investigating charitable scams, to the abuse of the elderly in nursing homes, to the services provided by telecommunications companies, to offshore drilling, “the attorney general is the person looking out for the public interest in this state,” Warner said. Judicial Independence Sheldon said the independence of the judiciary is threatened in Florida and the attorney general needs to be involved in that fight.“This legislature has put Florida’s court system under attack and it is under attack in terms of denial of new circuit judges and county judges. It is under attack in terms of the ability of the court to write its own rules. It is under attack from a budget standpoint,” Sheldon said. “And that, if not as a chilling effect, clearly impacts the independence of the judiciary.”Sheldon said while we can all discuss the public policy merits of a piece of legislation, ultimately, each branch has to respect the other branches of government.“The attorney general, I think, is critical in this whole battle of keeping an independent judiciary,” Sheldon said.Warner also said he “strongly supports” the independence of the judiciary and noted the founding fathers felt judicial independence was so important that they gave federal judges lifetime tenure “because they feared the power of government.”Warner said he often gives speeches to conservative groups who don’t understand judges, and are upset with decisions made by the state’s jurists. During those meetings, Warner said he asks those people what constitutional rights they hold most dear and then asks who is in a position to take those rights away.“There is usually a silence in the room,” Warner said. “They had not thought about it. But when they start thinking about it, they realize it is the executive branch, the legislative branch, maybe local county commissions. . . are the ones that will act in ways that will endanger those rights, and it is the court system that is the only one there to stand between them and that abuse of power.”Warner said if lawyers take the time to educate the public about the role of the courts and how important they are in our society; the public does understand.Crist said it is important all three branches of government remain independent and that each respect the independence of the others.“There are moves from time to time, depending on who is in control of the legislature, as to what they might want to affect on the other branches of government,” Crist said. “But I think no matter what the circumstances are today — whether it is a post 9/11 situation as we are finding ourselves in today or whatever the issue might be. . . you have to respect the rights of each of the branches of government.” Terrorism Historically, Warner said, after a time of crisis has passed and with the benefit of hindsight, the nation often finds the actions it took may not have been necessary or were mistakes.“But at the time, who knew?” Warner said.In retrospect, the U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged that the interment of Japanese Americans during World War II was a mistake, “but they did not know that at the time, and, was the court the proper forum to decide how we were going to conduct war?” Warner asked. “Probably not.”Warner said the question is what the public is going to demand from its elected leaders.“If we have information that one or more people of Middle Eastern descent has a portable nuclear device in Orlando, what will you be demanding?” Warner asked. “Will you be demanding we go get search warrants before we do anything or will you be demanding that we do everything we can to stop people and question them and find out if they know anything about where this device is?”That’s why the state needs leaders of “integrity and knowledge” who would “deal with these issues and hopefully won’t go too far — but make sure we don’t get blown up.”Crist said the threat of terrorism and the government responses are “very ticklish questions.” He said the first order of government is to protect its citizens, but it must be done in way that doesn’t intrude too greatly on the public’s civil liberties.“There are an awful lot of people being detained or questioned when there seems to be no probable cause at all,” Crist said. “[But] we’re in new waters. This was the most devastating attack on America in our history. As much as we hate to think so, there are evil people on the planet.“What you want at the end of the day is proven people in leadership positions. . . who are responsible, who have integrity and are very cautious and very prudent about the exercise of the power that government has,” Crist said. “It is a lot of power and a lot of responsibility and you need to exercise it with compassion and you have to balance that with the fact that you exercise it to protect the citizens.”Sheldon said after September 11, AG Bob Butterworth ordered his staff to make contact with Florida’s Islamic community.“I went, for instance, to the mosque in Tampa and met with the president of the Muslim Society,” Sheldon said, noting the society’s president remarked that was the first time anyone from Florida’s law enforcement community had ever met with the mosque’s leaders. Sheldon said it is important to establish those open lines of communication.Sheldon said while all the September 11 highjackers were Muslims, it is incumbent on those in government to recognize that all Muslims are not terrorists.Sheldon said it’s critical that the government’s response to terrorist threats be narrowly targeted. Attorney General candidates address the YLD Attorney General candidates address the YLDcenter_img May 15, 2002 Managing Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Jakarta prepares for possible baby boom in coming months

first_imgJakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has instructed his subordinates to prepare for a possible baby boom in the capital in the next few months as a result of the stay-at-home policy and social restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic.“There’s an increase in pregnancies all over the world [due to the pandemic]. We need to prepare to anticipate [a similar situation],” Anies said in a meeting at City Hall on Aug. 7, which was then streamed for the public on the Jakarta administration’s YouTube channel a week later.In the meeting, Anies told the Jakarta administration’s assistant for public welfare, Catur Laswanto, to collect pregnancy data in the city between March, when the pandemic began to hit Indonesia, and August to estimate the number of beds for deliveries needed in the coming months. He also instructed relevant officials to get midwives, obstetricians and birthing centers across the capital ready for the possible baby boom. “Ask them to coordinate with us to anticipate the growing birth rate,” Anies said.Read also: Pandemic-fuelled baby boom has many Indonesians worriedSeparately, the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) has found that in March, about 10 percent of its beneficiaries faced difficulty in accessing birth control. The BKKBN has 28 million beneficiaries of its family planning methods nationwide.The one-month decline in contraceptive use could push pregnancies up by 15 percent, or around 420,000 pregnancies, within three months, according to the BKKBN. A further decline is likely to see the number of pregnancies rise by up to 30 percent within another few months.Indonesia, home to nearly 270 million people, annually welcomes 4.8 million births.”With the pandemic, the access to contraception has shrunk. Many clinics have shut, while those that remain open limit the number of people they serve,” BKKBN chief Hasto Wardoyo said recently, as quoted by The Straits Times.To anticipate the change, the BKKBN has deployed its family field officers to give out free condoms and contraceptive pills to low-income families. It has also launched a campaign to recruit 1 million new family-planning beneficiaries in June.Topics :last_img read more

Mikel Arteta admits Arsenal ‘have a lot of issues’ despite West Ham win

first_imgMikel Arteta admits Arsenal ‘have a lot of issues’ despite West Ham win Advertisement 🔴 FT! Nketiah’s goal gives Arsenal a 2-1 win over West Ham.📺 Watch on Sky Sports PL📲 Follow #ARSWHU here: 📱 Download the @SkySports app!— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) September 19, 2020 Advertisement It was certainly a flatter performance from the Gunners than their opening day win over Fulham last weekend, with the Hammers having chances to produce the upset and taking twice as many shots as their hosts.However, they got over the line and will go into their trip to Liverpool a week on Monday full of confidence.‘What I like was the approach that the boys had in the last 25 minutes when I could see they were getting a little bit down, they brought it up and probably a few months ago we would probably have drawn or lost this game, but today we won it,’ said Arteta.MORE: Eddie Nketiah explains Dani Ceballos spat after Arsenal pair link-up to down West HamMORE: Martin Keown challenges Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with Arsenal goal recordFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page.center_img Mikel Arteta knows his Arsenal team were not at their best in the West Ham win (Picture: Getty Images)Mikel Arteta admits his Arsenal team has ‘a lot of issues’ and must ‘improve on many things’ despite a late 2-1 win over West Ham on Saturday night.The Gunners took an early lead thanks to an Alexandre Lacazette header but were pegged back by Michail Antonio before the break.It took a winner from substitute Eddie Nketiah with just five minutes to play for Arsenal to grab the three points and keep up their 100% start to the season.Arteta was thrilled at full time, but he is painfully aware that there is still an awful lot of work to do on his side if they are going to compete at the tip of the Premier League table.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘I am really happy with the three points,’ the Spaniard told Sky Sports. ‘I need to analyse properly, because we have a lot of issues that we created ourselves in many moments.‘It reminded me a little bit the game, and phases when we played them last year and let them run.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘There is no structure in the world that can sustain when someone has the ball completely free and gives it to the opponent. We have to improve in many things.‘We created enough chances to win the game, but we conceded too may chances that were our fault.’ Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 19 Sep 2020 10:53 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link14.1kShares Commentlast_img read more

People moves: PFZW appoints chair; LGIM names new CIO [updated]

first_imgPFZW – The €217bn Dutch healthcare sector scheme has appointed Joanne Kellermann (right) as its new independent chair as of 1 June. She succeeds Carla Moonen, who stepped down on 1 November.Between 2007 and 2014 Kellermann was a member of the executive board of regulator De Nederlandsche Bank, responsible for supervision of pension funds and insurers. Subsequently, she was a trustee at the European Banks Resolution Authority in Brussels. PFZW, Ilmarinen, LGIM, Aegon Asset Management, INDEFI, PGGM, JØP, CQS, 100% Club, Neuberger Berman, ASR, Pensions Policy Institute, Barnett Waddingham, ECPA, iM Global Partner Albert Vink, deputy chairman at PFZW, underlined the importance of a new chair, citing challenges including the long-awaited new pensions system.Ilmarinen – Finland’s biggest pension insurer has appointed Matias Klemelä as its new chief financial and risk officer and Barbara D’Ambrogi-Ola as its new chief actuary, as part of a change to its management board.Klemelä is currently CFO and will see his role broadened to include some of the duties of the current chief risk officer and chief actuary Hillevi Mannonen, who is leaving Ilmarinen. Three functions are to be merged into one department under Klemelä as of 1 July – the financial department, actuarial services and risk management – with Klemelä remaining as a director on the board.Meanwhile, D’Ambrogi-Ola will report directly to Ilmarinen’s president and chief executive Jouko Pölönen. The provider said the management board changes were part of its ongoing reorganisation as it sought to become more customer-focused and agile.Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) – Sonja Laud has become the new CIO of the UK’s largest asset manager, subject to regulatory approval. It follows the departure of Anton Eser after 13 years with LGIM as head of fixed income and CIO.In a statement, the asset manager said Eser was returning to South Africa for family reasons while also wishing to take on “a more hands-on investing role with a particular focus on ESG and social impact investing in Africa”.Laud joined LGIM in January 2019 as deputy CIO. The company she had been working with Eser to restructure the investment team “to ensure we continue to deliver best-in-class investment solutions for our clients”.Aegon Asset Management – Bas NieuweWeme has been appointed as a global chief executive of Aegon Asset Management as of 24 June. He will succeed Sarah Russell who will step down after nine years.NieuweWeme joins from Prudential Financial Investment Management, where he was managing director and global head of the institutional relationship group. Aegon said Russell would support NieuweWeme to ensure a smooth transition.INDEFI – The Paris-based strategic investment management consultancy has appointed Christina Böck as partner to lead its expansion into Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Böck was chief investment officer at Profond, a CHF7.5bn (€6.7bn) Swiss multi-employer pension fund, from 2016 to early 2018, and then started her own consulting business. She joined Profond after 15 years in different roles at AXA Investment Managers. Richard Bruyère, managing partner at INDEFI, said: “We have always considered the DACH region as a key area for our clients. It is the largest European investment management market in mainland Europe and a fast-growing market for private assets. With Christina on board, we are looking to further strengthen our relationships with asset managers, institutional investors and fund distributors in this region.”  PGGM – Erik Goris has started as new director for investments at the €1.4bn pension fund for the island of Aruba as of 1 June. He was previously a director of Volo, the general pension fund (APF) of the Dutch pensions provider PGGM. The consolidator vehicle is to be liquidated as it no longer fits into PGGM’s strategy.Goris started his career as lawyer of mergers, takeovers and private equity at law firm Allen & Overy. He subsequently worked as corporate finance specialist at ING Wholesale Banking and director of asset-liability management and policy advisor at the €215bn asset manager PGGM. He has been chair of Volo, which he helped set up, since 2016.JØP – Helle Munk Ravnborg and Anders Ehlers Andersen have been appointed as new members of the supervisory board of the Danish pension fund for lawyers and economists, JØP. The fund has recently decided to enter into a full merger with its long-term cooperation partner DIP, one of the Danish pension funds for engineers.Munk Ravnborg is a senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies, while Ehlers Andersen is a lawyer, working both in a public-sector role and as a self-employed practitioner.In the recent membership vote, previous board members Torben Huss and Morten Wig Harboe-Jepsen failed to win re-election. In its upcoming merger, Anders Eldrup Formand will remain as chair for the joint fund, named P+.CQS – Serge Harry has joined the credit specialist manager as group chief financial officer, reporting to Xavier Rolet, CQS’ chief executive officer, with whom he worked at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).From 2011 to 2013 he was senior adviser to Rolet, working on the acquisition of LCH Group. He then became a member of the group executive committee, chief of staff to Rolet, and group country head for France, Benelux and Germany. Before working for LSEG, Harry was chairman and CEO of BlueNext, a global carbon credits trading exchange. The 100% Club – Deborah Gilshan has left Aberdeen Standard Investments, where she was ESG director, to focus on the future development of The 100% Club, which she founded in 2011 as a network for female governance professionals. She will also pursue new opportunities and projects in the related fields of investment stewardship, corporate governance and diversity.Before joining Standard Life Investments as governance and stewardship director in 2017, Gilshan worked for nearly 10 years at RPMI Railpen, the in-house manager of the £28bn (€32bn) pension scheme for the UK railway sector, most latterly as head of sustainable ownership.  She told IPE that The 100% Club had “flourished into a successful multi-sector alliance”, adding: “It is my contribution to retaining women in sectors challenged on gender balance and I will be focusing on new initiatives to further boost the female talent pipeline.”Gilshan is also an ambassador for the 30% Club, a group campaigning for greater representation of women on the boards of FTSE 100 boards.  Neuberger Berman – The US-based investment manager has appointed Jose Cosio to lead intermediary client coverage across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.He joins from Alliance Bernstein where he spent nine years in various senior business development roles, including most recently as managing director of global intermediaries for the UK, Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe. He has previously held roles at Wachovia Securities and Old Mutual Bermuda.ASR – The supervisory board of insurer ASR is to appoint Ingrid de Graaf-de Swart as a member of the executive board. She is to fill in a vacancy that emerged as a consequence of ASR’s new management structure.De Graaf joins from Aegon Netherlands where she was chair of private clients since 2017. Prior to this, she worked in several management positions at Delta Lloyd. She has also been chief executive at ABN Amro Insurance and member of the executive board at Delta Lloyd.The Pensions Policy Institute – The PPI’s director Chris Curry has been appointed as principal of the Pensions Dashboard Industry Delivery Group with the Money and Pensions Service, a role he will take up on 8 July. He will reduce the amount of time he spends on PPI work as a result. The PPI council said it welcomed the recognition Curry had received in being appointed to the dashboard role.Barnett Waddingham – The UK consultancy has hired Dean Hughes as head of enterprise risk management within its corporate consulting team. He was previously global head of risk and advisory at VinciWorks, an international tech, education and consulting company. Hughes said: “Our goal is to integrate data within the risk conversation, not only for measuring risk but to provide compelling insights to inform decision making – be it through cost reduction, risk or revenue optimisation.”ECPA – Paul Burnett is the new chairman of the Employer Covenant Practitioners Association (ECPA), the UK covenant specialists group. Burnett is head of employer covenant at RPMI Railpen, the industry-wide pension fund for UK railway companies.He takes over from Donald Fleming, partner at RSM. Andy Palmer, a partner at BDO, is the ECPA’s vice chairman.iM Global Partner – The asset management acquirer has hired Bo Huang as head of research. Before joing iM Global Partner, she was a portfolio manager for a $5bn multi-asset fund of funds at Tilney Group, and before that head analyst for Asian and global emerging markets at Stamford Associates.last_img read more

Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev tests positive for COVID-19

first_img“There is no reason for concern,” Ukibay wrote, referring to the health of 79-year-old Nazarbayev, who retains sweeping powers as Yelbasy, or national leader, and chair of the oil-rich nation’s security council. (Reuters) ALMATY – Kazakhstan’s influential former president Nursultan Nazarbayev has self-isolated after testing positive for COVID-19, his spokesman Aidos Ukibay wrote on Twitter. Kazakh former President Nursultan Nazarbayev attends a meeting in Moscow, Russia March 10, 2020. SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERSlast_img

UWF Cross Country Prepares for Opening Meet in North Carolina

first_img Aug. 28, 2007PENSACOLA, Fla. – On Saturday, August 31, the Argo Cross Country teams will run in the ASU Covered Bridge Invitational in Boone, North Carolina. Last Year the Argos men’s and women’s Cross Country teams competed in the Appalachian State Invitational meet and finished 5th in the men’s meet and 7th in the women’s meet. However, they were the top finishing Division II school in the meet. Coach Matt Dobson is fielding a young team, but still expects to do better than last year, despite some key injuries to top runners, and the loss of All-American Michael Padilla to graduation. Padilla placed first individually in the ASU meet last year against some top-notch Division I athletes.This is a great early season test for the 2007 teams, especially those that will be competing in their first collegiate meet. Many young runners will be counted on as the Argos may be somewhat shorthanded. On the Men’s team, potential number one runner Brian Gowin (Jr. / Pensacola, Fla.), and number two runner Jordan Theuerkauf (So. / Wausau Wisc.), will not be able to make the trip. Theuerkauf, with a hip injury may miss more than the first meet. Meanwhile, for the women’s team, potential number two runner Maria DeFeo (Fr. / Orange Park, Fla.) will miss the first meet also with an injury (possible stress fracture) that could be more long term. However, Coach Dobson is very optimistic about the opening meet. “It’s primarily a D-1 meet, but we want to do well, and should be able to top last year’s performance.”Both squads are young, and the Freshmen will be called upon to help the teams’ performances, and they need racing experience. The men’s squad has four Freshmen that could be in the top six runners, while the women’s team has two Freshmen likely to be in the top 4 runners for the team.Diana Sitar (Sr. / Las Vegas, Nev.) should anchor the women’s squad as the number one runner, with DeFeo, Kelli Midden (Fr. / Boca Raton, Fla.), and Katherine Ragia (Jr. / Daytona Beach, Fla.) strong contenders for the number two spot. For the men, the top spot is likely Gowin, with Theuerkauf and Nicholas Maedel (Fr. / Ridgeview, Fla.) potentially two and three. Jared Black (Fr. / Tallahassee, Fla.), Reynolds Griner (Fr. / Tallahassee, Fla.), and Andrew Maedel (Fr. / Ridgeview, Fla.) round out a very young but talented top six.Coach Dobson feels that the pre-season training has been real good, “we are very fit and ready to compete.” He explained that the overall plan, “is to improve each week and peak for the post-season. We will approach all meets the same until conference.” Speaking of the GSC, Coach Dobson indicates that the Argos will likely battle with Harding for the conference Championship, and if they stay healthy the Argos will have a great chance for both the conference titles and a trip to the National meet.Part of the preseason was a charity relay run from `Jay to the Bay’ to help benefit the North Florida Arthritis Foundation. The athletes raised more money than their goal, and got a great workout in the process. The great success of the event shows the work ethic of the young Argo runners. Meanwhile, Coach Dobson, a 2:21 Marathoner, jumped in to inspire his young runners and ran 20 miles with the team as they traded off legs. If Dobson’s training mentality is picked up by the young team, they have a great future.The Argos will host the Gulf Coast Cross Country Stampede on September 29th. This meet will be at the Escambia County Equestrian Center. Then, on October 20th, UWF will host the Gulf South Conference Championships, to be held on the UWF Campus. Print Friendly Version UWF Cross Country Prepares for Opening Meet in North Carolina Sharelast_img