Dr Death sells ‘home brew’ suicide kits

first_imgEuthanasia campaigner ‘Dr Death’ sells ‘home brew’ suicide kits disguised as equipment for making beerDaily Mail 7 May 2017Family First Comment: Disturbing. Promoting suicide. All at a time when we are doing everything possible (and urgently!) to REDUCE suicide rates. #rejectassistedsuicideA euthanasia campaigner nicknamed Dr Death is selling suicide kits disguised as equipment for home-brewing beer.Dr Philip Nitschke, who calls for the legalisation of assisted suicide, sells the £257 kit on his brewing company’s website.It can be used for brewing beer but Dr Nitschke has written a guidebook, also available online, that explains how people can use it to take their own lives.Last night, anti-assisted suicide group Care Not Killing described the sale of the kits as ‘utterly deplorable’, and spokesman Alistair Thompson called for the police to investigate Dr Nitschke.‘It’s deeply worrying because one suspects there will be no formal controls over who this kit is being sold to apart from the limit of needing a credit card to purchase it online,’ he said.‘So this could be going to very vulnerable adults, some of them still teenagers, who are depressed for whatever reason and see this as a way of ending their lives.’READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4480926/Dr-Death-sells-home-brew-suicide-kits.htmllast_img

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