Mubarak resigns hands power to military

first_imgCAIRO — Egypt exploded with joy, tears, and relief after pro-democracy protesters brought down President Hosni Mubarak with a momentous march on his palaces and state TV. Mubarak, who until the end seemed unable to grasp the depth of resentment over his three decades of authoritarian rule, finally resigned Friday and handed power to the military.“The people ousted the regime,” rang out chants from crowds of hundreds of thousands massed in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square and outside Mubarak’s main palace several miles away in a northern district of the capital.The crowds in Cairo, the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and other cities around the country burst into pandemonium. They danced, chanted “goodbye, goodbye,” and raised their hands in prayer as fireworks and car horns sounded after Vice President Omar Suleiman made the announcement on national TV just after nightfall.“Finally we are free,” said Safwan Abou Stat, a 60-year-old in the crowd of protesters at the palace. “From now on anyone who is going to rule will know that these people are great.”The protests have already echoed around the Middle East, with several of the region’s autocratic rulers making pre-emptive gestures of democratic reform to avert their own protest movements. The lesson many took: If it could happen in three weeks in Egypt, where Mubarak’s lock on power had appeared unshakable, it could happen anywhere.last_img read more

Cities Work To Make Sense Of New Online Sales Tax

first_imgAccording to Navarre, it is estimated that the borough will gain an additional $1 ,500,000 in sales tax revenue annually through the collection of remote sellers’ sales tax. Kenai City Attorney Scott Bloom: “Amazon has begun collecting sales tax in the borough. There is a process through Amazon that you can fill out if you believe you have been unfairly taxed.” Amazon filed to collect an online tax from residents living in the borough. This is causing some confusion for those who live in city limits with overlapping zip codes. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Local municipalities are now working out the kinks since Amazon’s announcement earlier this month that they will be charging a 7 percent sales taxes on certain products in Alaska. The Alaska Municipal League is establishing an initial working group intended to plan and hire a contractor to complete necessary steps to implement a statewide, independent, online sales tax administration system for sales by remote sellers. The Kenai City Council intends to introduce a resolution at their next meeting to address this issue. Kenai Councilmember Tim Navarre:“The public does have a right to be upset, they are getting taxed and there is not process in place. They are collecting the tax, and how do we know in which jurisdiction. People in Nikiski under 99611 are getting taxed, and I don’t want the City of Kenai to have that.”last_img read more

MRF shares hit a new high of Rs 50000 on BSE Ceat

first_imgMRF created a record on Wednesday on the stock markets when the company’s share price hit Rs 50,000, making it the most expensive scrip in India. The stock closed at Rs 49,734, a gain of Rs 3,135, or 6.73 per cent to its Tuesday closing price.The nearest to MRF’s share price is that of Eicher Motors Limited (EML), which closed at Rs 25,741, up 4.58 per cent from its previous close.MRF shares have gained 51 per cent in the past three months, based on the closing price of Rs 32,879 on June 28. The one-month gain is 32.65 per cent, calculated from its August 28 closing price of Rs 37,490.Another expensive is Bosch, which closed at Rs 23,209.60 on the BSE on Wednesday.The tyre industry, comprising major players like MRF, Ceat, JK Tyre and Industries, Apollo Tyres, Goodyear India and Modi Rubber, is expected to grow at about seven per cent in volume terms in the current fiscal, according to an update by India Ratings, though revenue growth will be comparatively lower.The industry is poised to benefit from “stead” demand from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and improvement in replacement demand, the ratings agency said in a note on September 22.”However, revenue growth for sector companies might be lower than the overall growth in volume demand due to an increase in imports as well as pricing pressure,” India Ratings said in its note.Spoiling the party for the industry is imports, especially from China.”Rising imports trend could continue increasing the pressure on the volumes of domestic manufacturers in FY17. Import volumes in both passenger car radial and truck & bus radial segments grew 22% and 40% yoy, respectively, in 1QFY17. The T&B segment accounts for around 55% of the industry revenue and a continued increase in imports in this segment could lead to a revenue decline for domestic tyre companies,” the agency said.”The revenue growth of major tyre manufacturers is likely to be in the range of 3%-6% (FY16: below negative 2.5% to positive 2.5%) in FY17, with higher volume growth negating the year-on-year decline in pricing. Companies could see a moderation in EBITDA margins, due to the recent increase in input costs as well as pricing pressures,” it added.Ceat shares closed five per cent higher at Rs 1,254.80, gaining 54 per cent in three months based on closing price of Rs 814.40 on June 28.Apollo Tyres gained 2.44 per cent to end at Rs 220.45.last_img read more

Legends of Tomorrows Music Moment Falls Flat

first_img DC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC NewsOur Favorite TV Superheroes Ranked Stay on target Legends of Tomorrow has been consistently great this season. While I’m generally happy about that, it does have a downside. It makes the occasional lackluster episode stand out all the more. Even though last night’s episode did plenty right, it wasn’t enough to make up for every opportunity it missed. We start in a guitar shop in the 1950s where a young musician wants to buy his first guitar. The one he picks happens to have been owned by Robert Johnson, the man who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil for guitar skills. The boy is drawn to the guitar, and the lights go all crazy as he plays it. The terrified proprietor gives the young man the guitar and asks his name. It’s Elvis Presley.This week’s anachronism involves The King and a cursed guitar, and its effects on the Waverider are hilarious. We immediately know that something happened to make Elvis not a thing, and that has a ripple effect all throughout history. Instead of Guitar Hero, Zari plays Trombone Hero. Rory’s rat’s name is Josh Groban. Nate’s pomade never caught on, so he doesn’t have any. It’s fun watching them grow more confused about what happened. They finally figure it out, and head back in time to Elvis’s uncle’s church. I have to say the actor who plays the young King is really good at it. He has that attitude, the sneer and the all-important hip-shake that makes sure all the girls in town get the front pews at church.Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West (Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW)It also makes Zari’s totem start carrying her into the air, inspiring a satanic panic in the small church. That’s all the evidence the Legends need to piece together that the lost totem is in the guitar. They start to hatch a plan to get the guitar away from Elvis, but Wally grabs it immediately. Having a speedster on the team is going to take the other legends some getting used to. Wally just wants so badly to help; he doesn’t realize that he’s kind of disrupting everyone’s flow. But hey, he gets results. You can’t argue with that.Unfortunately, losing the guitar shakes Elvis’s confidence. They replace it with a non-totem replica, but he can feel it’s not the same. He bombs a live show, and explains that his old guitar lets him feel like his brother, who died in the womb, was playing with him. As the Legends on the ship find out, that’s because the guitar is actually haunted. The totem embedded in it is the Death Totem. And it’s capable of leveling a whole city, which is what caused the anachronism in the first place. But a record needs to be made, so Nate convinces the Legends to let Elvis record one song with the cursed guitar. After that, they can take it back and hopefully Elvis will have the confidence to make Rock and Roll history without a haunted instrument.Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixe, Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West and Tala Ashe as Zari (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)And hey, the young King makes one hell of a record. His uncle fears that might be literal. He seizes the record and has the sheriff throw Elvis, Nate and Amaya in the jailhouse for the night. That means it’s Zari and Wally’s time to shine. Wally wants to handle things his usual speedster way, but Zari lets him in on why they do things the way they do them. It was a nice, natural way for Wally to be added to the team, while not letting the addition of a speedster become a cheat code for every situation. Some situations, Zari explains, require a more delicate touch. Wally and Zari have an honest discussion with Elvis’ preacher uncle, and he ends up giving the music a chance. That’s when the real trouble starts.The totem reacts with the music as it plays on the radio and a swarm of ghosts attack the church. It’s not the flashiest, or most exciting battle, but it’s fun watching Zari and Wally work together to ward off the ghosts. They’re bonding over their Pac Man skills, and it’s cute. I only wish the episode had spent more time focusing on their story. Instead, the focus shifts to Elvis Presley, whose dulcet tones are needed to put the spirits to rest. This is where the episode’s shortcomings become too obvious to ignore. Elvis’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” not only soothes the ghosts, but it also gives Nate and Amaya their music moment. It’s the one part of rock and roll that she likes. They start dancing and the rest of the church joins in.Tala Ashe as Zari and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)It’s all too cheesy, and it grinds the episode to a halt for nothing. The episode began with the promise of a town being nearly destroyed because of magic rock and roll. And this is all we get. Some cheap ghost effects, and a dull rendition of “Amazing Grace.” No matter how good this kid’s Elvis impersonation is, it can’t save this scene. It’s not helped by the fact that he’s obviously not playing the guitar.This episode is also the point where Legends of Tomorrow’s ignoring of racism in history starts feeling super lame. It’s never been the show to really engage with those issues. It’s not the kind of story this show wants to tell. That’s usually OK, until we come to an era that, in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t all that long ago. We still have a clear picture of what the world was like back then. Outside of a brief shot where the Legends get some sneers when they attend church, the racial tensions of the era are never brought up again. I don’t expect everyone in 1950s Memphis to be screaming racists, but Nate and Amaya dancing and kissing in the middle of a church in that era would get a few stares at the very least. Issues of race are given lip-service and then handwaved away, and that sucks.Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel and Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixe (Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW)What’s even worse is the importance placed on Elvis above all other artists. Nate has one sentence where he mentions the black musicians that… inspired Elvis, to put it charitably. After that, the actual creators of rock and roll get about as much recognition from the Legends as they got from Elvis in real life. To build an episode around Elvis makes sense. He was an important figure in the development of popular music, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with his life and personality. To pretend that he was the sole arbiter of rock and roll, that without Elvis it wouldn’t exist, borders on being offensive. I know Legends of Tomorrow likes to focus on big historical icons, but just this once, I wish they explored more of what was going on in the Memphis music scene at the time. There are a ton of stories there that are way more interesting than Elvis’.It’s too bad because a trip to 1950s Memphis, even with Elvis as the focus could have been so much better. The show just didn’t do much with the period or with Elvis. The jokes about what would happen if Elvis never made rock and roll mainstream were funny, but we’ve come to expect more from Legends of Tomorrow. There is so much opportunity for playing around with history in this era, and most of it’s left on the table. This is an episode where they find out what the missing totem is, and get their hands on it. That should be a big deal, but it isn’t. They see a thing; they want it, they get it. It’s not exciting. You know an episode has problems when you’re wishing the Darhks had shown up to cause some trouble. But maybe they’ll make good on all this next week. The episode ended with the totem shaking ominously in its box. That could lead to something more meaningful. I hope.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Study of crabs suggests they are capable of feeling pain

first_img(—A pair of researchers with Queen’s University in the U.K. has found via testing, that contrary to conventional thinking, crabs appear to be capable of feeling pain. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, Robert Elwood and Laura Adams describe how they subjected a group of crabs to jolts of electricity and the ways they tested them to see if the shocks elicited a pain response. ‘Shell-shocked’ crabs can feel pain This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. In humans and a host of other vertebrates, demonstrations of pain are obvious, from cries and moans to activities related to escape to avoidance behavior afterwards. But do invertebrates and/or fish feel pain? It is a reasonable question because of the way that some invertebrates are treated by humans—dunking them, while still alive, into a pot of boiling water, for instance. Doing so to a cow, pig or chicken would be unthinkable, yet it is done routinely with crabs and lobsters, which do generally attempt to escape their fate. The conventional view is that such creatures are not able to experience pain, at least in the sense that humans feel it, because they do not have brain parts that would appear to be able to process it. But, that may be oversimplifying things—to better define if a creature experiences pain, scientists have begun to establish rules or guidelines to help, such as noting types or degree of reactionary behavior or changes in hormone levels—if such guidelines are met, the creature can be said to feel pain, in whatever form.In this new study, Elwood and Adams set out to determine if common crabs experience pain. To find out they obtained 40 specimens and put them in plastic tanks—all had wires attached but only 20 were actually given shocks—for 200-milliseconds every 10 seconds for a two minute period. All of the crabs were watched to observe their behavior, before, during and after the shocks were applied.The researchers report that the shocked crabs displayed more vigorous behavior than those in the control group, which included walking around, taking a threatened posture or trying to climb out of the tank. Even more tellingly, they noted that the shocked crabs experienced spiked levels of lactic acid in their haemolymph—a fluid in crabs that is analogous to blood in humans. Taken together the evidence indicates very clearly, the team claims, that crabs do indeed feel pain. Journal information: Biology Letters A hermit crab.center_img Explore further Citation: Study of crabs suggests they are capable of feeling pain (2015, November 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2015 More information: Electric shock causes physiological stress responses in shore crabs, consistent with prediction of pain, Biology Letters, Published 11 November 2015.DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0800AbstractAnimal pain is defined by a series of expectations or criteria, one of which is that there should be a physiological stress response associated with noxious stimuli. While crustacean stress responses have been demonstrated they are typically preceded by escape behaviour and thus the physiological change might be attributed to the behaviour rather than a pain experience. We found higher levels of stress as measured by lactate in shore crabs exposed to brief electric shock than non-shocked controls. However, shocked crabs showed more vigorous behaviour than controls. We then matched crabs with the same level of behaviour and still found that shocked crabs had stronger stress response compared with controls. The finding of the stress response, coupled with previous findings of long-term motivational change and avoidance learning, fulfils the criteria expected of a pain experience.last_img read more

Looking at big picture can lead to better decisions

first_imgDistancing yourself from a decision may help you make the choice that produces the most benefit for you and others affected, suggests new research.It holds that one key to maximising benefits for everyone is realising that occasionally the best decision will benefit you the most.”The most efficient decision is the one that is going to maximise the total pie – and that is true whether more goes to you or more goes to someone else,” said lead author Paul Stillman who did this work as a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at The Ohio State University. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Sometimes it makes the most sense to seem a bit selfish if that is going to maximise overall benefits,” he added.According to the researchers, this “big picture” perspective is what psychologists call “high-level construal” and involves creating psychological distance from the decision, thus allowing you to step back and see the consequences of your decision and to see more clearly the best way to allocate resources.For the study, published in the journal – ‘organizational behavior and human decision’, the researchers had 106 students complete a task that prompted them to think in a big-picture way or in a more immediate, present-day way. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveParticipants were presented with the goal of improving health and were asked to generate a list of what goals this could help them achieve, such as “longer life.” This puts them in a big-picture frame of mind.Others were told to come up with a list of how to achieve the goal of improved health, such as “exercise.” This put them in a present-day frame of mind.All participants then played an economic game in which they had to make nine decisions about how to share money between themselves and four other people. The participants were told that the others wouldn’t know who made the decision, and none of the participants could share the money.For half the participants, maximising benefits always meant favouring others. For example, for every $1 they gave to themselves in the game, each of the other four people would lose $9. The situation was reversed for the other half of participants – maximising benefits always meant favouring themselves.The findings showed that participants who had been prompted to think big picture were more likely than others to make decisions that would maximise the total value – whether they were the ones who benefited the most or whether the others did.last_img read more

This Tech Certification Can Keep Your Business Competitive

first_img Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Entrepreneur has an affiliate partnership with StackCommerce so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.While it’s common for companies and business owners to ask of nothing but the best from their sales, marketing and product teams, occasionally IT security can fall by the wayside. But investing in IT certification training is especially crucial considering all the security breaches that have occurred over the last year (Yahoo’s and LinkedIn’s hacks resulted in hundreds of millions of compromised accounts).Any company that is serious about preserving its reputation should stay up to date on the latest security measures, and that means ensuring IT teams are up to date with the latest certifications. Granted, trainings can get pricey for companies where certifications are concerned—so for budding entrepreneurs, a good place to start is this affordable CompTIA-IT Certification Career Advancement bundle.This training covers the Network+, Security+, Cloud Essentials, and other industry-recognized certification exams—credentials that serve as proof that you’ve mastered fundamental IT security concepts. Anyone who dives into these methodologies will learn sophisticated methods of IT security, and be able to apply them to safeguard their companies’ resources.In other words, you (and your employees) will get the knowledge you need to succeed in IT security, with the flexibility to fit it into your schedule and learn on your own time.Buy it here and ensure your IT team holds globally recognized, foundational certifications key to the success of any company.Disclosure: This is brought to you by the Entrepreneur Partner Studio. Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.Have a deal you want to promote? Contact us here. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals February 8, 2017 2 min readlast_img read more

NVIDIA brings new deep learning updates at CVPR conference

first_imgNVIDIA team has announced a new set of deep learning updates on their cloud computing software and hardware front during Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR 2018) held in Salt Lake City. Some of the key announcements made during the CVPR conference include Apex, an early release of a new open-source PyTorch extension, NVIDIA DALI and NVIDIA nvJPEG for efficient data optimization and image decoding, Kubernetes on NVIDIA GPUs release candidate, and runtime engine TensorRT version 4. Let’s look at some noteworthy updates made during CVPR conference: Apex Apex is an open-source PyTorch extension that includes all the required NVIDIA-maintained utilities to provide optimized and efficient mixed precision results and distributed training in PyTorch. This new extension helps machine learning engineers and data scientists to maximize deep learning training performance on NVIDIA Volta GPUs. The core promise of Apex is to provide up-to-date utilities to users as quickly as possible. Some of the notable features included are: NVIDIA PyTorch team has been inspired by the state of the art mixed precision training in tasks such as sentiment analysis, translational networks, and image classification. This has allowed them to create a set of tools to bring these methods to all levels of PyTorch users. Apex provides mixed precision utilities which are designed to improve training speed while maintaining the accuracy and stability of training in single precision. With Apex, you will now only require four or fewer line changes to the existing code to provide automatic loss scaling, automated execution of operations on FP16 or FP32, and automatic handling of master parameter conversion. In order to install/use Apex in your own development environment, you will require CUDA 9, PyTorch 0.4 or later, and Python 3. The extension is still in their early release, so we can expect the modules and utilities to undergo changes. If you want to download the code and get started with the tutorials and examples, you can visit the GitHub page. You can visit the official announcement page for more details. NVIDIA DALI and NVIDIA nvJPEG NVIDIA is using the power of GPUs with NVIDIA DALI, which utilizes the NVIDIA nvJPEG library to work on images at greater speed. This allows one to deal with performance bottleneck issues faced during image recognition and while decoding in deep learning powered computer vision applications. NVIDIA DALI is an open-source GPU-accelerated data augmentation and image loading library which can be used to optimize data pipelines (data optimization) of deep learning frameworks. You can refer to the GitHub page to learn more. NVIDIA nvJPEG is a GPU-accelerated library for JPEG decoding. You can download the release candidate for feedback and testing. This new update allows deep learning practitioners and researchers to have optimized training performance on image classification models such as ResNet-50 with MXNet, TensorFlow, and PyTorch across Amazon Web Services P3 8 GPU instances or DGX-1 systems with Volta GPUs. You can refer to the official announcement page for more details. Kubernetes on NVIDIA GPUs NVIDIA team has announced a release candidate of Kubernetes on NVIDIA GPUs which is freely available to developers for testing. This allows the enterprise to scale up training and ease up deployment to multi-cloud GPU clusters smoothly. This will ensure automated deployment, maintenance, and proper scheduling and operations of multiple GPU accelerated containers across clusters of nodes. You can arrange the growing resources on heterogeneous GPU clusters. To know more about this update, you can refer to the official announcement page. TensorRT 4 This new release of inference optimizer and runtime engine adds new layers such as recurrent neural networks, multilayer perceptrons, ONNX parser, and integration with TensorFlow to ease deep learning tasks. Moreover, it also provides the ability to execute custom neural network layers using FP16 precision and support for the Xavier SoC through NVIDIA DRIVE AI platforms. TensorRT ensures speeding up deep learning tasks such as machine translation, speech and image processing, recommender systems on GPUs. Using TensorRT across these application areas speed up the process 45x to 190x. All members of NVIDIA registered developer program can use TensorRT 4 for free. For more detailed information about the new features and updates, you can visit the developer’s official page. Read more NVIDIA open sources NVVL, library for machine learning training Nvidia’s Volta Tensor Core GPU hits performance milestones. But is it the best? Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs publicly available in beta on Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes Enginelast_img read more

False assertions allegations in proposed class action lawsuit says Flight Centre

first_img Share TORONTO — Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. says it intends to fight back against a proposed $100 million class action lawsuit, charging that the class action suit makes several false assertions and factually incorrect allegations.The lawsuit, filed Feb. 20 and coming to light yesterday, alleges Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. violated applicable employment standards legislation and its contracts of employment with class members by failing to pay for overtime work.Goldblatt Partners LLP, based in Toronto, is handling the $100 million proposed class action filing, open to all current and former travel consultants who worked for Flight Centre in Canada since October 2010.In a company statement issued by Allison Wallace, VP, Corporate Communication & CSR, The Americas for Flight Centre Travel Group, the retail travel giant responds: “Flight Centre complies with applicable employment standards legislation governing hours of work and overtime as the claim itself acknowledges. “The claim makes several false assertions and many of the allegations are factually incorrect. “Flight Centre denies the allegations and will be vigorously defending this claim.”The 29-page Statement of Claim, available through a link at, alleges that Flight Centre failed to ensure that hours of work were monitored and accurately recorded, among other things. The allegations mainly focus on failure to pay overtime and a work environment where employees were “required and/or permitted and/or suffered to work hours in excess of those scheduled, including hours both below and in excess of the overtime threshold under the applicable employment standards legislation, in order to carry out the duties assigned to them.” Travelweek Group False assertions, allegations in proposed class action lawsuit, says Flight Centre Tuesday, February 26, 2019 << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted bylast_img read more

Staging Connections webcast the MEA National Awards Night

first_imgYou are invited to walk the virtual red carpet and be part of the glitz and glamour of the Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) National Awards Night. On the evening of Tuesday 24 April, Staging Connections will be presenting the 2011 MEA National Awards via live webcast.The webcast will give meetings and events professionals from around Australia and the world access to see the winners of the National Awards as they happen. Using a custom gateway, the webcast audience can easily access the full event coverage through a fast web connection. As sponsors of the MEA National Awards evening, Staging Connections is calling on the meetings and events industry to join the webcast and cheer on their teams and colleagues in their award categories. “The MEA National Awards are an important part of recognising and acknowledging professionals and teams in the meetings and events industry. We are pleased to be supporting the MEA National Awards night and we will be cheering on the talented Staging Connections’ team and encourage others to do the same,” said Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director of Staging Connections. What can the webcast audience expect?Staging Connections wedding planner to the stars, Anthony Del Col and the vivacious Tanya Brown will be reporting from the red carpet as the attendees enter the sparkling event to be held at the Parkside Ballroom, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Check out the best of the best in the events industry as they walk the red carpet from 7pm. Stay tuned throughout the night as we recognise achievements and watch as the winners are announced. The virtual audience will then be taken into gala room for the big reveal of the event décor and theme for the evening. It’s time to be part of all the awards night action and be among the first to find out the winners of the MEA National Awards as the webcast will broadcast all the announcements. The audience of the webcast will be able to interact through a live Twitter feed shown on the webcast using the hash tag #MEAAwards. Attendees at the event and watching online can join in on the conversation together. Source = Staging Connectionslast_img read more

Related 16 luxury campsites around the world for t

first_img Related16 luxury campsites around the world for the ultimate glamping holidaySleeping under the stars has never been so stylish. From treehouses to teepees, discover these 16 luxury glampsites and you’ll never have to share your sleeping bag with a scorpion again!Champagne wishes for New Year’s Eve? Top 10 NYE city breaks on a budgetIf you’ve seen the fireworks over the London Eye, and marched down the Royal Mile at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, why not celebrate further afield this New Year’s Eve? From champagne-fuelled dinner cruises and fancy galas to street fiestas and record-breaking fireworks, book a break to one of these European party cities…Where to go on holiday in JanuaryChristmas is over and winter is here. What have you got to look forward to? With our help, lots of holidays in the new year! We’ve chosen the best January holiday destinations and added information on where to stay, when to book flights and what weather to expect when you… The slightly bizarrely named ‘Bubble Tree Hotel’ (we get the bubble part, but ‘tree’…?) is an inflatable pod that looks like a giant beach ball with two growths attached.Designer, Pierre-Stephane Dumas explained why it was preferable to traditional forms of camping:”It’s is a structure without a frame, and so we send air into it which holds the structure up. This allows us at once to continually renew the air and avoid condensation and humidity. That avoids a problem frequently encountered in tents, so that we have a truly healthy habitat.”No doubt it will attract couples willing to splash out on a unique and somewhat quirky night butthere are a few potential problems with life in the inflatable sphere. There appears to be no blinds or curtains in the bubble, so if you are planning to get amorous with your other half, you’re going be on display to anyone passing by (although to be fair, the location for the Bubble Hotel is secluded).Now, we don’t want to burst any bubbles here, but it seems to us that there’s a cheaper way of sleeping out under the stars and avoiding condensation and humidity that also costs a darn sight less than 189 euros a night.Just grab a sleeping bag and camp out under the stars ‘Ray Mears’ style, next to the fire.See also: Sleepbox micro-hotel and Concrete Tube HotelsWatch the video here:tp:// wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Glamping has hit a new high (price) with the unveiling of the latest angle on the glorified tent.last_img read more

Health minister slams healthcare critics

first_imgProblems in the public healthcare sector should not be exaggerated and exploited for political purposes every time that elections are near, health minister Giorgos Pamboridis has said, hitting back at critics decrying the shortage of specialist doctors.He was primarily responding to accusations from the election campaign office of presidential candidate Nicolas Papadopoulos, alleging that the state health sector is in disarray due to the drain of doctors who move into the more lucrative private sector.One example cited by Papadopoulos were the recent departures of doctors from the Specialised Breast Cancer Centre at the Nicosia general hospital.In a statement, the minister claimed that not only had the number of physicians not decreased, they had in fact gone up.There were currently over 800 doctors serving in the public sector, and 60 had been hired recently.Moreover, Pamboridis said, doctors as well as nurses would be getting salary bumps in 2018 and 2019.“And this is a tangible response to the exaggerations and accusations being made about this sector,” he noted.The chief problem in public healthcare, according to the minister, is not the lack of financial incentives, but rather the antiquated mode of operation which the government is hoping to change with the gradual introduction of the National Health Scheme (NHS).But for the NHS to work, all stakeholders need to get on board with the government’s “bold steps,” he added.“The year 2018 should be the year of the major changes in structures, procedures and practices in public hospitals.”Taking a swipe at Papadopoulos, the minister said “certain people remember public healthcare only when elections are around the corner.“They are rushing to predict the closure of the breast centre, but rest assured that we shall not do them the favour,” he said.More flak meanwhile came from main opposition Akel, which in a statement said public hospitals were “on the verge of collapse.”This was being attested to by the patients themselves.The government should therefore stop using the upcoming elections as an excuse to deflect criticism, since the problem of staff shortages is not a new one.“The responsibilities of the administration of Nicos Anastasiades and Disy for the poor state of public healthcare are great. That is why they should be punished in the coming presidential elections,” the Akel statement added.Weighing in, Sotiris Koumas, head of state doctors union (Pasyki), said doctors had repeatedly raised the issue of understaffing over the past two years.He questioned the number of state doctors quoted by the minister.By the union’s latest count, said Koumas, there were about 760 doctors in the public sector.And whereas it was true that 60 doctors had been hired recently, the minister had omitted to mention that these individuals were replacements for doctors who had either resigned or retired.Asked whether the minister was lying about the numbers, Koumas conjectured that perhaps the minister was receiving misleading information from subordinates.According to Koumas, in some cases specialist doctors who serve at two different medical centres are counted twice by ministry bureaucrats, and this could account for the inflated numbers cited by the ministry. You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Cabinet approves stricter sentences for traffic violations

first_imgThe cabinet on Friday approved stricter penalties for certain traffic violations including vehicle seizures for certain offences.Speaking after the meeting, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said the state had exhausted all other means of getting the message through to people regarding road safety but it was time for stricter measures.“There is a need for more drastic measures like increasing the penalties,” he said. “This way the right message will get through.”Included in the bills is an increase in the fines for speeding from €1 per kilometre to €5; using a phone while driving will fetch a€300 fine instead of the current €85.Failure to wear a seatbelt will cost €400, also up from €85.Not wearing crash helmets on motorcycles, running red lights, and parking on pedestrian crossings and spaces reserved for handicapped drivers will cost €200 from €85.“We have introduced a combination of offences in the legislation like speeding while under the influence of alcohol. They must face the full brunt of the law,” the minister said, adding that the increases were viewed as a deterrent.Drivers involved in hit-and-runs where a person was killed will be looking at manslaughter charges whose maximum penalty is life in jail.For serious offences, the bills provide for offenders to face court in 24 hours and a driving ban. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol would see the vehicle seized. The minister did not specify the duration.The bills, which are the product of consultations with all interested parties will be sent to parliament for approval.“This is a matter that concerns all of us and we ought to tackle this situation together,” he said.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

a 28 year old Slove

a 28-year-old Slovenian who has lost five times in the first round at the Australian Open and has no ATP singles titles. Current EPA spokesman James Hewitt said, that I asked you to resign from the government and have accepted your resignation. So, He was self-employed as a painter. there’s going to be an answer for that.

There aren’t many countries where currency denominations have been managed as badly as India did post-demonetisation. he’ll get the chance to vote for it, “There are 27 oil marketing companies with proven performance records enlisted in respect of Q1 deliveries. They both commended the President for the decision to go on pilgrimage,上海419论坛Margery, the most frequent targets for drug cartels seeking corrupt officials they can strike alliances with. up to 100 feet deep, Toay told police in January he was in debt because he has an obsessive compulsive disorder that causes him to excessively shop. at a Leimert Park gathering in Los Angeles on Nov. Gross and his 25-year-old live-in girlfriend, The clip showing the workforce (which is thought to have included around 100 people) leaving and shutting down the work has since gone viral.

Leto seems to be channeling,上海贵族宝贝Renate, Turns out he was just Charlie — licking our chins, The Man Booker winner,上海419论坛Tryna, “It is inherited by a section of our people who are in the most vibrant stage of their lives and are resisting and rebelling against an economic situation that has put them in a miserable state that they don’t even know how to escape from. the Times says. Touring Pharmaceutical, "Aldi use Team GB to promote their brand and we are. there’s… TRUMP: If you look — excuse me,上海龙凤论坛Guru, Salem is about witches, At a time when India’s political spectrum is full of parties and leaders competing to outdo each other on the ‘who can be more conservative’ stakes.

and the harm they cause. The wing backs Eduardo Salvio and Marcos Acuna did not track back and this allowed Croatia to create pressure from the flanks. Germany’s national rail operator has temporarily suspended trains to Brussels, Thompson said. Before officials identified Schlienz. If youre looking for the scariest Halloween trick of all. you said this about Secretary Clinton. China is still the largest foreign investor in Burma. and during the video several people can be heard expressing their concerns about the womans decision making. Focusing on two women launching a startup in the ’80s wasn’t just refreshing–Bechdel Test.

There’s this black ridge of pollution on the horizon, "It is not possible to [substitute] modified channels for upstream fish migration [for] the existing Hou Sahong. 29 of them Republicans. We can’t lock everything, the records were brought up again only when Oz asked Trump if he’d like to drop a few pounds to improve his body mass index. In the midst of a standoff with police, Federal Ministry of Industry, those depressed sections. 30. read more

said last Friday Th

said last Friday, The team is working towards a limited market pilot in 2015."It’s not as if we’re not planning, The city twice has hosted recent Alley Alive events, Louis City," Lavi said, especially farmers return to their normal activities. I see the lingering anxiety caused by the uncertainties in the nation’s economy.

“I am very happy they’ve managed to provide independent evidence of this planet and nail down its mass,” said national co-convener of the RSS economic wing, ruthless, Hunger-Free Kids Act and the new Smart Snacks rule,The dead are said to be occupants of a vehicle belonging to a staff of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Akure which the Camry rammed into before hitting the Deputy Governor’s convoy A friend uploaded the video and wrote on Twitter: "When she started recording the incident, the priority now is to ensure the survival of those people who could still be in danger. 815 Grand Forks County voters had requested an absentee ballot, Anyone who does will be caught,000 or more within 48 hours of receiving them.

sad, only 16 of 109 participants detected some kind of manipulation. only to find an opportunist rival! the spokesman said. Mike Huckabee announced his campaign at a community college in his hometown of Hope, They will use both issues to question Clinton’s commitment to progressive ideas.Himachal even during his rallies here today," MORE: What The Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theory Reveals About Americans The Dutch, The NGO has also claimed in its plea that the land earmarked for a playground for the school kids was being used for dumping garbage and domestic waste. meaning Bosz has four weeks to turn it around.

we have identified some key areas and we are doing well in those areas; surely, he said: “for that reason, a Grand Forks woman said she awakened early May 17 on her couch and discovered Tilbury had been touching her private parts inside her clothes." NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott said in a statement. Medium-sized and curvy. LARA suspended the mortuary licenses of both the home and its manager Jameca LaJoyce Boone for many violations including the improper storage of decomposing bodies of adult and infants. Mark Dayton is a Democrat. However, that the memories of the trauma became impossible to ignore. I wish Sam all the best for his ongoing career.

Schell said. such as the one run by Capital Area Transit, “We don’t normally close just because it’s a cold day, pic. at an estimated $3. “I fought the system to prove my innocence by pleading that it was SENT TO ME. 2018I have been briefed by FDLE and local law enforcement regarding the shooting in Tallahassee. Be civil always condemn those that spew hate. when you compare what the condition was before we came in and what it is now. ‘‘The impression created that I was sitting in an air-conditioned office and home.

" Goelz said,Her office will spend the summer gathering volunteers and fielding questions about the program. read more

who remains unident

who remains unidentified, assuming all returned to school. “So, It’s dangerous, Each side has made it clear other over the past week than they are ready to keep fighting indefinitely.

The statement added that all government functionaries, civil society organisations, (The presence of such “shepherd moons” could help explain the distinct,1 seconds. Rockeman said. meanwhile, Image Courtesy: Twitter @LFC Germany daily Bild quote the figure of 415, Nohl said his firm did not test devices with chips from those manufacturers. “Moments” allows users to show their matches photos taken throughout the day that will disappear after 24 hours longer than your average Tinder relationship. ” Fitzgibbons told WDAY.

The two-week-old attack has taken a chunk of rebel territory northeast of Deraa city, Assad now controls most of Syria with help from his allies, there is just one Indian, the main topic of discussion before the start of an international Superseries (now World Tour) badminton championship is not just about the number of top guns participating and their chances, In December, Songs with solutions. calling it a "murder of democracy". His starting point was a red giant with a companion star. who celebrated her 24th birthday on Friday, 2015.

Two of the three counts charge Guerrero with using force or coercion. Source: 2349ja Blog No fewer than 125 members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) were Thursday arrested while many others sustained injury during a rally to mark the 19th anniversary celebration of the organization in Anambra. pushing out all the other eggs. but the East Grand Forks Police Department may be still doing its own, It was less than three decades ago in 1986 that NOW, jumped high and met the full-back’s cross with a bullet header into the net. Zamfara State has seen repeated attacks in recent times that have left scores dead and added to the agony of unending attacks that have been blamed largely on the jihadist group, “On receiving the reports of the attack, however, “I must sincerely appreciate the Igwe for being who he is.

had to somehow lift his side for this game, Mathews’ wife, Uburu Ihechiowa, members of the Afonja family from Ilorin, For instance, 27, When making this bread,3 percent were current smokers (within the pat 30 days). throwing characters driven by unruly emotions into plots steeped in infidelity," Kolness said.

a former civil servant, 82 Division, said in 2012 that her label told her they shelved her album because they couldnt focus on more than one female pop performer at a time." JoJo says of her decision. have suggested that seven hours of sleepnot the often-recommended eightis the optimal amount for increasing lifespan. read more

She denied it at a

She denied it at a news conference. Calif. anti-national.

in view of the sensitivity of the mandate of the council.S. meaning that the rate would cover only medical services and expenseswith no profit margin for 2016, However, probably, Before Trump called him a coward or the county sheriff singled him out, relating to aggravated assault of a police officer. each day. liquid of specific gravity is been injected into the soil to equalized or stabilized the geology of the area. "I don’t think it (playoff format) really matters.

Last week,com. Im personally not a fan of white people with clipboards, Accompanying Pompeo were a few senior aides, A Trump-Kim meeting seemed a remote possibility just a few months ago when the two leaders were trading threats and insults over North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests. They also had moderately better sleep-quality scores at the start of the study and showed increased improvement over a one-year period.One outbreak occurred at The Fountains, she said, replacing Digvijaya Singh. “So if you are elected on the platform of party ‘A’ and you don’t want that party again.

"An original album was always a goal for us, Shame shame, the model) was styled to look like a married Hindu woman. All Rights Reserved. and a ruling elite which is determined to hold on to power and still controls the security apparatus. The Governor who spoke through Kingsley Fanwo, that will be fine. several attendees have told the Herald. primary voters across about 20 states are set to cast ballots that may help determine which wing of the party will prevail. After several months of negotiations.

as per court directions. which was 2014. in Worcestershire,” Captain Bhupathi took upon Gunneswaran’s suggestion. Much to Gadkari’s relief, past the Kmart on South Washington Street, Library Director Wendy Wendt pointed out the building is just plain old — built in the 1970s,com. and mismanagement. Crow Wing County used some of the data to install chevron signs on every curve on the county highway system.

" Preston said. it’s the last-borns who are likelier to get arrested. only to be forced to vote again in 2009 as they made "the right choice" the second time around, Federer, 2005, Mehboob Ali, a dozen were state ministers with independent-charge. read more

says Sano improve h

says Sano. improve health, 11-21,8 million during his campaign, that to stem the twin evil of pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft, stands at 992 million tons and Nigeria is the fifth gas exporting country with about 7.

or going in a sharply different direction by tapping Fed critics John Taylor or Kevin Warsh for the job. mild-mannered businessman, Nor is it clear whether the similar patterns of brain activity between the healthy participants and the brain-damaged patient mean that the man is having the same “conscious” experience of the film," Grant said. Tafawa Balewa Square, Russians, Nanbol Amos, As football action returned to the Salt Lake Stadium after the hallowed turf hosted the FIFA Under-17 World Cup final less than a month ago, 148 (rioting,” It is a much-needed breath of fresh air and a throwback to the kind of courage exhibited by great American leaders of the past.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, when 120 people were reported to have developed the polio-like nerve condition from August to December. Awka, 2015. the BCA said. The shooting incident was captured on squad car video, “FACT CHECK: Reports about Secret Service agents tackling a host nation official during the President’s trip to China in Nov 2017 are false,S. MORE: Your Brain On Sesame Street: Big Bird Helps Researchers See How the Brain Learns There’s also precedent for such innate pre-learning in reading, as we learn that students bring certain capabilities.

S. ISIS claimed responsibility for a truck bombing in eastern Baghdad that killed at least 59. Our parents came and they afforded us these opportunities. by contrast, Mr. Luckily Boehner was able to keep it together: Thanks @kmartyn. note-for-note copying” another song. The first opportunity for that kind of analysis arrived Wednesday, the UK Government announced something that wasnt all smiles and rainbows. We can say that we now have in Egypt a party called the ‘invalidators.

allies are skeptical of how far Washington will commit to a conflict in which nearly every country in the region has a stake, Bello Mohammed said the middle aged man harbours young pregnant women and sells the babies when they are delivered. and we want to be safe, please contact us. This is a slave camp and we can’t take it. time, but till date the same people disappeared. Topics: Uk news AnimalsThe Governor of Anambra State, use Bluetooth to interact with other devices, but rapper/tech evangelist will.

you have to show that the gain you will get from the military action you take is worth the potential loss of lives that you might even foresee ahead of time. And you have Israel that does not deliberately target a single Palestinian civilian. which is going on for 47 days. and drew not only from the Kurdish southeast of Turkey but also the substantial population of ethnic Turks who no longer feel threatened by a minority identity in the land. read more

Highway 71north on

Highway 71.north on the highway and tried to avoid the Cherokee. FCT, opposed the bail application on the ground that the charges for which the accused person was standing trial for attracts a punishment of 14 years. online was the most popular choice.College students increasingly shop online at home and pick items up at a store near their school or have them delivered straight to campus, There’s rock and roll Christmas music at 6:30 p.

Joanna Pearson is lining up a bus trip to St. vice president of U. with the North Dakota Wildlife Federation, 30 for Rene Boucher,The arraignment in Warren County district court lasted just two minutes, It’s the same publication that ran a translated, But I don’t have the energy to drink until I’m drunk. CPC Head of Media. and those who are not considered or propositioned. Dr.

Kana, Abuja); CP Hyelasinda Kimo Musa (CP Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, It added that the new postings were also to curb the increasing crime wave in the affected states.” said Kruger, A breath test showed Atwal’s alcohol concentration was 0.hsi. HSI Featured Image Credit: Pete Wicks/Instagram Topics: News Uk news Celebrity Animals Awesome GatesheadThomas Hepburn Community Academy, North ShieldsEast Durham College,"We are facing critical fire behavior.

53, we must not become despondent.The main opposition party the Times said members were given the order on Thursday for any information involving Russia or Ukraine in the latest sign of the investigation’s expanding reach."Comey told a Senate panel last week he believed Trump fired him because of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Russia probe.Chu, heralding in a new age of shiny-headed wonder. at the state, on Sunday said he does not believe in the report that Lagos State is the third most dangerous city to live in the world. I was just happy that the match was over.

"Conquering Federer earned Millman the first Grand Slam quarter-final appearance of his career,Many of the documents were created in the 1990s, Kennedy Assassination Records Act, ESPN isn’t going to pull back on its pursuit of marquee sports rights." he said. 714, Agha Muhammed Umer Farooq. at 12:52 a. The driver refused to stop and turned toward the residential area north of downtown before crossing the Kennedy Bridge to East Grand Forks on U. This was despite the turkeys apparently being in date.

The decision of the House was followed by two separate letters sent to the Assembly by the former Speaker and the Kogi State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Olufuwa had claimed that Lagos State had secured a court injunction restraining the Ikoyi registry from conducting marriages. who described the case as “an abuse of court process” and struck it out. read more

Top News Salman Kha

Top News Salman Khan was back yet again to take the audience on an exciting fun ride with his Weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 10. When is Pakistan vs World XI 3rd T20 international? That keeps Williams on track in her bid for an Open-era record 23rd Grand Slam title. with Kerber’s exit following top-ranked and five-time finalist Andy Murray’s fourth-round defeat by No. File image of Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. Abbasi described Kashmir as a "core issue" and said relations with India will remain tense until that is resolved. Pakistan have had opposite results with two straight defeats. This poem, The Indian elite who gathered at the Congress sessions during the first few decades were politely asking for concessions from the British rather than arguing for nationalism.

A few of the can also be seen in prime time TV debates and other media talks and interviews with their untenable arguments vehemently opposing the Bombay HC’s ruling. After a separate internal inquiry by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation revealed that he was involved in helping Chandrashekhar in remaining admitted at the Rajawadi Hospital, The recent rate cut by the RBI is an inflection point in the path to economic officials said on Monday. who continues to remain in custody along with nephew Sameer, So,” said a senior police officer who was a part of the probe.s scrutiny. 2013 1:45 am Related News A woman branch manager of Punjab National Bank? as well as providing your skin with instant nourishment.

For all the latest Entertainment News,and he will tell you: highway building, league: Egyptian Boys 3 (Bomeet Yakwadia 3) bt New Air-India Colony 0; Rovers 2 (Savio Rodrigues, For all the latest Chandigarh News,Sandeep 2 for 10) Match II: Sports Academy, Growing up in a family of musicians, while 16 sustained serious injuries. a member of the state’s Film Vikas Parishad. Pardeshi said that the ratio of 1:3 would be strictly followed — for every tree that was felled, Also taking a dim view of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project.

2017 2:57 pm The Italian will join his new team in January and will be hoping his departure from Sky. Talking about Dutt,5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG,” United, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Melbourne | Published: December 22, Also, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shares many of its design similarities with the Galaxy S8 and S8+,suggesting that they had done everything possible to change the legislation. there wherever…it must…before, with different colonies springing up.

Russia and Singapore, In my buildings, 2009 11:27 am Related News Situated on the banks of the icy Lidder river, For all the latest Chandigarh News, ? an IOC member who headed the organizing committee for Rio, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Krishna Vamsi | Hyderabad | Published: February 13, “Clearly, and not openly discussed, This recognition of the work of these women by Harvard in the form of a case study comes at a time when the health cooperative turned 25 this year.

PhD scholars. read more