Senior Trudeau advisor linked to Bruce Carsons alleged illegal lobbying RCMP document

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera and Kenneth Jackson APTN National NewsOne of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s top advisors sat on the board of an energy industry-funded think tank while Bruce Carson allegedly illegally lobbied for the same organization, according to a court document filed by the RCMP.Daniel Gagnier, the Liberal party’s 2015 campaign co-chair, is currently president of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) which the RCMP alleges benefited from illegal lobbying by Carson, who was once acting chief of staff in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office.Gagnier was a vice chair of the organization during a portion of time that became the focus of the RCMP’s investigation into Carson’s activities. Emails obtained by the RCMP show that Gagnier even pushed EPIC’s agenda with Jean Charest who was premier of Quebec at the time.Gagnier helped Carson land a meeting between EPIC and provincial energy ministers, according to the RCMP’s document. The RCMP believes Carson’s work around the meeting constituted illegal lobbying. Gagnier was also in the loop on Carson’s attempts to get EPIC’s agenda on the desk of Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright, the RCMP document shows.Daniel Gagnier is the president of Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) and Liberal campaign co-chair.The document, an Information to Obtain (ITO), was used by the RCMP to get a production order to seize Carson’s CIBC bank records. Carson was a friend of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a senior advisor in the PMO.Carson is facing trial on an influence peddling charge which begins May 26. The trial is the result of a separate, but linked, investigation which was sparked by an APTN National News investigation in March 2011.The ITO was filed on Nov. 21, 2013, and sworn by Const. Marie-Josee Robert and is part of an ongoing investigation by the RCMP into Carson’s alleged illegal lobbying.None of the allegations contained in the ITO have been proven in court.The investigation, which is being handled by the RCMP’s Sensitive and International Investigations Unit, was triggered by Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd who sent a letter of complaint, dated July 13, 2013, to the RCMP. Shepherd alleged in the letter that Carson lobbied during the five year cooling off period required by law for designated public office holders. Carson left the PMO in 2009.Shepherd’s letter also alleged that Carson illegally lobbied for both  EPIC and the Canada School of Energy and Environment (CSEE).The ITO is focused on Carson’s activities for EPIC. The RCMP is also investigating Carson’s alleged lobbying for the CSEE, according to the ITO.The RCMP believe Carson’s alleged illegal lobbying proved fruitful for EPIC. It allowed the organization to obtain $13,000 from Natural Resources Canada and to get its policy papers and ideas into the hands of decisions makers like Christian Paradis, who was natural resources minister at the time, Jean Charest, provincial energy ministers and senior federal officials.According to emails obtained by the RCMP, EPIC knew Carson’s connections were of immense benefit to the organization.“We could do nothing without out you,” wrote Bob Black on July 17, 2010, who was president of EPIC at the time and is now a Conservative Senator.On Nov. 19, 2010, in an email responding to Carson’s request for money, Black again praised Carson.“Bruce. No issue…We are making progress and you are the secret sauce,” wrote Black.The RCMP, however, believed Carson’s ingredients for the secret sauce involved breaking the law.“I believe Mr. Carson committed the offences listed above by communicating with federal PHOs (public office holders) with respect to the development of a policy of the government of Canada, namely the development of a Canadian energy strategy, on behalf of EPIC, and that Mr. Carson’s actions are considered lobbying activities,” wrote Robert. “Comments formulated by Mr. Black towards Carson are good examples of how Mr. Carson’s influence impacted the evolution of EPIC and its members.”Carson was paid a $160,000 by EPIC from December 2009 to March 2011.“Carson’s continuous association with POHs and others, allowed him to accept or offer or agree to accept, for himself, the honorarium as consideration for his cooperation, assistance or exercise of influence in connection with business matter with the government on behalf of EPIC. I believe without this inferred influence, Mr. Carson would have not have performed his services so effectively,” wrote Robert.EPIC’s executive passed a motion on Feb. 3, 2010, that Carson not lobby for the organization. The RCMP investigator, however, said Carson’s activities actually ramped up.“Interestingly enough, Mr. Carson’s lobbying activities increased after the motion,” wrote Robert.While not a founding member of EPIC, which was formed in 2009, Gagnier sat on the board as a vice chair since at least August 2010. Gagnier is now president of the think tank which includes founding members like Enbridge, the Canadian Association of Petroleum producers, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, Apache Corporation, Irving Oil and Suncor Energy, among others.According to the ITO, Carson was working to get EPIC some face time with provincial energy ministers during an upcoming meeting in Montreal on Sept. 17, 2010, when he sent an email on Sept. 2, 2010, to Charest’s political advisor Mario Lavoie. The email was carbon copied to Marc Vallieres, who was Paradis’ chief of staff, and Gagnier. The subject line read, “possible EPIC meeting with Energy Ministers (sic).”Lavoie responded the same day saying he would get back to Carson the next morning.Gagnier then sent an email to Carson on Sept. 3 saying he had discussed EPIC with Charest.“Good move. I met with the premier yesterday. He told me he was the only one who had read our papers and that apart from transmission issues on which Quebec has a long standing policy, that he supports our initiative,” wrote Gagnier, according to the ITO.Carson replied.“Can you help push this…bc.(sic)”On Sept. 10, 2010, Carson emailed Richard Brosseau, who was chief of staff to Nathalie Normandeau, Quebec’s natural resources minister at the time, about the upcoming Montreal meeting. The email was carbon copied to Gagnier. In the email, Carson said that EPCI’s work had been discussed at a recent premiers’ meeting of the Council of the Federation, and that the organization wanted to meet with the energy ministers.“We want to meet with ministers for about half an hour on Thursday or Friday next week to brief them on our work to date and our future plans (sic),” wrote Carson.Carson said Gagnier would be present at the meeting, along with David Emerson, who was EPIC’s chair and once served as a cabinet minister in the Martin Liberal and Harper governments, Black and Gerry Protti, who is currently chair of Alberta’s energy regulator.On Sept. 13, Stephen Lucas, an assistant deputy minister with NRCAN, replied that both Paradis and Normandeau backed the meeting“Bruce, Ministers Paradis and Normandeau are supportive of the meeting,” wrote Lucas.The meeting was eventually held on Sept. 16 at 7:30 a.m. in Montreal’s Omni Hotel.Protti, who was interviewed by RCMP investigators on Sept. 12, 2013, said the meeting lasted about 15 minutes and that Carson did most of the talking.The RCMP said Carson’s work leading up to the meeting constituted lobbying.“By communicating the work of EPIC with the energy ministers, Mr. Carson engaged in lobbying activities…with respect to the development of a policy of the government of Canada, namely the Canadian Energy Strategy on behalf of EPIC,” said the ITO.In a September 2010 monthly EPIC report, Black praised the work of Carson, Protti and Gagnier.“I would like to acknowledge our three vice chairs that presented our work to the energy ministers: Bruce Carson, Gerry Protti and Daniel Gagnier,” wrote Black.Gagnier was also kept in the loop on Carson’s dealings with Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright. Wright resigned last year in the midst of the controversy surrounding the Senate expense scandal and his $90,000 payment to suspended Conservative Senator Mike Duffy.On Jan. 20, 2011, Carson wrote Wright about EPIC’s energy policy work.“Nigel, I don’t think we have ever met, but we have a few mutual friends, so firstly good luck with this great adventure you have taken on, and secondly thought I would share with you a report I just finished on energy…would love to meet with you at your convenience,” wrote Carson.Wright responded the next day.“I’ve heard a lot of good things about you. Feel free to give me a call at any time. I’ll read the report over the weekend,” wrote Wright.On Feb. 6, 2011, Carson sent an email to EPIC’s executive committee, including Gagnier, Emerson and Protti.  The subject line said, “Nigel Wright-EPIC, informing them of the following.”In the email, Carson said he had briefed Wright on EPIC and that he would keep him up to date on email.“He seemed generally supportive,” wrote Carson.On March 16, 2011, Harper’s then principal secretary Ray Novak, who is now PMO chief of staff, wrote RCMP Commissioner Bob Elliot asking for an investigation in Carson’s activities following an APTN National News report.APTN National News reported that Carson was allegedly lobbying on behalf of an Ottawa-based water filtration company that had a financial contract with his then fiancée, Michele McPherson, a former escort. Carson was targeting First Nations struggling with water problems.On Nov. 1, 2011, Gagnier registered with the Alberta lobbying registry to lobby on behalf of EPIC.Gagnier also registered with the federal lobbyist registry to lobby on behalf of EPIC on March 4, 2013.Trudeau’s office did not respond to request for comment.Carson’s lawyer, Patrick McCann, did not respond to request for read more

Now, WhatsApp makes group chats more secure

first_imgNew Delhi: WhatsApp Wednesday said it will now allow its users to decide whether they want to get added to groups on the instant messaging platform.The move assumes significance, especially ahead of elections in the country, as social media platforms are expected to play a major role in political campaigns to reach out to citizens in large numbers. The messaging app has added that a new privacy setting in which an invite system will help users decide who can add them to groups. Previously, WhatsApp users could be added to groups without their consent. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c detailsTo enable the feature, users can go to the ‘settings’ option in the WhatsApp app and select one of three options – nobody, my contacts, or everyone. If they choose nobody, users will have to approve joining every group to which they are invited. Upon choosing my contacts option, users from the person’s address book will be able to add them to groups. In these cases, the person inviting you to a group will be prompted to send a private invite through an individual chat, giving the user a choice of joining the group. The user will be given three days to accept the invite before it expires, the statement said. “With these new features, users will have more control over the group messages they receive,” WhatsApp said.last_img read more

Shiranis lawyers cry foul

Her lawyers also questioned the commission as to who had filed the allegations against her for investigations to be launched. This was said when Bandaranayake appeared before the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption today. Lawyers appearing on behalf of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, today raised concerns over two commissioners investigating bribery allegations against her.The lawyers had said that the two commissioners were biased, a lawyer appearing on behalf of the former Chief Justice said. Details regarding her assets had been produced to the Commission claiming it was beyond the means of an ordinary public servant.The impeached Chief Justice had made several appearances before the Commission this year. (Colombo Gazette)

Leak on International Space Station blamed on botched repair job

Gerst, 42, who is also an expert on the power generated by volcanic eruptions, added: “We grow up on the surface of this planet and if we look up the atmosphere just seems so infinite; everything appears to be without end and we think there’s oil and water and everything we need without end.“But if we see it from the outside we realise how there’s really not much there, and that’s it and if we use up these resources then we don’t have a Planet B. That’s the view that every astronaut realises and it’s in our nature to try and bring that perspective home.” The two millimetre hole on a section of the Russian-made Soyuz space capsuleCredit:Nasa Russian spacewalker Oleg Kononenko (suit with red stripes) attached to the Strela boom outside the International Space Station about 250 miles above Earth to inspect the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft on December 11 Gerst, who returned to earth last month after six months on the ISS, said his view from space had given him and his colleagues a vital perspective on the urgent need to work for the preservation of earth’s natural resources and its threatened environment. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday he said: “It was pretty clear in my opinion [it was] not the crew that sprung the leak. That was just a few misunderstandings they had out there. Russian spacewalker Oleg Kononenko (suit with red stripes) attached to the Strela boom outside the International Space Station about 250 miles above Earth to inspect the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft on December 11 The commander of the International Space Station has confirmed that a leak in its space capsule was caused deliberately and could have had “severe” consequences for him and his crew.The leak was detected by NASA officials in late August, when flight controllers on Earth noticed a dip in the air pressure of the ISS.It was identified by the crew as coming from a two millimetre hole on a section of the Russian-made Soyuz space capsule.Nasa said at the time the crew were “never in any danger”, but photographs of the hole released later showed what appeared to be drill marks around it, sparking speculation about who carried out what appeared to be a deliberate attempt at sabotage.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Alexander Gerst, the German-born commander of the mission, has now scotched suggestions aired in sections of the Russian media that the hole was the work of US astronauts on a previous mission.Instead Gerst appeared to suggest it was the fault of a botched repair job subsequently covered up by construction or maintenance crews on the ground. The two millimetre hole on a section of the Russian-made Soyuz space capsule “It’s still pretty obvious that it was a man made hole. The hole was there and it was just covered by a little glue, so the question is how did it get there?” “There’s many important things when you fly to space, but perhaps the most important thing – looking down our planet – is to get a perspective of our home,” he said.“If you look from the outside on that planet you realise there’s a whole lot of black around it and that planet does not look sturdy. In fact the ecosystem, that atmosphere, it’s clear that its very fragile and we could destroy the conditions that allow us humans to live comfortably and that is something we often forget.” Alexander Gerst is helped out of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft just minutes after landing in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan Alexander Gerst is helped out of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft just minutes after landing in Zhezkazgan, KazakhstanCredit:Getty NASA control only informed the crew about the leak once they woke the following morning, reassuring them there was plenty of air left in their reserve t ank to last for several days.But Gerst said the situation might have been much more serious had the air leakage begun when the Soyuz was taking the crew up to the ISS.“As an astronaut you think ‘Well, what would have happened if it broke loose a little bit earlier, when we were travelling to the space station, when you only have a very small volume of air in that spacecraft?’,” he said.“Even though the hole was small in that case it would have been more more severe for us.”The ISS is manned by astronauts from  the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe and is described “the greatest international project of all time”. read more

Visit International Mining at Electra Mining in Johannesburg

first_imgMeet International Mining at Electra Mining Africa where we will be exhibiting next week, October 4 -10 at the MTN Expo Centre, NASREC, Gauteng, South Africa. Come and meet John Chadwick and Phil Playle at booth 7F11, which we will be sharing with Mineweb and Infomine. John Chadwick has attended almost every Electra Mining (more than a dozen) since the early 1980s and has seen it grow into one of the great mining exhibitions of the world. Electra Mining Africa is a meeting and market place for all stakeholders involved in the mining, construction, industrial and power generation industries. In 2008, it attracted over 40,000 visitors to over 650 booths.last_img

Councillors across the country are getting a pay rise except for ones

first_img Short URL Jan 24th 2017, 12:52 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article DUBLIN CITY COUNCILLORS have hit out at the announcement of a €1,000 pay increase for councillors outside of the city districts.Councillors operating in municipal districts across Ireland were informed yesterday by the Department for Local Government that they would soon be receiving a new allowance of €1,000 per year.The Department said this is in order to reflect the additional work of and expenses incurred by councillors since the introduction of reforms in the Local Government Act (2014), which reduced the number by 41% (from 1,627 to 949).However, councillors in the four Dublin Local Authorities, as well as members of Galway and Cork City Councils will not be entitled to the increase.It is believed this is due to the numbers of councillors actually having risen in city councils, and the geographical area that they have to cover being smaller.However, Dublin city councillors have hit out at decision, saying it represented unequal treatment.“There has been a policy of anti-urban policies by successive ministers and this is just the latest of it,” Labour councillor Dermot Lacey for Pembroke-Rathmines told“I’d like Dublin City Council to be treated fairly like everyone else.My electoral area has 100,000 people in it. We’ve been working for in Municipal areas for years without them being called that.Lacey said that the costs of parking in Dublin and the costs incurred by leafleting homes were two examples of the extra expenses incurred by city members. What we need is real reform, not piecemeal changes, said Dermot Lacey.“What we need is real reform, not these piecemeal changes,” he said.[Housing Minister Simon Coveney] would have been better off doing nothing. 48 Comments By Cormac Fitzgerald Image: Cormac Fitzgerald/ Lacey’s comments were echoed by Independent councillor for the North Inner City Nial Ring.Ring told that he felt Dublin city councillors did a huge amount of work and had one of the biggest populations to cater to.“Councillors are certainly not in this for the money,” said Ring.“Most us get involved because we want to make a difference in our communities.This is just another case where Dublin has to pick up the tab for the rest of the country. Image: Cormac Fitzgerald/ Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 12:52 PM Councillors across the country are getting a pay rise (except for ones in Dublin, Cork and Galway) Municipal councillors will soon be entitled to €1,000 extra. 12,706 Views Nial Ring said Dublin City Councillors should not have been left out of the wage increases. Source: RollingNews.ieVouched expenses All councillors across the country have also been informed that they will now be entitled to an increase of around €2,500 to their vouched expenses.As things stand, elected members of a council are entitled to between €2,286 and €2,667 a year in a fixed allowance to cover administrative expenses. These expenses are un-vouched (receipts do not have to be provided to claim).Now, council members will have an option of trading in that allowance for up to a €5,000 allowance in vouched for expenses a year. This will apply to things like newsletter distribution, web hosting, secretary support and similar things.Both these changes are due to come into effect from 1 July of this year, once Minister Coveney has signed the appropriate regulationsThe new measures were broadly welcomed by the Association of Irish Local Government (AILG), who has been campaigning for improved terms for councillors since 2014.However, the group said it was “disappointed and concerned” that city councils would be exempt from the €1,000 increase to allowances.Read: Thousands taken off social housing list for not replying to questionnaireRead: Dublin restaurants say persistent beggars are a ‘major threat’ to diners’ comfort Share489 Tweet Email last_img read more

Luis Enrique We improved with our substitutes

first_imgSpain national team boss Luis Enrique claims Spain improved with their substitutes in their Nations League group.However, he adds that  ‘bad luck and some mistakes’ destroyed their chances of securing a place in the Final Four.“We started the match well, quickly posing danger out wide and through the middle,” said the Coach via Football Espana after La Roja’s 1-0 win against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday.“The team then got into a complicated dynamic, Bosnia moved a bit further afield, but at no point did I see us in danger of losing the game.”“In the second half, we improved with our substitutes and we tried to knock down the wall put up by our opponents.”“It’s always difficult against a team who sit back. Brais was very good. Not everyone scores on their debut.”“He and Fornals did very well. It’s very nice for a Coach to see that there’s a bright future. I saw the centre-backs in a very good way, so that’s more great news.”“The players who came in played like they did for their respective teams. They played great against one of Europe’s best strikers in Dzeko. I’m happy with them.”Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“Isco wearing the captain’s armband was anecdotal. It was for the player with the most caps and I think Isco has been pushing the cart for many years, also for his club.”“He has talent and potential. He’s been an important player and he has a praiseworthy attitude.”“I can draw positives from looking at the group we were in, which was one of the most difficult.”“We all expected to go through after our first two games, but that’s football. I didn’t expect my team to be here after six games, but I’m happy with their attitude.”“I wish Croatia and England had drawn, but now I’m focused on qualifying for the Euros and I think the national team look good.”“England-Croatia was very well-contested. England took advantage of set-pieces to win the game.”“Bad luck and some mistakes saw us fail to make the Final Four, but the group was very complicated and the national team were up to task.”last_img read more

1 suspect involved in multicar collision faces judge

first_imgSUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) – One of two suspects accused in a chase and crash are appearing in court, Thursday.Desmond Bullock faces drug possession charges. He was given a $1,000 bond.According to police, Bullock was in a speeding car that officers tailed from Hollywood. He then collided with several vehicles at 19th Street and Sunset Strip, in Sunrise.The second suspect, Christian Martin, is still in the hospital.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Sports Monday Breaking Down the RocketsLakers Brawl and Assessing the Astros Future

first_img Listen Marcio Jose Sanchez/APHouston Rockets’ Chris Paul, second from left, is held back by Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, left, as Paul fights with Lakers’ Rajon Rondo, on Oct. 20 in Los Angeles. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /10:55center_img The Rockets defeated the Lakers 124-115 Saturday night — but not without some controversy. In the latter minutes of the second half, a brawl broke out between the teams resulting in a two-game suspension for Chris Paul.In the audio above, sportswriter Jeff Balke discusses that story and other developments in Houston sports.Also, we examine the Astros’ exit from the postseason and explore the team’s future outlook.And, after Deshaun Watson’s long bus ride to Jacksonville, he lead the Texans to a 20-7 win over the Jaguars to give the team sole possession of first place in the AFC south. X Sharelast_img read more

GameFly launches Steam competitor with free games for members

first_imgGames-by-mail rental service GameFly has launched an open beta of its own digital distribution service for PC games that features a roster of free downloads for members of the service.The service is at its core a game download store where players can digitally acquire new releases. GameFly acquired digital distributor Direct2Drive in 2011, and this is effectively the relaunch of that service. Top releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim can each be had for $59.99, while GameFly members get a 10% discount.Unlimited PC Play is a feature exclusive to GameFly customers with subscription plans and for now offers free downloads of some 200 titles from PC gaming’s backbench including older Ubisoft releases, unknown children’s titles, and short-lived episodic games. Right now, the library generally reflects that of the defunct subscription service GameTap circa 2007 or 2008, but is expected to grow as more publishers sign on.Mac games are a planned feature, but for now the open beta only covers PC games. Access to the retail purchases via a Steam-like client download are free, while Unlimited PC Play begins at $15.95 per month with a standard GameFly subscription.GameFly has gradually expanded upon its core rental business since 2008 when it entered the Web business by acquiring game news blog Shacknews. When considering that GameFly loses money on postal shipping, the digital distribution business may be seen as a gradual, Netflix-esque move away from rentals by mail and toward a cloud-based business. At one point, it even tried a Redbox-like physical kiosk, but that appears to not have panned out. Meanwhile, Redbox has moved into the gaming space to great success.Download the client at Gameflylast_img read more

A library for the homeless

first_imgWhile it is usual for charitable organisations to offer food, clothing and shelter options for the homeless and the poor, a city-based humanitarian society has now gone one step further and attempts to provide them with essential soul nourishment, through books.At Yamuna Pushta, one of the biggest slums in the city, is a free library set up for the homeless and underpriviliged migrants, by Adhyayan Foundation in association with another NGO Prayas JAC Society who are collaborating with the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB).  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The library offers all kinds of literature ranging from fiction to autobiographies of various world leaders besides magazines and daily newspapers. “Books play an important role in the development of any society. They not only refine an individual’s life but also serve as a beacon for future generations,” said Alka Lamba, MLA, Aam Aadmi Party, who inaugurated the library recently said.The library, which seeks to promote development of ideas through open access to “recorded knowledge, information and creative groups” has recieved over 20,000 books in donations. The initiative is also being viewed as an opportunity to develop relations with the homeless and to explore ways to offer them support. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix”The establishment of a library for marginalised sections of the society is the need of the hour. It is by educating these sections that the real upliftment of the society will take place. The establishment of a library is an ideal benchmark for serving the society,” said Bipin Rai from DUSIB.He also assured government assistance in future for such initiatives.According to Amod Kanth, founder and general secretary, Prayas JAC Society, said the library will instill a sense of confidence in the homeless and will help in changing their perspective towards life.  “The homeless have now got the weapon of books. Through this, one inspired individual will inspire many others. The addiction to books is the greatest. Once you are addicted to books you cannot think of anything else,” said Kanth.Prayas has taken several initiatives previously to reintegrate the marginalised communities in the society, which include opening bank accounts and generating voter identity and adhaar cards in order to connect with government welfare schemes besides offering regular health services.last_img read more

Microsoft promises to be even more transparent about data it collects

first_imgMicrosoft promises to be even more transparent about data it collects by Martin Brinkmann on May 03, 2019 in Microsoft – 33 commentsMicrosoft announced three improvements in regards to privacy and data collection on April 30, 2019. The steps, revealed by Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Julie Brill, on the official Microsoft Blog, are designed to “give customers increased transparency and control over their data that is used by Microsoft’s major products”.The three steps, categorization of data, increased transparency, and a new biannual privacy report, address feedback of Microsoft customers in regards to privacy.Brill notes that customers are concerned about privacy, and that they want to know more about the data that Microsoft collects and how it uses the data.In recent months we’ve heard from customers – especially those in Europe – with questions about the data that is collected from their devices when they use our products and services.Microsoft faced some heat, especially from European Data Protection Authorities, e.g. from the Netherlands or France, over the company’s Windows 10 operating system and its collecting of data.Tip: check out these privacy tools for Windows 10.CategorizationMicrosoft wants to categorize data that it collects in all its major products. Collected data is either categorized as required or optional. Required data is data that is necessary to operate Microsoft products and services.Brill mentions terms of a search query, and the IP address, type and version of the device for connectivity to Microsoft cloud services and delivering security patches.Customers may, in some instances, control if required data is collected, as they may select to use certain features, e.g. using Microsoft cloud services. New configuration options will be unveiled in the near future to give customers more control over data collection for certain features or functions according to Brill.Optional data is non-essential data for products or services. Microsoft customers “will be able to control the collection of optional data” without affecting the use of specific features or services.Microsoft, once again, wants to give customers control over the data collecting so that they may allow or block the collecting.Brill mentions two examples of optional data: data about pictures embedded into Word documents to “provide better image options” and the time it takes for PowerPoint slides to appear to “improve the experience if it’s slow”.Increased transparencyMicrosoft plans to improve documentation in regards to privacy and transparency. The company plans to update the company’s Privacy Hub and the Enterprise Trust Center with information about the data that it collects.Customers will be able to see required and optional data for major Microsoft products. Explanations and descriptions will be provided to help customers understand why data is required or optional.We’ll improve upon our existing documentation practices, to describe what we collect in these two categories, in ways that are easy to understand, and to explain why data in the required category is necessary.Biannual privacy reportMicrosoft will publish a biannual privacy report that highlights new required data that Microsoft began to collect and data that Microsoft no longer collects.The report will be published on Microsoft’s Privacy website.This report will highlight any new required data collection we believe is fundamental to provide, secure, update or maintain the performance of our products. We will also note instances when we stop collecting certain types of data from devices (because product or service changes mean the data is no longer required). Last, we will explain when we make changes to our data collection in response to new privacy laws, industry standards and regulations.Closing WordsThe changes will roll out in the coming months. Categorization will focus on Windows 10 and Office365 ProPlus first; other Microsoft products, Xbox and Dynamics 365 are mentioned specifically, will follow at a later point in time.  SummaryArticle NameMicrosoft promises to be even more transparent about data it collectsDescriptionMicrosoft announced three improvements in regards to privacy and data collection on April 30, 2019 for its major products.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

3 ways to use Indexes in Teradata to improve database performance

first_imgIn this tutorial, we will create solutions to design indexes to help us improve query performance of Teradata database management system. This article is an excerpt from a book co-authored by Abhinav Khandelwal and Rajsekhar Bhamidipati titled Teradata Cookbook. This book will teach you to tackle problems related to efficient querying, stored procedure searching, and navigation techniques in a Teradata database. Creating a partitioned primary index to improve performance A PPI (partitioned primary index) is a type of index that enables users to set up databases that provide performance benefits from a data locality, while retaining the benefits of scalability inherent in the hash architecture of the Teradata database. This is achieved by hashing rows to different virtual AMPs, as is done with a normal PI, but also by creating local partitions within each virtual AMP. We will see how PPIs will improve the performance of a query. Getting ready You need to connect to the Teradata database. Let’s create a table and insert data into it using the following DDL. This will be a non-partitioned table, as follows: /*NON PPI TABLE DDL*/CREATE volatile TABLE EMP_SAL_NONPPI(id INT,Sal INT,dob DATE,o_total INT) primary index( id)  on commit preserve rows;INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1001,2500,’2017-09-01′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1002,5500,’2017-09-10′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1003,500,’2017-09-02′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1004,54500,’2017-09-05′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1005,900,’2017-09-23′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1006,8900,’2017-08-03′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1007,8200,’2017-08-21′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1008,6200,’2017-08-06′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1009,2300,’2017-08-12′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_NONPPI VALUES (1010,9200,’2017-08-15′,890); Let’s check the explain plan of the following query; we are selecting data based on the DOB column using the following code: /*Select on NONPPI table*/SELECT * from EMP_SAL_NONPPIwhere dob Following is the snippet from SQLA showing explain plan of the query: As seen in the following explain plan, an all-rows scan can be costly in terms of CPU and I/O if the table has millions of rows: Explain SELECT * from EMP_SAL_NONPPIwhere dob The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.04 seconds. Let’s see how we can enable partition retrieval in the same query. How to do it… Connect to the Teradata database using SQLA or Studio. Create the following table with the data. We will define a PPI on the column DOB:/*Partition table*/CREATE volatile TABLE EMP_SAL_PPI(id INT,Sal int,dob date,o_total int) primary index( id)PARTITION BY RANGE_N (dob BETWEEN DATE ‘2017-01-01’AND DATE ‘2017-12-01’ EACH INTERVAL ‘1’ DAY)on commit preserve rows;INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1001,2500,’2017-09-01′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1002,5500,’2017-09-10′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1003,500,’2017-09-02′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1004,54500,’2017-09-05′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1005,900,’2017-09-23′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1006,8900,’2017-08-03′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1007,8200,’2017-08-21′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1008,6200,’2017-08-06′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1009,2300,’2017-08-12′,890);INSERT into EMP_SAL_PPI VALUES (1010,9200,’2017-08-15′,890); Let’s execute the same query on a new partition table: /*SELECT on PPI table*/sel * from EMP_SAL_PPIwhere dob Following snippet from SQLA shows query and explain plan of the query: The data is being accessed using only a single partition, as shown in the following block: /*EXPLAIN PLAN*/1) First, we do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from a single partitionofSYSDBA.EMP_SAL_PPI with a condition of(“SYSDBA.EMP_SAL_PPI.dob =DATE ‘2017-08-01′”) with a residual condition of (“SYSDBA.EMP_SAL_PPI.dob = DATE ‘2017-08-01′”) into Spool 1(group_amps), which is built locally on the AMPs. The size ofSpool 1 is estimated with no confidence to be 1 row (37bytes).The estimated time for this step is 0.04 seconds. -> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.04 seconds. How it works… A partitioned PI helps in improving the performance of a query by avoiding a full table scan elimination. A PPI works the same as a primary index for data distribution, but creates partitions according to ranges or cases, as specified in the table. There are four types of PPI that can be created in a table: Case partitioning: /*CASE partition*/CREATE TABLE SALES_CASEPPI(ORDER_ID INTEGER,CUST_ID INTERGER,ORDER_DT DATE,)PRIMARY INDEX(ORDER_ID)PARTITION BY CASE_N(ORDER_ID Range-based partitioning: /*Range Partition table*/CREATE volatile TABLE EMP_SAL_PPI(id INT,Sal int,dob date,o_total int) primary index( id)PARTITION BY RANGE_N (dob BETWEEN DATE ‘2017-01-01’AND DATE ‘2017-12-01’ EACH INTERVAL ‘1’ DAY)on commit preserve rows Multi-level partitioning: CREATE TABLE SALES_MLPPI_TABLE(ORDER_ID INTEGER NOT NULL,CUST_ID INTERGER,ORDER_DT DATE,)PRIMARY INDEX(ORDER_ID)PARTITION BY (RANGE_N(ORDER_DT BETWEEN DATE ‘2017-08-01’ AND DATE’2017-12-31’EACH INTERVAL ‘1’ DAY)CASE_N (ORDER_ID Character-based partitioning: /*CHAR Partition*/CREATE TABLE SALES_CHAR_PPI (ORDR_ID INTEGER,EMP_NAME VARCHAR (30) CHARACTER,PRIMARY INDEX (ORDR_ID)PARTITION BY CASE_N (EMP_NAME LIKE ‘A%’, EMP_NAME LIKE ‘B%’,EMP_NAME LIKE ‘C%’, EMP_NAME LIKE ‘D%’,EMP_NAME LIKE ‘E%’, EMP_NAME LIKE ‘F%’,NO CASE, UNKNOWN); PPI not only helps in improving the performance of queries, but also helps in table maintenance. But there are certain performance considerations that you might need to keep in mind when creating a PPI on a table, and they are: If partition column criteria is not present in the WHERE clause while selecting primary indexes, it can slow the query The partitioning of the column must be carefully chosen in order to gain maximum benefits Drop unneeded secondary indexes or value-ordered join indexes Creating a join index to improve performance A join index is a data structure that contains data from one or more tables, with or without aggregation: In this, we will see how join indexes help in improving the performance of queries. Getting ready You need to connect to the Teradata database using SQLA or Studio. Let’s create a table and insert the following code into it: CREATE TABLE td_cookbook.EMP_SAL(id INT,DEPT varchar(25),emp_Fname varchar(25),emp_Lname varchar(25),emp_Mname varchar(25),status INT)primary index(id);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (1,’HR’,’Anikta’,’lal’,’kumar’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (2,’HR’,’Anik’,’kumar’,’kumar’,2);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (3,’IT’,’Arjun’,’sharma’,’lal’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (4,’SALES’,’Billa’,’Suti’,’raj’,2);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (4,’IT’,’Koyd’,’Loud’,’harlod’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (2,’HR’,’Harlod’,’lal’,’kumar’,1); Further, we will create a single table join index with a different primary index of the table. How to do it… The following are the steps to create a join index to improve performance: Connect to the Teradata database using SQLA or Studio. Check the explain plan for the following query: /*SELECT on base table*/EXPLAIN SELECT id,dept,emp_Fname,emp_Lname,status fromtd_cookbook.EMP_SALwhere id=4;1) First, we do a single-AMP RETRIEVE step from td_cookbook.EMP_SAL by way of the primary index “ = 4” with no residual conditions into Spool 1 (one-amp), which is built locally on that AMP. The size of Spool 1 is estimated with low confidence to be 2 rows (118 bytes). The estimated time for this step is 0.02 seconds.-> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.02 seconds. Query with a WHERE clause on id; then the system will query the EMP table using the primary index of the base table, which is id. Now, if a user wants to query a table on column emp_Fname, an all row scan will occur, which will degrade the performance of the query, as shown in the following screenshot: Now, we will create a JOIN INDEX using emp_Fname as the primary index: /*Join Index*/CREATE JOIN INDEX td_cookbook.EMP_JIASSELECT id,emp_Fname,emp_Lname,status,emp_Mname,deptFROM td_cookbook.EMP_SALPRIMARY INDEX(emp_Fname); Let’s collect statistics on the join index: /*Collect stats on JI*/collect stats td_cookbook.EMP_JI column emp_Fname Now, we will check the explain plan query on the WHERE clause using the column emp_Fname: Explain sel id,dept,emp_Fname,emp_Lname,status fromtd_cookbook.EMP_SALwhere emp_Fname=’ankita’;1) First, we do a single-AMP RETRIEVE step from td_cookbooK.EMP_JI by way of the primary index “td_cookbooK.EMP_JI.emp_Fname = ‘ankita'” with no residual conditions into Spool 1 (one-amp), which is built locally on that AMP. The size of Spool 1 is estimated with low confidence to be 2 rows (118 bytes). The estimated time for this step is 0.02 seconds. -> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.02 seconds. In EXPLAIN, you can see that the optimizer is using the join index instead of the base table when the table queries are using the Emp_Fname column. How it works… Query performance improves any time a join index can be used instead of the base tables. A join index is most useful when its columns can satisfy, or cover, most or all of the requirements in a query. For example, the optimizer may consider using a covering index instead of performing a merge join. When we are able to cover all the queried columns that can be satisfied by a join index, then it is called a cover query. Covering indexes improve the speed of join queries. The extent of improvement can be dramatic, especially for queries involving complex, large-table, and multiple-table joins. The extent of such improvement depends on how often an index is appropriate to a query. There are a few more join indexes that can be used in Teradata: Aggregate-table join index: A type of join index which pre-joins and summarizes aggregated tables without requiring any physical summary tables. It refreshes automatically whenever the base table changes. Only COUNT and SUM are permitted, and DISTINCT is not permitted: /*AG JOIN INDEX*/CREATE JOIN INDEX Agg_Join_Index ASSELECT Cust_ID,Order_ID,SUM(Sales_north) — Aggregate columnFROMsales_tableGROUP BY 1,2Primary Index(Cust_ID)Use FLOAT as a data type for COUNT and SUM to avoid overflow. Sparse join index: When a WHERE clause is applied in a JOIN INDEX, it is know as a sparse join index. By limiting the number of rows retrieved in a join, it reduces the size of the join index. It is also useful for UPDATE statements where the index is highly selective: /*SP JOIN INDEX*/CREATE JOIN INDEX Sparse_Join_Index ASSELECT Cust_ID,Order_ID,SUM(Sales_north) — Aggregate columnFROMsales_tablewhere Order_id = 1 — WHERE CLAUSEGROUP BY 1,2Primary Index(Cust_ID) Creating a hash index to improve performance Hash indexes are designed to improve query performance like join indexes, especially single table join indexes, and in addition, they enable you to avoid accessing the base table. The syntax for the hash index is as follows: /*Hash index syntax*/CREATE HASH INDEX [, ]() ON [BY ()][ORDER BY ] ; Getting ready You need to connect to the Teradata database. Let’s create a table and insert data into it using the following DDL: /*Create table with data*/CREATE TABLE td_cookbook.EMP_SAL(id INT,DEPT varchar(25),emp_Fname varchar(25),emp_Lname varchar(25),emp_Mname varchar(25),status INT)primary index(id);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (1,’HR’,’Anikta’,’lal’,’kumar’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (2,’HR’,’Anik’,’kumar’,’kumar’,2);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (3,’IT’,’Arjun’,’sharma’,’lal’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (4,’SALES’,’Billa’,’Suti’,’raj’,2);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (4,’IT’,’Koyd’,’Loud’,’harlod’,1);INSERT into td_cookbook.EMP_SAL VALUES (2,’HR’,’Harlod’,’lal’,’kumar’,1); How to do it… You need to connect to the Teradata database using SQLA or Studio. Let’s check the explain plan of the following query shown in the figure: /*EXPLAIN of SELECT*/Explain sel id,emp_Fname from td_cookbook.EMP_SAL; 1) First, we lock td_cookbook.EMP_SAL for read on a reserved RowHash to prevent global deadlock. 2) Next, we lock td_cookbook.EMP_SAL for read. 3) We do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from td_cookbook.EMP_SAL by way of an all-rows scan with no residual conditions into Spool 1 (group_amps), which is built locally on the AMPs. The size of Spool 1 is estimated with high confidence to be 6 rows (210 bytes). The estimated time for this step is 0.04 seconds. 4) Finally, we send out an END TRANSACTION step to all AMPs involved in processing the request. -> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.04 seconds. Now let’s create a hash join index on the EMP_SAL table: /*Hash Indx*/CREATE HASH INDEX td_cookbook.EMP_HASH_inx(id, DEPT) ON td_cookbook.EMP_SALBY (id)ORDER BY HASH (id); Let’s now check the explain plan on the select query after the hash index creation: /*Select after hash idx*/EXPLAIN SELCT id,dept from td_cookbook.EMP_SAL 1) First, we lock td_cookbooK.EMP_HASH_INX for read on a reserved RowHash to prevent global deadlock. 2) Next, we lock td_cookbooK.EMP_HASH_INX for read. 3) We do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from td_cookbooK.EMP_HASH_INX by way of an all-rows scan with no residual conditions into Spool 1 (group_amps), which is built locally on the AMPs. The size of Spool 1 is estimated with high confidence to be 6 rows (210 bytes). The estimated time for this step is 0.04 seconds. 4) Finally, we send out an END TRANSACTION step to all AMPs involved in processing the request. -> The contents of Spool 1 are sent back to the user as the result of statement 1. The total estimated time is 0.04 seconds. Explain plan can be see in the snippet from SQLA: How it works… Points to consider about the hash index definition are: Each hash index row contains the department id and the department name. Specifying the department id is unnecessary, since it is the primary index of the base table and will therefore be automatically included. The BY clause indicates that the rows of this index will be distributed by the department id hash value. The ORDER BY clause indicates that the index rows will be ordered on each AMP in sequence by the department id hash value. The column specified in the BY clause should be part of the columns which make up the hash index. The BY clause comes with the ORDER BY clause. Unlike join indexes, hash indexes can only be on a single table. We explored how to create different types of index to bring up maximum performance in your database queries. If this article made your way, do check out the book Teradata Cookbook and gain confidence in running a wide variety of Data analytics to develop applications for the Teradata environment. Read Next: Why MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database today Why Oracle is losing the Database Race Using the Firebase Real-Time Databaselast_img read more

More than 800 business operators to attend annual ChinaLatin America summit in

first_imgBusiness owners from 20 countries will participate in the seventh annual China-Latin America and Caribbean Business Summit, which runs Nov. 26-27 at the Hotel Real InterContinental in Escazú, southwest of San José, Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) reported.COMEX said more than 800 business operators from participating countries will hold 150 roundtable discussions, 1,500 bilateral meetings, and five general sessions during the two-day event.Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González highlighted the activity as one of the most important of the year for the country, and said that “it will be particularly important to strengthen our relationship with China and boost trade and investment with this strategic partner.”Among the topics to be discussed at the summit are the modernization of trade models, and technological and agricultural development.Keynote speeches will focus on global trade, bilateral cooperation between cities, and electronic commerce.The summit is the most important business, trade and investment forum between Latin America and the Asian giant, taking place annually since 2007.COMEX data indicate that bilateral trade between Costa Rica and China has grown by 70 percent since the entry into force of a free trade agreement signed in 2011. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

In Cuba mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

first_imgAssociated PressHAVANA (AP) – It was all sunshine, smiles and celebratory speeches as officials marked the arrival of an undersea fiber-optic cable they promised would end Cuba’s Internet isolation and boost web capacity 3,000-fold. Even a retired Fidel Castro had hailed the dawn of a new cyber-age on the island.More than a year after the February 2011 ceremony on Siboney Beach in eastern Cuba, and 10 months after the system was supposed to have gone online, the government never mentions the cable anymore, and Internet here remains the slowest in the hemisphere. People talk quietly about embezzlement torpedoing the project and the arrest of more than a half-dozen senior telecom officials. Comments   Share   She and the others spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of getting into trouble with their state employers.Multiple attempts to get Cuban and Venezuelan government officials to comment were unsuccessful.The Venezuela branch of Paris-based Alcatel-Lucent, which was contracted to lay the cable, referred questions to the Cuban-Venezuelan joint venture Telecomunicaciones Gran Caribe, where an official said he would need approval from Venezuela’s science and technology ministry to talk about the project. The ministry did not respond to requests to interview officials.Diplomats in Havana privately tell consistent stories of reported corner-cutting on the project that let corrupt officials skim millions of dollars from its budget.A senior French official told AP that Alcatel had upheld its part of the contract and whatever problems exist must be on land with the network it was meant to be attached to.“The cable must be connected to something or it won’t work,” said the official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the politically sensitive project.The lack of transparency is not unusual for Cuba, where all media is state-run and tightly controlled. But it flies in the face of Fidel Castro’s own enthusiastic words about the cable and the transformational power of the Internet. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Cuban-born economist Arturo Lopez-Levy said Havana has badly bungled the whole affair, and if it’s true that corruption killed the cable, officials should “make heads roll over the scandal” and give an open accounting of what went wrong.“The Cuban government failure to achieve this goal is one of the worst-managed situations,” said Lopez-Levy, a lecturer at the University of Denver, “aggravated by an even worse public relations fiasco to address it.”___Associated Press writers Peter Orsi, Paul Haven and Anne-Marie Garcia in Havana contributed to this report.___Andrea Rodriguez on Twitter: New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Sponsored Stories 4 must play golf courses in Arizona “Secrets are over. … We are facing the most powerful weapon that has ever existed, which is communication,” Castro told Mexican daily La Jornada in an August 2010 interview in which he hailed the coming cable.While some hold out hope that faster Internet has merely been delayed, others interpret the government’s long silence as a sign Cuba’s broadband dreams will be the latest grand pronouncement to end in disappointment.“I have no expectations for the cable,” said Marlene Blanco, a 25-year-old independent worker. “Nothing is going to change for ordinary Cubans. So why talk about it?”According to government statistics, 16 percent of islanders were online in some capacity in 2011, mostly through work or school, and often just to the intranet. The National Statistics Office said last year that just 2.9 percent reported having direct Internet access, though outside experts estimate the real figure is likely 5 to 10 percent accounting for black market sales of dial-up minutes. For a variety of reasons including the 50-year-old U.S. economic embargo, Cuba is the last country in the Western Hemisphere to get a fiber-optic connection to the outside world, and has relied instead on costly and slow satellite linkups.center_img 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Some speculate that the Internet-fueled Arab Spring revolts, which began months before the cable’s arrival in Cuba, could have altered the government’s plan or at least made officials rethink the wisdom of making it widely available.“They’re afraid of it. They don’t want a `Cuban Spring,’ so to speak,” Press said.President Raul Castro’s administration has warned of a supposed plot by enemies in the United States to wage a “cyberwar” to destabilize the Communist-run government. In 2011, a Cuban court sentenced U.S. subcontractor Alan Gross to 15 years after convicting him of crimes against the state for importing restricted communications equipment that he insists was only meant to help the island’s Jewish community gain better Internet access.The official silence over the fiber-optic cable has given rise to other rumors: that the cable is operational but being used selectively. A pro-government blogger known as Yohandry Fontana wrote at the end of 2011 that people who attended a closed forum on social networks reported it was working fine.“Here’s a brief summary: 1. The cable has no problem, it is working. 2. Public Internet spaces will open on the island. 3. Costs for public connection will go down. Note: I am seeking more information,” Fontana said. Top Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Perhaps most maddening, nobody has explained what happened to the much-ballyhooed $70 million project.“They did some photo-op … and then that scandal came out, and then it just disappeared from human consciousness,” said Larry Press, a professor of information systems at California State University, Dominguez Hills, who studies Cuba, referring to foreign media reports and whispers by diplomats that several executives at state phone company Etecsa and the two senior officials in the Telecommunications Ministry were arrested last year.The cable was strung from Venezuela with the help of key ally Hugo Chavez. Government officials said from the start that the bandwidth boon would be prioritized for hospitals, universities and other usage deemed in service of the common good; the legions of Cubans with little or no access to the Internet from their homes would have to wait.But a dozen employees of public institutions interviewed by The Associated Press said they have seen no noticeable improvement in their work connections. If anything, they say, download speeds have even gotten a little slower.Going online in Cuba will try the patience of anyone who’s ever had a taste of high-speed DSL connections. The problem is that connection speeds here are still Web 1.0, while the world has moved on to fancier, bandwidth-hogging platforms like Flash. YouTube is irrelevant on Cuban dial-up, and barely useable on the rare broadband connections. Want to watch the latest episode of “Mad Men?” At 3-5 kilobytes-per-second dial-up transfer speeds, a 500-megabyte video file would theoretically take somewhere between 28 and 46 hours to download from iTunes.Artists and photographers say it’s nearly impossible to view others’ work online. People swap digital pictures in person on memory sticks rather than simply sending them as email attachments. Students have difficulty accessing research databases.One doctor in Havana said she only has access to Cuba’s domestic intranet, a bare-bones internal network of island-hosted sites that also lets users get email. Moreover, her institution recently began cracking down on the few who do have full Internet access, ordering them not to use sites like Facebook under threat of punishment.“I had high hopes, great expectations for the cable. … For me, doing a postgraduate degree, (the intranet) is no good. It’s too basic and poor for our needs,” she said. “They haven’t given us any explanation.” Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img

The CB is planning

The CBI is planning to take over the case papers from the Special Investigation Team (SIT) which includes the statements of the victim. Imagine, Before the next parliamentary polls, If Israelis are allowed to disagree over the proper path for the nation, had you asked me about culture and values I would have rolled my eyes and recited a line from Dilbert. A recent poll shows him with just 1% support in national polls, during a rescue operation on June 6,上海夜网Chasell, After Trump first pressured Mexico to break up the caravan in early April, It added that Winnie was only mentioned in parts of the will made public in relation to her children. File image of Tamil Nadu chief minister E Palaniswami.

They are a good team and I like the way they play. The governments of Guinea and Sierra Leone also downplayed the epidemic.launched by the Centre as well as the state governments. Martha Washington’s portrait was printed on money in the 19th century, Congrats to helmer #JuliusOnah + my dears JJ. in a decision by its highest authority in December 2007. (Thanks,Wednesday’s ribbon cutting will begin at 1 p and in the process,上海龙凤419Tomara, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

It also intensifies growing questions about what comes next. we’re in the Champions League quarter-finals and we want to progress. One needs to consider if most of the FIRs registered in encounter cases state that the other party threatened to attack seeing the police and whether the said FIRs factor in the possibility of the death being a murder and not the result of the private defence. some of whom I met today,上海龙凤419Chapman, it added. a former Republican commissioner on the Federal Election Commission who now leads the Campaign Legal Center,爱上海Lily, This was as he revealed the reasons why he allowed himself to be arrested by the Abacha regime despite many opportunities to escape and accept an offer of political asylum by the United States. The interview was Yahye Abdi’s first since his harrowing journey,"However, “Sad enough.

and even humans. “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and Agreement on Wednesday in Abuja began a public hearing on a “bill for an act to provide for enforcement and punishment of crimes against humanity. and help people keep more of what they earn.But "normal" is about to go out the window. told a conference call with reporters on Thursday, You all know the steps we have taken to tackle Boko Haram. advocacy. a one-of-a-kind special edition album by the Wu-Tang Clan and shares in Vyera Pharmaceuticals — formerly called Turing Pharmaceuticals, Regardless.

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authorities in the United Arab Emirates have said. "Minot will have approximately 133 silos with missiles installed at any given time once the final boosters are pulled to meet New START requirements,U. Also,上海夜网Arrie, her 12-year-old son’s future and the tension the past weekend’s events in Charlottesville have bred across the nation. CNN quoted a USGS report as saying. He also urged the people to help him break the negative image of UP. focused on preserving the gorge and enhancing recreation at the ski area near Walhalla, we saw that the institutional voice of The Daily Show is now strong whether Stewart is in the chair or not.

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the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHRCL), a total of 903 regional centers exist, How much does a Lotto ticket cost?Curtis Neil Longie, because otherwise.

they served 82 women and children through those programs. 6-4," the report said.Chloe Reding, adding that his son crossed the border illegally and was undocumented in the United States. Several media outlets reported that Schavan received the report over the weekend only after contacting the university and asking for a copy. Others hope to join him. if you have a problem, Well, “Maybe because we were leaving government.

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