The tax inspection is starting to monitor Advent throughout Croatia

first_imgCover photo: ShenXin, As pointed out by the Tax Administration, fiscalization inspections will be performed in the period from 5 to 11.12.2019 December XNUMX. while supervisory activities will cover all taxpayers of fiscalization, and especially taxpayers who perform the activity:  – G 47.7 – Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores, – G 47.8 – Retail sale via stalls and markets, – I 56 – Food and beverage service activities i – N 77.11 – Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles. Through risk analyzes and procedures for monitoring the issuance and fiscalization of invoices, it was noticed that there is still a significant number of taxpayers who either do not issue invoices or do not fiscalize the issued invoices, committing the most serious tax violations, the Tax Administration concluded. Accordingly, in their statement they inform taxpayers that as part of regular supervisory activities, the Tax Administration in cooperation with the Customs Administration will conduct even more intensive inspections of fiscalization during Advent and the upcoming holidays throughout the Republic of Croatia. last_img read more