Reinier: express trip to Spain to sign for Real Madrid

first_imgFrom the player’s environment, Nevertheless, flatly deny that the signature has occurred, explaining that the boy is still a minor. The rubric, they argue, can only occur as of this Sunday 19th, when Reinier will turn 18. 19 The signing of Reinier Jesus (17 years old) for the Real Madrid It is already an open secret. Despite what was leaked last Wednesday, the player did not leave the concentration of the Brazilian U23 to fix his situation with Flamengo, but he made an express trip to Spain. This has been confirmed ACE In the last hours.center_img However, sources of the operation assure this newspaper that everything is waiting for the official announcement, after the presence of Reinier in the Spanish capital. In fact, the soccer player had already passed the medical exams previously in his country and now the plan is for the two clubs to communicate the signing at the same time. It is intended to avoid doing it on Sunday for Brazil-Peru from the first day of Pre-Olympic.After the permission of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) had been obtained, Madrid planned the visit of its new reinforcement earlier this week. However, the agenda was altered by a change in the date of the second friendly team André Jardine. On Tuesday, finally, after re-highlighting with the Olympic, Reinier went to Madrid. The displacement caused it not to be part of the Brazilian expedition towards Colombia and to be absent in two workouts, re-engaging in the national routine on Friday.where this Sunday has its debut in the Pre-Olympic versus Peru. Also that he missed two workouts, getting engaged in the national routine on Friday.last_img read more

First players give until Thursday to sign the Collective Agreement

first_img“After more than 15 days from the date stipulated for signing, the players want to show our concern and outrage at the lack of response. We demand that all parties comply with what has been agreed and manifested, “the players continue.These also launch a warning with more than 24 hours of margin for both parties. “If throughout this Thursday, February 6 there is no satisfactory response, measures agreed by the footballers and AFE will be carried out for the rights of the collective, “they warn.Remember that the players already made a strike day in mid-November due to the slow negotiations of this historical document, and on January 20 the players already reported feeling “none” and they did not rule out repeating this strike again if this agreement is not signed. “We would not like to, but in the end we feel that we are not being taken seriously. We do not discard anything,” said Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, goalkeeper of Athletic.In addition, the AFE also pointed out that it will take “the actions that by law” correspond to it and “that the legislation itself arbitrates, being aware of the possible damages arising from a situation of factual consolidation “.“We understand that the Collective Agreement has its own importance; in addition to being a historical fact, it means guaranteeing the labor rights of the soccer players of our country, so that all the entities and institutions that are competent in women’s football act constructively to make the firm’s materialization come true, “the union recalled. The players of the First Iberdrola could take possible “consensual measures” with the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) before the new delay in the signing of the Collective Agreement due to the lack of agreement between the RFEF and the Club Association (ACFF).In a statement sent on Wednesday by the AFE and signed by all the clubs of the highest category, with the exception of Levante and Sevilla, the union indicated that last Monday it organized a videoconference with the soccer players “to analyze the current situation, with the Collective Agreement”.This is “unsigned” despite the agreement reached “several weeks ago” with the ACFF and after announcing on January 14 the RFEF that accepted the proposal of the employer “to enable the signing” and thus allow teams to enroll in its Program Elite and receive 500,000 euros. But Given this new delay “in the formalization of the signing of the Collective Agreement”, the players and the association show their “concern and discomfort”. “Since January 15, soccer players have been patient, understanding that there were issues to solve, referring to the exploitation and commercialization of television rights, but having no agreement at the moment, the formalization of the agreement is being delayed, with the damage that this entails for the soccer players “, they indicate in the note.last_img read more

The couples of Cucurella and Soria explode for the treatment of Ajax

first_imgClaudia Rodríguez, girlfriend of Marc Cucurella, flew to Amsterdam to enjoy live Ajax-Getafe back from the Europa League That ended with defeat but pass for the Blues to eighths of this competition. She hoped to enjoy the Johan Cruijff Arena but found a hostile environment that led her to leave the stadium of the Ajaccied. Rodriguez ended up watching the game on the Getafe bus, as he posted on his Instagram. “Here we had to watch the game end. Minute 60, among insults, threats and flying objects we had to leave the stadium,” he said. In addition, he went to the stadium with his son Mateo and also complained about the very uncomfortable situation when accompanied by a baby. Carla Carrascosa, a couple of David Soria, described the situation in more detail. “I just came to enjoy a stadium as impressive as Johan Cruyff is and of a match that could be historic. I come back with one of the worst experiences: to be located next to the local fans, without any security, to suffer intimidation and aggression and to receive the denial and total ignorance of the security of the stadium before this. We have been forced to flee, since going in front would have been dangerous. Neither begging for help and showing them that children were coming have they wanted to help us. We’ve received cool answers like “I don’t have money to put a cop for you. Until I have removed the phone and I have recorded the faces have not moved a finger. Amazing things like this happen in football, “he said in an Instagram story.As can be seen in videos recorded at the Johan Cruijff Arena, several Ajax fans threw beer glasses and eventually evicted several relatives of Getafe players.last_img read more

This is how Real Madrid fights the coronavirus: Ramos, Modric …

first_imgCarvajal and Nacho joined Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol in the #nuestramejorvictoria campaign of the Red Cross to contribute and contribute to fighting the pandemic and James Rodriguez, through the foundation Colombia We Are All, delivered to the hospital Federico Lleras Acosta, from Ibagué, 1,380 masks, 10 special biohazard masks and 350 protective Tyveck suits, in addition to sending 150 nutritional kits to the city hall. ‘’ This is an initiative by James to make donations of food and medical equipment in Ibagué and Bogotá. James, despite the distance, is always very dependent on what is happening in his country, “Radio Andrés Rubio, Madrid’s uncle, told Caracol.The last movements that have been made public have been those of Casemiro and Luka Modric. The newspaper O Vale detailed the help that the Brazilian midfielder will channel to his hometown, São José dos Campos. It will donate the production of 6,000 individual protection masks to health professionals who work in the city. The sanitary equipment will be delivered to the São José Health Department, which will distribute it to hospitals and health units, such as UBS and UPA. The masks donated by Casemiro, which by covering the entire face increase protection, are laser cut using a 3D printer from Univap (University of Vale do Paraíba). “Casemiro has always helped people in São José, even anonymously. In this health crisis it would be no different. He is confined to his home in Spain, but he is aware of the problem here, “said the player’s adviser, Pedro Bacha.Modric, as revealed by Sportske Novosti, delivered 100,000 euros to the Zarar hospital to combat COVID-19. Zeljko Culin, director of the institution, confirmed it: “In addition, he donated an RTG mobile device, we are very grateful to Luka for everything she has done. This device is necessary for people with virus disease. Now we await deliveries from the United States. ” More performances by the squad will be announced in the coming days … Real Madrid has opened several avenues of collaboration in the fight to prevent and detect COVID-19. A week ago, it was made available to the Community of Madrid and announced a provision of sanitary material (special masks, gowns, among many other elements) to face this pandemic that has one of its main focuses precisely in the capital of Spain. Also, the club The Bernabéu has transferred to store medical supplies.The staff is also mobilizing. After consulting with specialists and advisers, they began to help. Captain, Sergio Ramos, along with his wife, Pilar Rubio, provided 264,571 masks, 1,000 protective equipment and 15,000 tests aimed at detecting the coronavirus. A donation made through UNICEF, the organization of which the player is a world ambassador. Others like Isco and his partner, Sara Sálamo, launched into social networks to request donations from their followers. Both announced the creation of a campaign (Descorónate) to raise money in order to allocate it to hospitals. “It was born with the aim of reaching 500,000 euros to buy and donate medical supplies to different hospitals in our country”they explained. A few days after announcing this initiative, they communicated the acquisition of the first artificial respirator whose destination was the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid.last_img read more

Atlético looks for a future in Argentina and Turkey

first_imgAs it happened with José María Giménez or Nahuén Perez, the Atético continues to look for talent all over the world. Both the Uruguayan and the Argentine were players who came to the rojiblanco club very young and climbed to become banners (Giménez case) or they worked for a time with Simeone to later succeed in their assignments with other teams (case of Nehuén in Famalicao). It also happened with Ángel Correa, signed from San Lorenzo at 19 years old and at the moment also a benchmark in the Cholo team, six seasons, going through an operating room to stipate a benign tumor in the heart, a blank year and many games as a shock. Now the rojiblanco club is looking for footballers like them in Turkey and Argentina. Mustafa Kapi, the youngest footballer to debut with Galatasaray in history (I was 14 years old when participated in an international friendly against Levski Sofia) is an offensive medium followed by both Valencia and Atlético. “He Athletic He seemed very interested before the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, “said the soccer player’s representative, Necdet Ergezer. Kapi is a midfielder who can play on both the mid-point and the right with ball control and vision of the game as main characteristics. At 1,508 minutes on the season, he stopped playing with Galatasaray in February, once he refused to renew with his club, waiting for offers like the ones that are coming from Spain. Agustin UrziAgustín Urzi is 19 years old, he plays in Banfield and it is currently one of the great promises of Argentine football. Atlético has also laid eyes on him. “Boca, Racing, Inter, River, Roma, Benfica …, Atlético also and I don’t remember anymore. La Fiorentina may be, most were from Italy. All communicated with my representative and the club, “the footballer himself listed on TNT. Left-handed steering wheel, stands out for his good technique and dribbling. His clause right now is $ 20 million.. It was uploaded by Banfield a few months ago, before the growing interest that young people arouse throughout Europe.last_img read more

Footballers will have to pass up to three controls on the lap

first_imgThe three controls they will have to pass will be serological testsThey are fast and are done using a blood sample. Its function is to detect the antibodies generated from the immune response. Only in the first of the controls, in addition to the serological test, a PCR will also be performed, the test considered most reliable. It consists of a test that detects the presence of the virus from the beginning of the infection using a sample taken from the patient’s nose or pharynx. But to know the result you must wait up to six hours.In addition to the players, the protocol establishes that the members of the concentration of the club, relatives and roommates must pass these three controls. According to SER, LaLiga has already reached an agreement with a multinational to acquire 2,000 tests in an initial phase. LaLiga has its new protocol ready for the teams to return to the competition. As Cadena SER revealed yesterday, footballers will have to pass up to three checks before the ball rolls again to prove that none have a coronavirus. To do this and avoid possible contagion, the employer has developed a plan of up to four phases during which the players will undergo tests.The first two will have to take place at the soccer players’ homes; It will be during the last two when the players meet up with their teammates at the Ciudad Deportiva, where they will stay for at least two weeks. In the case of some clubs that do not have facilities, it will be in hotels.According to the employer’s report, The first test to check if there is any infected by coronavirus in the squads of the First and Second teams will be at the beginning of phase 1 (that of preparation for training). The second control they must undergo will be between the second phase (solo training) and the third (when they can leave their homes to go to sports cities and exercise in a group). And the last test will be shortly before the start of the fourth and final phase before resuming the competition, in which the collective training will resume.last_img read more