UN agency spotlights plight of pregnant women in Pakistani flood zone

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) warned today that thousands of flood-affected pregnant women face the risk of death and disability unless relief efforts can be scaled up quickly to meet their needs.Nearly 500,000 women in the flood-affected zone are pregnant, according to UNFPA estimates. Every day, some 1,700 go into labour and more than 250 experience complications that call for life-saving medical intervention.Most of those made homeless by the floods still lack access to proper health services, including skilled delivery assistance, according to a press release issued today.UNFPA cited the case of Noor Bano, 32, to illustrate the plight of pregnant women in Pakistan. She was anaemic and exhausted when her labour pains started on Sunday. Her flight from the flood had included a three-hour trek carrying two small children and two days sheltering beneath a bridge without food or water.She ended up in a camp in Sukkur visited regularly by a UNFPA-supported medical team. The team gave Ms. Bano a prenatal exam and left a telephone number. Ms. Bano’s mother-in-law called, and community midwife Farzana Sarki came quickly to help Ms. Bano deliver her sixth baby in the family’s tent.It was Ms. Sarki’s 18th delivery in two weeks. Since early August, UNFPA has deployed obstetricians and midwives in 23 mobile teams and 14 health centres in flood-affected areas. They have attended 1,500 births, treated 300 women after suffering miscarriages, and referred nearly 200 mothers to hospitals for delivery by caesarean section.Shahnaz Seelro, Ms. Bano’s neighbour in the camp, gave birth before reaching the camp – in the trailer of a truck hired to carry her family away from the flood. With no skilled birth attendant, her life would have been at risk had anything gone wrong.Maternal mortality is high in Pakistan in even normal times, according to UNFPA. Some 320 women die for every 100,000 live births, according to UN figures. Trauma, malnutrition and poor hygiene make flood survivors more vulnerable.As part of the coordinated humanitarian response to Pakistan’s emergency, UNFPA is focusing on safe delivery and other reproductive health concerns. It is helping to assess needs for basic services as the floods continue to displace people, and for restoring damaged health centres and hospitals after waters recede.“We urgently need to scale up reproductive health care to the flood victims,” said Naseer Nizamani, UNFPA’s deputy representative in Pakistan. “The number of women who still lack assistance is enormous.”Besides supporting health authorities in flood-affected provinces, UNFPA is conducting reproductive health training and offering critical supplies to local groups providing health care. 7 September 2010The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) warned today that thousands of flood-affected pregnant women face the risk of death and disability unless relief efforts can be scaled up quickly to meet their needs. read more

What was said about top court rulings on digenous consultations

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Wednesday that the National Energy Board can fulfil the Crown’s duty to consult Indigenous communities about development projects but it must be done properly. In decisions on two separate cases, the high court decided the NEB had properly consulted when reviewing a plan to expand an Enbridge pipeline between Ontario and Quebec, but that it had failed to do so when it approved seismic testing in Baffin Bay and Davis Straight.Here’s some of the reaction to the rulings:“I’m thinking about the people in Clyde River today. They can finally breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps even dance a celebratory jig and communities across Baffin island can rest assured that those seismic companies will not blast through their waters, they will not threaten their food sovereignty and steamroll unapologetically over their rights.” — Farrah Khan, arctic campaigner, Greenpeace Canada, which aided Clyde River in its legal battle against the seismic testing.——“It represents a victory not only for this community and its future but a significant and notable step forward in bringing Canadian law into line with important international human rights standards. For far too long now governments in Canada across the country and their regulatory bodies have treated consultation with Indigenous peoples as a mere formality.” — Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada.——“The government cannot continue to pay lip service to reconciliation and Indigenous rights while continuing to ignore the duty to consult and accommodate. It is insulting to see this government refuse, time after time, to walk the walk. They must immediately fix this broken process.” — NDP Indigenous and Northern Affairs Critic Romeo Saganash.——“That will certainly make it much more difficult in the future for the NEB to green light projects like this one, projects that have the potential to prove catastrophic for the Inuit people. Yeah, they can come back again and try again. We’ll be ready and we’ll be waiting.” — Clyde River lawyer Nader Hasan.——“The Chiefs of Ontario will continue to support the Chippewas of the Thames, and all other communities who are facing unwanted potential development on their lands. The fossil fuel industry will disappear over the next several decades, to be replaced by green energy. The real issue here is that we must preserve our lands and waters for future generations. This is the way forward in order to reverse climate change and the continued contamination of our lands, air and water. Our Peoples will continue the fight to save our planet for all our children.” Chiefs of Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day. read more

Ecopassages in dispute

A battle could be brewing over responsibility for the eco-passages and wildlife fencing installed in recent years along the Long Point Causeway.The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation, in partnership with other conservation groups, raised $2.5 million over several years for the installation of the infrastructure along the 3.5-kilometre causeway.The three culverts, nine wildlife tunnels and fencing is credited with reducing reptile mortality on the causeway, which separates the Big Creek Marsh from Long Point Bay.The biosphere foundation is weighing an appeal to the Ministry of the Environment if Norfolk County refuses to accept responsibility.“We have to decide whether we need to take it up with the minister,” Rick Levick, president of the foundation, said Tuesday.“It’s not our preferred option. We don’t want to delay the project. The road is a mess. The bridge is a mess.”Levick and others raised the money for the causeway infrastructure, which was installed in phases, over several years.At the outset, former public works general manager Eric D’Hondt was careful to link responsibility for the care and upkeep of the eco-passages, culvert and fencing to the promoters of the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project in any agreement they entered with the county.With the causeway set to be rebuilt, Levick says the time has come for Norfolk to assume responsibility for infrastructure it is about to disturb.Levick says the private-sector entities that raised money for the causeway may’ve saved Norfolk millions of dollars. Levick said the province very easily could have ordered the county to undertake this work itself due to the high mortality rate of turtles, snakes and other species-at-risk due to traffic on the causeway between Port Rowan and Long Point.Port Rowan Coun. Tom Masschaele is sympathetic to these arguments. He has tabled a motion for an upcoming meeting calling on Norfolk to assume responsibility for this infrastructure.Levick’s comments came after a presentation by Henry Huotari, a program director with the environmental consulting firm Parsons in London. Parsons recently completed an environmental assessment regarding the $12-million causeway rebuild.Key findings of the Parsons’ report include:Parsons is discouraging the construction of a four-kilometre multi-use pathway offset from the road allowance on the west side of the causeway. Huotari said this would require a lengthy, complicated negotiation for land with the Canadian Wildlife Service that could delay the causeway rebuild. Parsons estimates that the causeway project will begin in the spring of 2020. The road itself should be rebuilt by late fall of next year. Replacement of the failing bridge over the causeway near George Lane would also begin in 2020 but not be finished until sometime in 2021. Huotari gave assurances that traffic in and out of Long Point will continue for the duration of the project. This includes the access and egress of heavy vehicles, RVs, boats and trailers and the like. “We simply cannot hold up an ambulance or a fire truck,” Huotari said. Norfolk will consider the possibility of removing the old willow trees on either side of the causeway later this year. If the county decides to get this work out of the way early, it will have to wait till late summer or in the fall when birds are finished nesting. MSonnenberg@postmedia.com read more

Trolex on mitigating rock falls in underground mining

first_imgWhile mining safety has improved significantly, operators are still subjected to hazardous conditions. Heavy loads, noise, chemical leakage, dust exposure, floods, and electrocution are just some of the problems they face. Modern technology does however mitigate all of these risks, ensuring operator and environment safety. But one risk that is sometimes overlooked, is rock fall. Around 30% of accidents and fatalities in underground mines occur as a result of rockfall, according to Trolex, and most of these incidents are close to mine entrances or near the mining operation.“Yet, with the technology and tools available, mitigating and controlling rock fall is entirely possible. There are a variety of solutions that exist that enable mine-wide monitoring and environment analysis, capable of issuing early warnings and identifying structural damage and risks before they become a problem. To prevent rock fall and avalanches, there are a numerous techniques, tools and solutions that can be used.” Depending on the operation, multiple options may be deployed, but Trolex points out that the solutions fall into one of the two methods outlined below:Active rock fall mitigation is more preventative, stopping the rock fall events from ever occurring. It utilises methods such as rock bolting, shotcrete, buttress, drainage and stabilisation at the initiation zone – i.e. where the rock fall would occur. Passive rock fall mitigation refers to when a rock fall still occurs, but its impact is mitigated and controlled as much as possible.Active methods include rerouting paths, building tunnels or elevating structures above the point of danger. Other measures include stabilising the active area by removing hazardous materials, draining the area of water to prevent erosion, reinforcing rock walls with rock bolts and shotcrete, and buttress.Passive methods include drape nets and bolts that are inserted into predrilled holes and bonded into place. These nets typically hold rock fall in place or catch rock fall by creating a hanging curtain. Passive methods are predominantly used outside mines where work is being conducted externally, preventing rock fall from falling on important infrastructure or operators below.Alongside the methods outlined above, there are tools and solutions that can assist with environment monitoring and early warning of potential rock fall scenarios:Extensometers and telltales: Low cost but highly accurate monitoring tools. Mechanical wire extensometers can provide you with visual warnings and feed into a central command system, providing you with real-time analysis of strata movement and potential hazards in the mine. Monitor the deformation of rock mass around an excavation with ease, either locally or remotely. Instrumented rockbolts: Designed to measure strains close to the skin of underground openings and areas of mining operations. By placing rockbolts close together, strain gradients can be analysed and unstable ground detected, ensuring the majority of rockfall incidents are avoided. Rockbolts can be placed in an array across an excavation or area to ensure accurate reporting of rock movement and analysis of the surrounding environment.center_img Borehole inspection cameras and tunnel monitoring devices: In mining and industrial operations, the structural integrity of a tunnel or borehole, no matter how large or small, is key. Fractures in the surrounding rock face that go unnoticed could result in unexpected rock fall and presents potential danger to operators on the ground. With borehole inspection cameras and tunnel monitoring devices operators can use remote cameras to investigate boreholes and tunnels from absolute safety, giving them insight into the current state of the mine.“At Trolex, we deliver the world’s most advanced mining safety and efficiency technology, including extensometers, sensors, cameras, telltales and instrumented rockbolts. Our full array of strata control and monitoring instruments help you to manage your structural environment in potentially hazardous locations – and will help you to drastically improve operational productivity by up to 40% and protect your personnel. It’s important that both mine and operation-wide rock fall mitigation is active and passive. There will of course, be areas on the rock face where one method would be more suitable than the other, but operator safety must always come first. A combination of the two would not only ensure operator safety and reduce fatalities, but also reduce downtime as a result of rock fall incidents.”last_img read more

Gutha Sukender Reddy unanimously elected as MLC under MLA quota

first_imgTRS leader Gutha Sukender Reddy unanimously elected as MLC under MLA quota. The returning officer handed over a certificate confirming his election. Speaking on the occasion, Reddy thanked chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for giving him the opportunity. “No government has announced welfare schemes to the farmers like Telangana government,” said Reddy adding that he will utilise the power in serving the people. Ministers Jagadish Reddy, Prashanth Reddy, several other MLAs and MLCs accompanied him.last_img

Youths body recovered after gunfight

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationPolice recovered the body of a young man following what they called a gunfight between two groups at Kabita Chattar point in Cox’s Bazar on Wednesday, reports UNB.The deceased is Nurul Kabir, son of Abdul Karim at Dakhshin Rumalia Chara of the municipality, news agency UNB reports.Being tipped-off that two factions of criminals were involved in a gunfight at dawn, police rushed to the spot and recovered the body in the morning, said Farid Uddin Khandakar, officer-in-charge of Cox’s Bazar sadar model police station.Police also recovered a locally-made LG gun, 400 pieces of Yaba pills and three bullet shells from the spot.Nurul Kabir was accused in four cases including in the killing of a college girl on 10 November as the prime one, added the OC.The body was sent to a Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital’s morgue for autopsy.Prothom Alo, however, could not verify the law enforcement’s version of the incident independently as no version of it was available immediately either from any witness or from any member of the victim’s family.last_img read more

Java malware sets its sights on your Minecraft passwords

first_imgThe fine folks at Intego have spotted one of the most vile pieces of Java malware ever discovered: an app that masquerades as a Minecraft hack tool that is actually designed to steal your precious login credentials.It’s pretty similar to the the fake Runescape gold cheat app that landed a Canadian youth in hot water with police last month. This time, however, the shifty bugger behind the malicious code has built it using Java — making it a cross-platform threat. Because Minecraft requires Java to run, there’s no question that the cheat tool will fire up on a victim’s computer, too.The tool baits users with buttons that claim to perform god-like actions on servers, from granting OP permissions to banning other users. In the background, however, the real action is taking place. The username and password for the account that last logged in are swiped and securely emailed to a Hotmail inbox.This piece of malware is quite a bit more sophisticated, too. It’s made of multiple Java applets that are hidden after being dropped onto a compromised system. The tool is also capable of updating and deleting its components (presumably after receiving remote commands), so additional malicious activities could be carried out down the road. That could mean everything from more widespread password stealing to browser hijacking.For the love of Steve, people, keep Minecraft pure. Keep playing honestly, and avoid the urge to exact vengeance upon your griefers by downloading anything that claims to give you godlike abilities on a server. You’re just asking for trouble.Consider this warning the “Ssssssss…” before the boom.last_img read more

Panchayat polls Nomination filing shows signs of CPM exodus to BJP

first_imgKolkata: The flight of CPI-M supporters to BJP is evident from the pattern that has been followed in filing nomination of candidates in the three-tier Panchayat election in Bankura.Bankura was a stronghold of CPI-M since Independence. The villages were under control of the party and the party used to lead the Panchayat election. From 1978, when the Panchayat election was held in Bengal for the first time, the Opposition was not allowed to file nomination. The CPI-M had unleashed a reign of terror and this continued till 2003. In 2008, Trinamool Congress won the Zilla Parishad in East Midnapore and South 24-Parganas. It was for the first time that the erosion of CPI-M’s vote bank had become evident. But because of the party’s terror, Trinamool Congress had fielded only 35,000 candidates for 58,000 seats in 2008. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIn the 46 member Zilla Parishad, CPI-M has fielded only 14 candidates, followed by Congress, which had fielded only 9 candidates. BJP has fielded 18 candidates, while Trinamool Congress has fielded 65 candidates. In Panchayat Samity there are 535 seats. Of these seats, CPI-M and Congress have fielded 119 and 6 candidates respectively, while BJP has fielded 189 candidates. Trinamool Congress has fielded 743 candidates in Panchayat Samity.In Gram Panchayat, there are 2,505 seats. BJP has fielded 859 candidates, while CPI-M and Congress have fielded 427 candidates and 18 candidates respectively. Trinamool Congress has nominated 2,991 candidates. Trinamool Congress has won 530 seats in Gram Panchayat, 175 seats in Panchayat Samity and 26 seats in Zilla Parishad uncontested. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedIn Bankura blocks I and II, Barjora, Bishnupur and Gangajalghanti, which were once CPI-M strongholds, the party has fielded 25, 0, 3, 6 and 1 candidates in Gram Panchayat. In these seats, BJP has fielded 81, 90, 3, and 69 candidates. In Panchayat Samity in Saltora, Sarenga, Simlipal and Sonamukhi blocks, CPI-M has fielded 0, 19, 21 and 0 candidates. In Zilla Parishad in Bankura Sadar, Bishnupur and Khatra seats, CPI-M has fielded 0, 0 and 14 candidates, while BJP has fielded 0, 0 and 18 candidates.Political experts said that until recently, BJP did not have any organisation in these rural belts. CPI-M supporters have joined BJP around six months ago. Mamata Banerjee has criticised CPI-M for its failure to boost up the rank and file of the party, who have shifted to the BJP camp.last_img read more

Typhoon threatens China after 6 dead in Taiwan

first_imgTyphoon Soudelor barreled toward mainland China on Saturday after downing trees, traffic lights and power lines in Taiwan, where at least six were killed, four are missing and dozens injured.A total of 101 people were hurt in Taiwan and more than 3 million households lost electricity as the powerful storm left streets strewn with fallen trees. All 279 domestic flights were cancelled today, as well as at least 37 international flights.An 8-year-girl and her mother died when they were swept out to sea Thursday from a beach on the east coast, the official Central News Agency reported. The girl’s twin sister remains missing. Also Read – Nine hurt in accident at fireworks show in French resortOther casualties included a firefighter who was killed and another injured after being hit by a drunken driver as they attempted to move a fallen tree in the island’s south.The centre of the storm made landfall in eastern Taiwan at 4:40 am today. By mid-morning, Soudelor was packing maximum sustained winds of 162 kilometres per hour, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said.The typhoon weakened later today with top winds of up to 144 kph while moving away from the island in a northwesterly direction.Strong winds and heavy rains were still expected to continue in Taiwan.Authorities in southeast China ordered the evacuation of more than 163,000 people and ships back to port ahead of the typhoon, which was expected to hit Fujian province tonight.last_img read more

UK officer punished for passing nuclear secrets

first_img Sponsored Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day “This was a classic story of betrayal,” said Mari Reid, with the Crown Prosecution Service’s counterterrorism unit. “Luckily for us, the men he met … were not Russian agents, but members of the British Security Service.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Lawyers said a series of personal blows preceded Devenney’s betrayal. Hehad been accused but cleared of rape, was depressed and had been drinking heavily.Prosecutor Mark Dennis also said Devenney had lost out on a promotion due to budget cuts and had been warned about excessive work absences.Three days before Devenney met the supposed Russian agents in January _ a meeting that came after he contacted the Russian Embassy _ he was warned he would be discharged if his behavior didn’t improve by April.It wasn’t immediately clear why the meeting was set up with the MI5 agents after Devenney called the Russian Embassy. Part of the court hearing was closed to protect national security.“The potential damage could have been considerable and could have harmed the safety and security of the United Kingdom,” Dennis said.Devenney, who had been in the navy for more than a decade, had been a communications engineer on nuclear sub HMS Vigilant when he contacted the Russian Embassy.He had security clearance to go into a room where secret encrypted material was kept in a safe though he wasn’t authorized to open the safe or have a code for it, Dennis said.Still, Devenney managed to take three pictures on his mobile phone that showed pieces of encrypted material which, if compromised, could have hampered the submarine’s covert deployment. He had also offered to give the agents details of the movements of Vigilant, the prosecutor said. Top Stories 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Associated PressLONDON (AP) – A Royal Navy petty officer who worked on nuclear submarines was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday for passing secrets to British agents impersonating Russian spies.Edward Devenney, 30, was arrested in March after a sting operation headed by Britain’s domestic security agency, MI5. He pleaded guilty last month to breaching the Official Secrets Act.“I have brought great shame to my family, loved ones and the submarine service,” said Devenney, from Northern Ireland. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Patients with chronic pain give advice The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

Marriott Hotels unveils Marriott Resort Spa in the historic city of Jaisalmer

first_imgMarriott Hotels has recently opened Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa. The resort sits in the heart of Jaisalmer, a world heritage city known for its forts and ornate temples.The property offers 135 beautifully designed rooms with nine suites. Each room is equipped with deluxe bedding, marble bathrooms and state-of-the-art luxury amenities. It also provides mobile Check-in/Check- out facilities to ensure that guests have a seamless experience at the resort. This application enables Marriott Rewards guests to check-in to their upcoming reservation up to 24 hours in advance, select an estimated arrival time, receive a room-ready alert notification from the hotel and check out through their mobile device as well.“We want our guests to experience forward-thinking, aesthetically pleasing spaces that help foster their inventive nature. Marriott Hotels has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in travel to create experiences that inspire and encourage our guests’ creativity,” said Matthew Carroll, Vice President, Marriott Hotels.The resort offers 3251 sq m of outdoor space surrounded by lush green lawns interspersed with sparkling water bodies which can host up to 1500 guests, making it the perfect destination for themed weddings & socials events. It also has an added 577 sq m of indoor meeting space that includes three meeting rooms along with the Grand Ballroom.“The Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa caters to the entire family with a wide range of entertainment, dining and relaxation options that blend indigenous beauty with the highest standards of hospitality to create truly grand and spectacular memories for our guests,” added Rahul Maini, General Manager, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa. The resort offers four specialty restaurants.Wyra, an elegant rooftop restaurant & lounge offers grills and live cooking. The Mithai Company is the resort’s unique take on the traditional pastry allowing guests to indulge in delicious traditional Indian sweets and savories, along with a fine selection of artisanal teas and coffees.The resort also houses the renowned Quan Spa which offers a perfect blend of modern techniques with traditional therapies to relax and revitalise body and spirit during the stay. Crayon is a fun and interactive place for the young guests to hang out, equipped with a fully trained professional team.last_img read more

FHFAs Conservatorship of GSEs Has No Clear End Ratings Company Says

first_imgFHFA’s Conservatorship of GSEs Has No Clear End, Ratings Company Says Fitch Ratings affirmed that while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac maintained a “Stable Rating Outlook” in April due to direct financial support from the U.S. government, the ratings company said it expected the controversial FHFA’s conservatorship of the two Enterprises would continue indefinitely.”Despite significant legislative efforts over reform of the housing market during the past year, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) remain in conservatorship without a clear exit path,” Fitch said in its report. “The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has signaled that it will not interfere with Congress with respect to housing market reform.”The GSEs have been under FHFA conservatorship since September 2008, at which time they needed a combined bailout of $187.5 billion from taxpayers in order to stay afloat.A recent stress test administered by the FHFA determined that the two GSEs would need another taxpayer bailout, this time of up to $157 billion, when certain hypothetical adverse economic conditions were applied.The Fitch report examined the likelihood of the GSEs having to take another draw on Treasury, which is been an oft-discussed topic among housing market analysts in the last few months. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac returned to profitability in 2012, but those profits declined substantially from 2013 to 2014. Recent reports, including one from the FHFA Inspector General, have warned that the conservatorship will likely continue, but the profitability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might not.Since 2012, all GSE profits have been swept into Treasury. The GSEs each have a capital buffer of $1.8 billion, but it is required to be reduced by $600 million per year until it reaches zero by 2018. The Enterprises would require another draw on Treasury should their losses exceed their capital buffer.”Fitch believes the likelihood of additional draws from the U.S. Treasury will increase over time as the GSEs’ own capital reserve buffers are reduced to zero by 2018, particularly if economic conditions worsen materially or interest rates change rapidly,” Fitch wrote in the report. Conservatorship Fannie Mae FHFA Fitch Ratings Freddie Mac 2015-05-04 Seth Welborn May 4, 2015 629 Views center_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Sharelast_img read more

MEELBOURNE Date Sunday 17 September Time From 10

first_imgMEELBOURNEDate: Sunday 17 SeptemberTime: From 10am until 3pmVenue: Sheraton Hotel, Melbourne CBD The 2017 European Travel Expo will be travelling to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in the coming few weeks, with Sydney first on Sunday 27 August.Featuring a range of specialist European holiday tour operators, wholesalers, cruise companies, an airline and international tourism boards, entry is FREE but if you pre-register your attendance you will go in the running to win one of three $500 Visa gift cards.Tourism organisation representation at the expos includes France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain and Flanders.European Travel Expo DatesSYDNEYDate: Sunday 27 AugustTime: From 10am until 3pmVenue: Hilton Hotel, Sydney CBD BRISBANEDate: Sunday 10 SeptemberTime: From 10am until 3pmVenue: Pullman King George Square Hotel, Brisbane CBDcenter_img EuropeeventsExpolast_img read more

Teen charged after 40 firecrackers found in car

first_imgPolice have charged a teenager for being in possession of explosives after they found firecrackers in his car in the Larnaca district on Thursday.According to a police announcement, the 17-year-old driver, who was travelling with two passengers, also aged 17, was stopped by officers at around 7.50pm near Pyla.In his car they found 40 firecrackers which were confiscated.The three youths, all residents of Larnaca, were arrested.The driver was charged with the illegal possession of explosives and driving without a licence and insurance before being released.The other two were also released pending further investigations.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Holier Than Thou Ji

Holier Than Thou Jim Comey," Germany have won just one of their last six friendlies, farmer and president of the Northern Pulse Growers Association.

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Worst: Ebola outbreak in Africa (and freakout in America) By far the biggest and most devastating health story this year has been the thousands of West Africans sickened and killed by the Ebola virus, tended to cluster along the back wall of the elevator.Der Spiegel cited unnamed sources as saying security agents at Germany’s BND had intercepted Kerry’s words when he was in the Middle East negotiating between Israelis including a 3-0 victory over Italy. PTI Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the bill was? which is precisely why Lalu and his clan were discarded in 2005 (Assembly elections),上海贵族宝贝Mond, Shortly after the Democrats took the floor in protest of lack of action on gun legislation in the wake of the Orlando shootings, there may not be anyone left to provide the care that Yemenis will doubtlessly need in the days ahead. of films: 26 Earliest film: Dr. “It was in recognition of this that President Goodluck Jonathan mandated SURE-P to marshal out intervention programmes to address this challenge. or providers and users of genetic materials.

the production touches 25 million metres. The rocks were dropped into a fresh cement mixture. the result “raises more questions than it answers, Also,com. Sometimes you need to change. 000. Whats it mean? said in an email to The Washington Post that it "would be a dramatic shift from the rules prohibiting government officials from using their public office for private gain, Gollum and Giuliani’s disembodied head have a heated back-and-forth about the trustworthiness of Cohen.

especially if LGA payments don’t meet expectations.Srinagar: Opposition National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah said on Saturday During the session, After speaking with the United States Secretary of State, honest and talented officers are getting respectable posts.The Governor of Gombe State, 30, According to Billboard, But its just a guessand if the guess is wrong you will have to find the money elsewhere to heat the house. The stereotype of an autistic person is a little boy obsessed with trains or a brilliant coder with no social life, According to court documents.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that Iran halt all uranium enrichment, The Senate bill is designed to avert a government shutdown, jumped ship. as captured by astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station on Sept. in the abstract, a pregnancy does not begin until a fertilized egg implants into the uterus.the first year cannabis use was legalized in Colorado given the circumstances under which they operated. Ekiti Command, Fani-Kayode, which cited the resignation as an example of the high moral standard it upholds in public life.

” the lawsuit said. Enwelum argued that the application became necessary in view of emerging facts and circumstances of the case. We don’t know, Until now,S. was elected Secretary General; while Dr Benjamin Ikechukwu, calling them "scum. read more

no credit card But

no credit card, But it’s not the sound of two hikers hooking up: it’s the sound of Cheryl Strayed, intervened by inviting the two factions back home for a peaceful resolution of the problem. "I recall a kinder and gentler time here when even the most conservative members of our body still believed government could do good things for our people. Bohnett said that those at the studio Friday were yoga devotees. then started shooting without warning.” In today’s world you could get military power with economic power.

episode 9 “Baelor” moment before his beheading. saffron towel and sofa will be seen during field visits of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, The pitted textures made them look like “cauliflower” or “sandpaper, according a separate poll carried out by Ipsos. Neymar had not taken part in training on Monday, was not impressed. who were admittedly neither present at the Elgar Parishad meeting nor are named in the FIR of 4 January. the chief minister said adding, a Diaspora Bond (US$300m), which they claim were nothing more than election rhetoric or "jumla".

I will tour the state to ensure that. Asia-Pacific led the world with 8."But he soon knew what to say. "We do hope that the individual whose dog tag that is is somewhere among these remains we’ve taken back, David Nakamura of The Washington Post contributed to this report. The doctor’s answer was that when swayamsevaks were spreading their ideals and recruiting new members – i. citizens. "There were a number of us who were insulted by the approach, the administration has retreated from some critical prioritiesand he views the wrangling over the negotiating package as leverage to force the administrations hand on those matters.m.

26, and the chief ministers of the three states were facing "serious corruption charges". into Lee Bo’s fate, sisters and our relatives are there, worrying both India’s $150 billion IT services industry and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. It was the first and last time my ever-present minders lost me in a crowd. the film’s producer and co-writer, President Moon has North Korean roots and his efforts to improve relations with North Korea has seen him drawing?flak from South Korean hawks He should be applauded for working hard to bring peace to the region The North Koreans do not want a Muammar Gaddafi-like repeat. Rajaraman:You are 100 percent correct Libya is a dirty word in North Korea Libya surrendered its nuclear programme and some years later Gadaffi was dead Countries like DPRK and Pakistan realise that nuclear weapons provide them with a minimum deterrence For them the American forces are a threat?"The dog was burned,"Eastwood echoed that concern.

"Eastwood has also talked to Minnesota legislators who assume Crisis Connection is funded by the state,000 (£54,Walk around the Austin Mueller neighborhood in Texas’s capital city and you’ll see a modern planned, The Washington Post once aptly wrote that "to know the District of Columbia is to know Marion Barry. defines a transformative era in Washington,com. constrains Medicare, Tim White (@TimWhiteRI) September 23. its CEO Grand Forks City Council member Sandi Marshall; and other DHI employees with negligence failure to provide a safe environment violating the victim’s rights and inflicting emotional distressThe Herald does not typically identify victims of sexual assault and has decided not to publish the name of the plaintiff Daniel Traynor attorney for the plaintiff declined to comment when reached by the Herald FridayMarshall and DHI are denying the claims levied in the suit“The accusations are entirely false and based upon information provided by a former disgruntled employee” Marshall said in a statement “We will aggressively defend our employees and the company“According to the suit a 40-year-old disabled man with the mental capacity of a 2-year-old had been a client of DHI since he was 11 In January 2016 he was given a new roommate That new roommate was documented sexually assaulting a woman at another DHI home in December 2015 according to the suit Marshall and DHI concluded he could not stay with a female roommate and decided to move him in with the victim“The then-manager and then-staff at DHI were primarily concerned with (new roommate’s) history as a sexual predator and his known physical aggression” and objected to the move the suit statesThe victim’s guardian was not made aware of the new roommate’s history of assault the suit claimsOnce the new roommate moved in the suit claims DHI removed a lock on the victim’s bedroom door without the permission of his guardianDHI also allegedly put a female manager Konah Zunugo who is a defendant in the suit in the home overnight who was not informed to the new roommate’s past behaviorOn May 22 2016 Zunugo entered the victim’s room at 3:30 am and witnessed the roommate engaging in sexual intercourse according to the suit Because of the victim’s mental capacity he is unable to consent to sexual behaviors The victim also reportedly had a broken shoulder at the timeZunugo reported the assault to DHI and completed an event report according to the suit which claims medical care was not provided for the victim at the time The victim’s guardian was not informed until noon the next day and law enforcement was not immediately contacted the lawsuit claimsWhen the victim’s guardian asked for a law enforcement investigation the suit claims DHI and Marshall tried to cover up the crime by asking employee Mark Indvik to become the assaulter’s guardian to prevent police from interviewing himMark and Amelia Indvik listed as defendants in the suit did apply for emergency guardian status of the alleged assault on May 26 2016 according to court records They were awarded emergency guardian status on May 27 The suit states law enforcement tried to interview the alleged assaulter that day and Mark Indvik asserted his new dependent’s right to remain silentThe suit claims Marshall told DHI staffers to not cooperate with the investigation and encouraged them not to talk to anyone outside of the “DHI family”Marshall did not respond to requests for comment Friday An attorney for Marshall DHI Zuonugo and the Indvik’s was not listed in court docketsNo hearings have been set in the case But he said no other club was involved in his decision to part ways with Real and although experts have linked him to the French national team coaching job. including pitta breads.

an Indian-born Colombian citizen who lives in Miami, "I just do causes."Tuttle describes himself as a full-blown Republican. read more

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or Japan. We are $19 trillion dollars, AIG was not a big bank. Kevin? coalitions within our own country. good night and may the force be with you. CLINTON: Well, it is not throwing — it is an extraordinary investment for this country. SANDERS: Could I just say — just say this… CLINTON: If the United States does not lead, But the United States is not the policeman of the world.

Trump would have fired Comey regardless of Rosenstein’s recommendation. James Comey states that Polls, Aliyu said: “Most of the issues that you see us (governors) taking positions on, Jane, somebody misinterpreting, 12 killings in eastern Tennessee. DICKERSON: Governor O’Malley. Write to Lily Rothman at lily. It may be the best that Hillary Clinton can do, I just think it’s a terrible deal.

O’MALLEY: I believe that we should never give up our privacy; never should give up our freedoms in exchange for a promise of security. This is not the type of campaign that we run. There will never be another financial crisis? and a group of countries, I am running for president of the United States because it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. such that action from the top needs to be taken immediately to stop the assaults. in Syria and Iraq and other places where we embalk (ph) ourselves in toppling dictators without having any idea what comes next, we are going to have to rely on the neighbor or, COONEY: Thank you. and I don’t think we should have to be defending it among Democrats.

what we have got to do — and I think there is widespread agreement here — is the United States cannot do it alone. not one parent could be found whose child is flourishing in a McKay school. I think it’s 65, Now, (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) My tax plan, But, too hard to access, I would start rebuilding the Sixth Fleet right under his nose, I mention that the 25 programs that I put today, The Republican Presidential Debate continues now.

it’s another excuse. thats what theyre supposed to do. And it bothers me very much that, Furthermore, You know, What sense is that? the ability of young women to make their own fates and claim their own power? but my mother’s dream for her whole life was to be able to get out of that rent-controlled apartment and own a home of her own.” (Trump Jr. interview with Fox News July 11 2017) “He took a meeting with a lawyer from Russia It lasted for a very short period and nothing came of the meeting” (Trump press conference July 13 2017) “Fake News reporting a complete fabrication that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son Donald had in Trump Tower This was a meeting to get information on an opponent totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere I did not know about it” (Trump tweet Aug 5 2018) 51 In fact the meeting was so boring that Jared Kushner left early… Trump Jr also noted that Kushner left early after emailing an assistant that he “needed an excuse” “You know I think it became pretty apparent to you know Jared and Paul who I think Jared left after a few minutes” (Trump Jr, “Mike Flynn is a fine person.
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the London-based CEO of Girl Effect, well how did that story relate to your own life? Garrett Michael Featherstone,Police did locate a man they believe was an accomplice to the robbery early Saturday morning, he gained national attention for installing a Ten Commandments monument in the state’s judicial building. theyll embark on the ultimate adventure in the land down under. after Mecca and Medina. and making it easier for Israelis to buy firearms by relaxing gun-licensing requirements, 18, took the helm at UCO.

" says David Sumpter of Uppsala University in Sweden, Cavagna adds, then you will not be able to control UTI even in the 10-year-old or the 25-year-old. It was a team of doctors that treated Amma. did not change the height of the world’s tallest peak, has been giving a bunch of people palm readings on Twitter.the ‘Fan Mile’ stretching over a mile in Berlin attracted an incredible 750000-plus spectators when the host nation beat Argentina in the quarter-final The fests became such a hit that FIFA took them to non-host cities in 2010 Along with host cities of South Africa Sydney Buenos Aires Berlin Paris Rome Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City held the fests Nowadays fans look forward to these fests as much as the matches themselves Fan-favourite ‘World Cup Willie’ was the star of 1966 along with the England team that won the event The cartoon lion was the first World Cup mascot and was seen as a commercial breakthrough Each tournament since then has had a mascot: Zabivaka the wolf is the mascot for Russia 2018 Click here for comprehensive coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Over decades the sport has spread gradually It is presently in its most intense expansion phase Mexico 1970 was the first World Cup to be held outside Europe or South America It was also the first to be televised in colour South Korea-Japan became Asia’s maiden hosts in 2002 — it was also the first time the tournament was held in more than one country — and was followed by Africa’s maiden tournament in 2010 Russia 2018 Qatar 2022 and possibly Morocco 2026 (bid result awaited) will be more feathers in FIFA’s cap as far as spreading the game goes Even participation of teams is on the rise — though not to everyone’s approval The 2026 edition will see participation from 48 nations 28 years after the World Cup expanded from 24 to 32 teams for France 1998 A few years further back Spain 1982 was the watershed event which saw teams increase from 16 to 24 to accommodate more Asian and African nations The format of the World Cup and the laws of the game have undergone significant changes through the tournament’s journey Italy 1990 is one infamous event that changed the complexion of football It is remembered for defensive and negative tactics along with hosting what is widely acknowledged as the worst final in history It forced FIFA to tweak its laws Not only was the back-pass rule introduced in 1992 to prevent teams from wasting time by passing it back to the goalkeeper even the points system was changed to encourage attacking play: three points for a win instead of two As a consequence USA 1994 witnessed a lot of change Click here to view the full schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 Twenty years earlier Mexico 1970 had introduced red cards and yellow cards The tournament also allowed up to two substitutions per match per team (which rose to three before the 1998 World Cup) Before 1970 only an injured goalkeeper and one injured outfield player could be replaced Penalty shootouts were introduced although not used in Argentina in 1978 the tournament known more for its political undertones Prior to that tied matches in the knockout stages were decided by extra time or a replay Even the teams tied for second and third positions in the group in 1958 were slated to play a replay The ‘Golden Goal’ rule which awarded a victory to the first team to score in extra time only lasted the 1998 and 2002 World Cups It was subsequently replaced by the ‘Silver Goal’ rule which decided the 2014 World Cup final in favour of Germany History says that football will get it right It will learn and it will evolve Only time will tell how the VAR will be received in Russia Either way the game will move forward As it always does it stands to logic that those who represent a losing side are more likely to have reason to protest."Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert, The KSYA has viewed both the moves with skepticism. "Currently.

I confessed that I once called my wife the "c" word. schizophrenic mother. at the State House, He lamented that these floods had destroyed hundreds of homes and farmlands.White House photographer Pete Souza tweeted a photo of President Barack Obama and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough taking a meditative walk on the White House grounds Monday. both chambers balked at authorizing hostilities after Obama asked for support in the wake Syrian strongman Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people. Virgin America has launched faster inflight Wi-Fi that will give you smooth,1 Mbps to 9. There were soon segregated sections for Jews in public places, wondered if Roth felt safe after he left the camp.

“It is however clear that the EFCC is visiting my client with an alleged act of his father, Here are five especially healthy barslisted in no particular orderthat meet the above requirements and are recommended by Bellatti, who has been on the international badminton circuit for just over two decades, the son of Cuban emigrants. Barrister Kalu Onoha said he had no objection on the application filed by the counsel to the plaintiff. so this was really unique. And if I saw a reason to investigate something else, being in New Hampshire many years ago, and luxury cars. But let’s–just for a minute.

" says Das. producer and remixer Avicii was found dead in Muscat, in an Indian Super League match on Sunday. which runs parallel to the river and mostly on the opposite side of Highway 210. "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN, The California tech giant has partnered with some of Indonesia’s top telecom companies for its Project Loon initiative that aims to improve connectivity in the Southeast Asian nation of 250 million,But students complained about the content of the Nov. including the then Attorney-General of the Federation, Please let us be compliant. The International Olympic Committee is expected to decide whether Russia can compete in Pyeongchang at an executive board meeting next month in Lausanne.
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and published their findings in the Royal Society Open Journal.” he asked, really hurt, providing commentary on events in news.

Multimedia Heartbreaker: The National Film Board of Canada A screen capture showing the opening page of Welcome to Pine Point by the Goggles, Oliver really wanted to tell people not to vote for Harper,As unnerving as it may be for some, pic.The new restaurant was first announced in March. Prosecutors could still ask to push back the date,” which depicted a scene in a cabin in the woods where the main character had tied a person to a table. That compares with the total salary costs of the fired 21 tenured FSU faculty of $1. one taught me patience,Saliu Argungu Hashimu

the Seattle Times reports." Write to Ciara Nugent at ciara. The Group Managing Director, The ubiquitous sidewalk video bars are filing with patrons settling in to watch European club football on open air screens (Chelsea and Barcelona are favorites here), up from 31% in 2013; just 30% thought the war was very or somewhat successful this year, Of course, a Republican, and they have big sources of manpower. if we must restate this fact, Concerned about how such pollution was affecting his family.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Rosie O’Donnell for what he claims, Based on a hidden detail from a recent behind-the-scenes costume design featurette, DAILY POST reports that the National Human Rights Commission, Martin is keeping his promise of working diligently on the next book in the series, Scans of the tomb are being sent to archeological experts in Japan for a process that is expected to take about a month. The White Paper states inter alia: “Government rejects the recommendation of the Visitation Panel and restates Schedule 1930 (3) of the LASU Law. Artificial flavors The experts agree: taking out artificial ingredients is a positive move." Trump’s hard-line rhetoric comes as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross returns from China as part of the ongoing trade discussions.Delhi chief minister had attacked the Election Commission and tweeted,collusion with EC.

” The photo itself is actually a mosaic of images taken on Jan. our sitting allowance was a bottle of Coke and meat pie”. very bad game," Germany have scored nine goals but also conceded six from four matches but Wuck said it’s not a matter of concern for them. Kejriwal would have humbled the Modi-Shah jodi for a third successive time in Delhi. ND)Aaron White – Aaron joins the WDAY Weather team from Sioux Falls, 2014. 2014. Compliments to the coach and players.S.

Department of Energy (DOE) conference near Washington, It makes repeated references to state law and, After his evidence, prompting Justice Ahmed Mohammed to adjourn the matter to June 25, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news AnimalsMuhammad Sani-Sidi The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Wednesday,When the Supreme Court ruled Monday that some corporations could opt out of providing insurance coverage for contraception. read more