Jon Miller, Nov. 17

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I am still spreading lime for some of the neighbors. We got most of the dry fertilizer spread on our ground and we have been doing some tillage. Some fields we are chiseling, some we are running a no-till ripper and other fields we are running vertical tillage on corn stalks.  We just finished spraying yesterday on just about all of our acres. We have had good weather to get it done.We spread rye on with the spreader and worked it in after wheat for a cover crop. We’d like to get some straw off of it next year. Time will tell how that will work but we got a good start with it this fall.Marketing will be an issue with these prices, but luckily we at least have a good crop to market.  In 2017 we’ll probably just stick with our normal rotation. I can’t see where one crop would outweigh the other. There is a lot of demand for both crops out there, but we have big crops of both so any way we can get trade working for us it would really help. The Trans Pacific Partnership doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. Maybe we can come up with better trade deal down the road.We are hoping to finish tillage this weekend and maybe start on drainage tile after that. I have a week or so of lime left to spread, but the supply around here is running out.last_img

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