Footballers will have to pass up to three controls on the lap

first_imgThe three controls they will have to pass will be serological testsThey are fast and are done using a blood sample. Its function is to detect the antibodies generated from the immune response. Only in the first of the controls, in addition to the serological test, a PCR will also be performed, the test considered most reliable. It consists of a test that detects the presence of the virus from the beginning of the infection using a sample taken from the patient’s nose or pharynx. But to know the result you must wait up to six hours.In addition to the players, the protocol establishes that the members of the concentration of the club, relatives and roommates must pass these three controls. According to SER, LaLiga has already reached an agreement with a multinational to acquire 2,000 tests in an initial phase. LaLiga has its new protocol ready for the teams to return to the competition. As Cadena SER revealed yesterday, footballers will have to pass up to three checks before the ball rolls again to prove that none have a coronavirus. To do this and avoid possible contagion, the employer has developed a plan of up to four phases during which the players will undergo tests.The first two will have to take place at the soccer players’ homes; It will be during the last two when the players meet up with their teammates at the Ciudad Deportiva, where they will stay for at least two weeks. In the case of some clubs that do not have facilities, it will be in hotels.According to the employer’s report, The first test to check if there is any infected by coronavirus in the squads of the First and Second teams will be at the beginning of phase 1 (that of preparation for training). The second control they must undergo will be between the second phase (solo training) and the third (when they can leave their homes to go to sports cities and exercise in a group). And the last test will be shortly before the start of the fourth and final phase before resuming the competition, in which the collective training will resume.last_img

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